If you look at the menu you know we’re not doing PBJs like not the PBJs we grew up with PBJ’s Grilled is a creative twist on the classic American sandwich but it’s really based on cheese
plates it’s all about meats, nuts, fruits and cheeses that are done sweet, spicy, savory
and tart so you know those combinations work really well because you have acidity, you have tart, you have sweet, you have savory it just makes sense to me all the jams are house-made so very little sugar cane and pure apple pectin we don’t cook them long and we don’t can them all the nut butters are made
in-house with coconut oil and mediterranean sea salt and it gives us the opportunity to play with all those different flavors all of our food is
sustainable, all of it’s humane, all of its locally sourced we make it in-house
or we get it from a food artisan or we import it from Italy and France we want people to be aware of how to be conscious of your food and the environment I mean I think the name can draw you in or keep you away because
a lot of people will say oh my god they’re only doing peanut butter and
jelly which is what we’re not doing