Well it’s really South Carolina
summertime when the peaches are coming in. And we’re so
happy today to have Gaie McLeod from McLeod farms in McBee. And
I must say Gaie that we appreciate that y’all are an
underwriter of our show. Thank you so much. You’re so welcome. So I think you’ve got a real winning dessert with a proven history. I do. it’s a
great it’s a great recipe is peach enchiladas. It’s very easy
and very tasty and very popular and should we give credit
to the lady who invented it? Yes It’s a lady from McBee. Ms Wilkerson. Okay well let’s get started. Okay let’s get started. Well the first thing I did was I went ahead and cut up peaches and I quartered them. Cause you want a nice piece of peach in your croissant. And you wanted a semi-firm peach. Yes. They bake first. And you’re going to start off with one of these little containers here of
croissants the dough. Okay and we spread it out. We’ve already
done one. We spread this out and we are going to now. And you
kind of went ahead and took your knife and separated it. I did. We’re going to put a peach in the middle. Alright! And Amanda, I’m going
to go ahead and let you start rolling them up. Okay, roll from
the bottom up? Yes you can roll from the large… probably from the large to the to the small. If you see what I’m talkin
about what I want is… So we’re going to take these and we’re
going to roll them up. The peaches right now or so
good because they are free stone. And we’re…And now I set it down right here? Yes. set it right there. So the peach can be poking out a little bit? Yes it can. …wrapped up in the blanket. That’s right! Okay.
It can be wrapped up in a blanket. And we’ll tell those Clemson Food people that we both washed our
hands very carefully. We did. Food safety right? Now while you do the rest of those I’m going to go ahead and get our other croissants ready because we’re going to make. And we’re just putting these right on this pan. We haven’t done a thing to the pan. That’s right you don’t even have to butter it. We’re going to put enough butter on it in just a minute. (laughter) It is the south after all. Open
this up. There we go. And get our second dough coming out. Okay. That will be ready in just… And what flavor what variety of peaches is this? This is a Windblow Peach which I think is nice because it’s yellow. A lot of people like red peaches but I like to cook with the yellow ones. Because they just are so bright and. They are bright. And nice. What, so there’s really no difference in flavor just a
variety of difference. That right they had to come.
That’s right. Alright we got that. Now let’s go ahead and we’re going to open this dough out. Now when you make these Gaie, how long, you have to eat them all the same day? Are they good the next Oh they taste delicious the next day. Oh they do? They sure do. Okay. We’re going to get this
done. You know, there’s so many things
you can do with these croissants but I think this is
the best. I’m real excited. Yeah! Yeah! We’re going to take our knife. So are we about halfway? When did the peaches start coming in good this year? Oh,starting
the week of the fourth of July is really the time when there are so many great peaches. A lot of varieties coming in? A lot of varieties. Now the early ones tend to cling. Is that right? That’s right. And some people like to use those for making peach pickles and things. They do. They sure do. Alright! Now we’re going to go
ahead and put a little quarter of peach in all of these. Now
we’re not going to add any sugar right now because we can
do that later. This is easy. It is. These hot lights have made our croissants a little hot. So they tearing up a little bit
but they’ll still be, You know what just good. They will come out the same. That’s right. It’ll be fine. Would you ever get tired of peaches? I never get tired of peaches. I get I can always find another recipe. You know it’s like fresh tomatoes. I mean they’re
just so special when they’re coming in. And really at our house we eat a lot of peaches plain with cereal. Yeah! Yeah
Or as dessert for supper. I’ve even started putting
peaches in my green salads at night. I like a little fruit taste. That sounds good. Yeah! We’ve been using some arugula. You know and that’s got that kind of bitter aspect to it. Yes! And then sweetness of the peach. Oh the peach is just a great flavor combination. So I think you can do almost anything you want with a peach.
Alright! We about got our Just about got it. We got one
more to go. Here is sticky fingers. Yes. That’s okay! That’s okay. We’re going to move our wax paper and start with the second step Now I have already melted that butter. Now we have two sticks of butter. So we use two croissant
packages and we got two sticks of butter. A cup and a half of
sugar. A cup and a half of sugar that goes right into the butter and also some cinnamon. About how much? That’s about a tablespoon. A tablespoon. So this is gonna have some kind of depth of character. It is. And Well, so far I think I can manage this myself. Yes. It’s very. It’s a great recipe. I have had some fathers tell me that this is a favorite thing to do with their children when Mom is gone. Oh. Because it’s easy. Because it’s so easy. Isn’t that fun. I do believe we used a teaspoon of cinnamon not a tablespoon but we did use a teaspoon. And you can adjust it. That’s right. Alright so I’m going to let you just pour it over. Really? Just pour it over? Just do like this. Just pour it over. Pour this delicious
cinnamon and sugar over our. Well, since I didn’t get to do that I guess I get to taste. That’s right you’ll get to. Now I like to sort of spread it out a little bit. That one needs a little more right there, right? We’ll put a little bit more on that one. We’re almost ready. Now for the secret ingredient.
Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Mountain Dew. This makes them a
little bit crunchy. So there going to be a little crunchy. So
I think it gives it that pastry sensation. Yes it does. It does. You know the new fancy word is
mouthfeel. Oh is that right? Mouthfeel. So that adds the mouthfeel aspect. Okay. Maybe I can do that. Yes you can do that. It’s about twelve ounces of mountain dew. Okay. And you just pour it on top. Alright. And we’ll be ready to put it in the oven. Now we’re going to bake at three fifty and they bake for forty five minutes. Alright. That will get that peach nice and soft. And how many ounces was it? Twelve twelve ounces. Well, that looks like that. Okay well we got the oven all nice and preheated. So I’m going to turn around and put these in
if that’s all right with you because I’m closer. There you go fellas. Can’t wait for them to come out. ♪ Well we waited our forty five minutes and then you’ve made me wait
longer because you said they have to cool off a little bit.
We do want them to cool a little bit. We don’t We don’t want to burn our… And this has been torture. Cause the smell is just wonderful. Oh it’s delicious isn’t it? That cinnamon and sugar and butter. May we try some? Yes we will Let’s get one. Oh Oh! There we go! Oh yeah! This is great! Oh gosh! Oh yes! Let me get that out of here. Oh Boy. Okay Let’s see! Get some of that delicious peach in there. I was afraid it would be kind of soggy but it’s not the least bit. It’s just like pie. Now if they don’t all good
eating up do you keep new refrigerator? Yes you can. I think it’s best to keep them in the refrigerator although at our house none of them make it to the refrigerator. We eat them all. I know
people are going to want to fix this at home cause it was so good and easy Where can they get the recipe?
They can get it at our web page which is Macspride.com and you
have other recipes? We have lots of recipes there. Just look
for the peach enchilada recipe Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Oh you’re so welcome