When you hear “pastry”, you think French and because of that what better way than to get as close as possible Le Cordon Bleu Here at Le Cordon Bleu, I teach all levels of pâtisserie. The students can study the Boulangerie programme alongside of pâtisserie Because a lot of the students will want to have a multi-disciplinary approach to pastry kitchen work. You go through a lot of the French techniques, a lot of the basics and then you build up. So now, in Superior level, you get to kind of create your own dishes. Your get a lot of creative freedom. With bread, you have to have time. It is not something you can rush through a 3-hour demonstration. So the chefs will be doing mini-demos The students are much more closer They can really see what’s happening. The teaching, the facilities, everything combined in one makes the best experience! I really like being in practicals with students I like nothing better than if something goes wrong to stop the class, “ok guys, come and have a look at this. This is what happens if you do this. This is how we fix it.” I think this has definitely given me the confidence to go into the industry, and feel comfortable in a kitchen. The students who leave here, have the equipment to do really well, in whatever their chosen field may be in the end.