I’m Desmond Layne, Peach Specialist at Clemson
University. Welcome to the Clemson Tiger Peach Network. Today is July 7, 2011 and it’s our second
season of “Everything About Peaches”. Our series this summer is called “Peach Picks
for South Carolina”. Every week throughout the entire growing season we are featuring
those very best cultivars that perform extremely well here in “The Tastier Peach” state. It’s a blazing hot Thursday morning here in
Chesnee, SC at my variety test block at James Cooley’s farm. My cameraman and I are both
soaked in sweat – and you know what? That just comes with the territory! But you can
take a shower when you get home so it’s O.K. Last time, we featured Southern Pearl. Southern
Pearl is a traditional, Southern-style, white-fleshed peach that has some acidity. The difference
this week is that we are looking at White Lady! White Lady is a subacid type, white-fleshed
peach which means it has a much more mellow flavor. It doesn’t have that typical acidity.
It was developed by Zaiger Genetics in Modesto, California. It was patented in 1986. Because
the patent has now expired, you can freely propagate it. We typically harvest it in the
state during the first or second week of July, depending on where you are located. In our Clemson University research trials
over the last several years, the performance of White Lady has been really good. White
Lady typically averages between 2 to 3 inches in diameter. It has a very nice, uniform,
round shape and a beautiful red overcolor (or blush). When you cut through the skin
into the flesh you can see that it is a white flesh type. There aren’t any pigments in the
flesh of this particular one that I cut open but occasionally there might be and that’s
not a problem. If you see any red pigments in there, those are anthocyanin pigments which
are antioxidants – which means there is a health benefit for you. Its’ got beautiful
creamy, white flesh. Last week, Southern Pearl presented us with
a little bit different white-peach taste because it had acidity – which gave some tanginess
to it. This time, White Lady, being a subacid peach, its’ a more mellow flavor – its not
so tangy but its also very delicious. In China, the subacid type peaches are what are most
common. Asians and Hispanic people particularly like subacid type fruits because they are
really sweet and they don’t have that tanginess to them. White Lady is a melting-flesh, freestone type
that can be eaten firm at a crunchy stage or it can be allowed to hang longer on the
tree until it gets soft. Either way, it’s delicious! Let’s see how this one tastes!
Mmmmm, sweet like honey! There is no acidity to it – hardly at all. Juicy, sweet, that’s
what you’re looking for! Why don’t you join us next week when we’ll
feature another “Peach Pick for South Carolina”? You know that I love this job, right?! Being
a peach specialist is filled with all kinds of great opportunities … sometimes you just
have to step up, you’ve got to kind of reach out, get out on a limb… It is a rough job,
but somebody’s got to do it! For more educational videos and information
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