One, two, three. [SINGING] If I were to describe Unite in three words, it would be following God’s design. Perfect. Let’s try it again Achieving such a vision was a big task for eighteen-year-old Marc Antonio, who was given the responsibility to contact local performers and organize the Unite Concert held in June. Unite is kind of this organization where we aim at uniting the body of Christ. We unite and come together and change the youth of this community, because there’s been a lot of violence, there’s been a lot of suicides, a lot of drug usage, and it’s become a problem on this island. So, that’s what Unite pushes for. It’s to make that first step, to make that first encounter with these kids. [INDISTINCT] Reaching out to teenagers becomes a role, because that’s where you see the most violence, and that’s where you see the most depressing stories. However, Marc had quite a journey before taking on this first step. I went through my own depression. I went through these suicidal thoughts. I experienced what it’s like to want to kill yourself, to want to be on the edge where you’re like, there’s no point of me here, there’s no one that loves me here, I should just go, there’s no point in me being here anymore. And that’s a very dark time, and a lot of teenagers experience that. For nights, I was praying, like, Let me find that purpose, let me be able to rest in just Your love and just focus on that. Please give me hope again, give me this hope that I’ve been wanting. Fortunately for Marc, his prayer was answered in an unexpected way. You like [INDISTINCT]. Then I get a call from the Maui County Baptist Association that, Hey, we’re thinking about putting on a concert. Let’s put it towards the youth. Let’s appeal to the youth. What do you think? Are you willing to oversee the whole project? And I was like, Yeah, this is where I’m gonna make you feel loved again. So, I called back the organization, I said, Yeah, I’ll take on the project. After answering the call, Marc went from feeling empty to having a lot on his plate. Responsible for gathering local bands for the concert, Marc found his purpose. This is not a treasure I want to keep for myself, but I want to give. Now, it’s kind of my mission to love on these kids, give them hope, give them the same love. And my goal is to have that love keep going. This is Yasha Ronquillo from Maui High School, for HIKI NŌ.