We are so excited today. We are doing for
the first time ever Picnics and Paying it Forward across the entire school. Every
grade level has a organization that they’re working with whether it be
iNOVA Children’s Hospital or ECHO or Lamb Center. We have a group making kits
for a local church so they are putting together kits and donations for our
community. So each of the grade levels collected donations and we supplemented
those donations so every child in the school is going to be an active part of
this service-learning project. It’s a way for kids to really see the meaning behind it. It’s a way for them to participate and sort of put things together and show that it’s
actually going to a human being and there’s a purpose behind it. It’s much
more than just coming in and spending time with your parents. It’s about
putting together an entire project that really has meaning in the community and
showcases the need and allows them to participate in sort of the giving spirit.
We think it fits really nicely with our Portrait of a Graduate skills in Fairfax
County. They will be communicating today, collaborating, learning about being a
global and ethical citizen, and really getting to experience service-learning
school-wide. We also built in a piece to bring our community and the parents in
and so we’re putting a picnic component with it where the students will be
having lunch in their room or in their pods with their parents or other family
members. And it really ties the community into this community project and it gives
the students a great opportunity to work with their parents closely on this