– [Jamie] Guys, what are you doing? – Nothing. – [Jamie] Are you eating
all of your valentine’s? – Pause. – Delete. I’ll unpause. Grab those, grab those. – Unpause. – Unpause. – [Jamie] Guys what ? – Bye. – [Jamie] What are you doing? – Bye mom. – Alright guys, it’s payback time. A few days ago, my mom got
a little pause crazy so, payback time. Pause. Mom, thanks for the chocolate. – Hey, whatcha doing mom? Okay. – Thank you. – Thanks. – Unpause. – No chocolates. (evil laughing) Hey SOTY family, so unfortunately the kids are in charge of the
little remote control today so we’ll see how things
go but one good thing is we have a special, little
valentine’s dinner planned with the kids. Alright so are you guys
ready for cupid’s… – Pause. Unpause. – Crazy cafe. SOTY party of five, your
table’s ready, follow me. You can have a seat here. – Have a look at the menu and I’ll be with you in just one moment. – Fancy. – So every year for
Valentine’s Day we do what’s called Cupid’s Cafe and it’s
a very cool little thing where the kids get a
menu but on their menu there’s things like hugging, cuddling, snuggling, squeezing,
smooching, kissing and loving. Now those items are actually secret codes for certain foods so they
write what number they want and they are randomly gonna get their order of what they get, they might get their dessert first, they might get their
appetizer for their dinner, they might not have a fork
when they get their meal, it’s a crazy little game we
only play for Valentine’s Day. Did you have enough time to decide what you wanted for dinner? – [Kids] Yes. – Alright, let me take your menus. Perfect. – Make sure to put extra
cheese on smooching. – Extra cheese on smooching? – It’s awesome because
the kids have ordered and they have no idea what they’re getting but Steve does. – Jordan, your appetizer
of parmesan cheese and bread is ready, enjoy. – Where’s my fork? – Alright guys, so I am leaving Steve here with all of the kids to do
Cupid’s Cafe so good luck ’cause I have a soccer game. – Pause! – Now you’re really gonna be late. Unpause. – Steven, you better
take that away from him. – Freedom. Pause. – [Steve] Yeagers, are you
ready for your main dish? – [Kids] Yeah.
– Yes I am. – Dinner will be served shortly. And all this craziness is
why we love Cupid’s Cafe here in the Yeager house. Alright so the kids now
have been served all their crazy meals and now it’s time
for dad to eat something, including some of this delicious bread that they don’t get any more… – [Kid] Pause. – [Kid] Unpause. Unpause. – She stole my bread. Alright, valentine’s dinner is done. Was it good? – [Kids] Yeah. – Now though everyone
needs to cleanup their… – Plate. – Pause. Paused ya, paused ya. – [Kid] Wait, unpause. – Looks like I got stuck with the mess, thanks a lot, pause button. – Hey guys, so I just got
home from my soccer game and I am exhausted, that is like, I’m way too old to be
playing soccer it feels like, every time I play I feel like that but guys, the kitchen is all cleaned. It looks like they had Cupid’s Cafe and I think everything went smoothly but I don’t know where my family is so I’m gonna go upstairs and check on em. – Does anyone see that? – [Jamie] What are you doing? – Playing with my toys. – [Jamie] Playing with your
toys, are you being good? Where’s everyone else? – I don’t know. – [Jamie] I shoulda figured
you’d be playing Fortnite. – You figured right. – Alright so we found
Parker, Steven and Jordan. I do not know where Taylor and Peyton are and that’s not good because they’re being really, really quiet. I’m gonna check the piano room. Guys, what are you doing? – Nothing. – [Jamie] Are you eating all
of your valentine’s candy? – Pause. – Delete. – I’ll unpause. Grab those, grab those. – Unpause. – Unpause. – [Jamie] Guys what? – Bye. – [Jamie] What are you doing? – Bye, mom. – So I had a lot of fun when I was able to be in charge and pause
all of the kids and family, it’s not so fun being
on the receiving end. I cannot wait for today to be over. – Alright guys, I think
it’s time to play a game. Mom, girls, let’s play a game! Mom? We’re gonna play red light, green light and you have to play. – Is this like one of
those games where you’re going to cheat because I
cheated when I was in charge? – No. I’m not gonna cheat at all. – So dad’s gonna be the traffic light and the last one to reach
dad gets a punishment. – All the line out. – We’re gonna play red light, green light and you’re gonna lose. – And you’re gonna lose. – [Steve] You girls ready? – Yes! – [Steve] Red light. Oh, all of you go back. Green light. Red light. – Jordan. – [Steve] Jordan, you gotta go back. – Oh, cheater. – [Steve] Parker, oh, Parker goes back. Red light. Green light, red light. Green light. Red light. Oh it’s close. How’d you get here? This is getting close, guys. Green light. – Pause! – [Steve] Red light. Taylor and Jordan have made it through. Peyton’s in last place. Mom is close but she didn’t
move last time for some reason. Green light. – Hi mom. – [Steve] Red light, I guess? – You wanna make it close? – [Steve] Red light. Green light. – Gotcha. Unpause. – [Steve] Why didn’t you come? – Hee! – [Steve] Green light? Red light. Green light. Ow. – I do not like games, especially today. – Well mom are you ready
for your punishment? – I guess. – Your punishment is, you
have to run up and down the stairs 10 times. Alright mom, ready, set, go. – One. – Pause. Unpause. – Two. – Pause. Unpause. – Three. – Pause. Unpause. – Four. – Pause. Unpause. – This is tiring. Five. – Pause. – I don’t even know what I’m at. Eight. – Pause. – Unpause. – Nine. – Pause. Unpause. Pause! Unpause. – Oh my goodness, I’m done! Blake thought watching me do the stairs was so fun that she’s gonna do it herself. You getting some exercise? I’ve had enough exercise for the day. Alright guys, so I have to go to the store because Steve and I
are going on a vacation tomorrow morning and I’m
really excited about it. Grandma is gonna be
watching the kids and so I have to grab a few things and we’re just gonna go together as a family but before I go I’m going to hide this somewhere so that they don’t find it and they don’t bring it with us because
it’s just embarrassing, it’s not happening. Where’s a good spot? I’m just gonna stick it. They don’t normally come in this room so I don’t think they’ll see that at all. Alright, everyone in the car,
we’re going to the store! – I saw mom come in here, I
think she’s hiding something. Okay. Let’s see. Oh, I found it, guys. Okay, let’s go. (light music) Pause. Let’s go somewhere fun, mom. Unpause. – What? – Hey mom, do I look cute? Da. – And me? – Da, da, da, da. What does the fox say? – This is where like this
is like one of the chip hats and then you put salsa here and you go. – No it’s not. – Chip hat, what does that mean? You better take that off
before you embarrass yourself. – Embarrass myself, impossible. – Alright guys, so I
really wanted to get shoes and I found the perfect pair for me but I decided to get
another pair too, why not? – Dad, can we have something? – Please, please, please? – No guys, we cannot. – Pause. – Let’s go get it. – Yeah. What the? – One of these for each girl. Oh we’re gonna get. Oh him, do you want flower Legos? (murmuring) – Guys, do we need a llama? – Sure, I guess. – It’s from Fortnite. – Alright, this is not happening. Putting an end to this. Unpause. Alright, get the stuff
back out of the cart. No toys. – Mom into the cart, we
better get out of here. – Alright guys, we’re home from the store, we’re gonna head inside
and put these kids to bed. It is late, it’s bedtime and guys, the pause challenge is finally over. Alright Steven, time to
give me the controller. – Pause. Just kidding, unpause. – Thank you. – Subscribe to our channel. – [Jamie] Pause. – Comment down below. – [Jamie] Pause. – Give us a big thumbs up and
we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Jamie] Pause. Good night, guys! (upbeat music)