Hey everybody it’s J-Wro here on the J-Wro
Show bringing you guys the finest, vibrant vegan recipes and healthy
living types and in the immortal words of David Lee Roth, I sing to thee. “I’m
your ice cream man baby stop me when I’m passing by. See now all my flavors
like peanut butter are guaranteed to satisfy.” That’s right. Today,
I’m playing the role of ice cream man. It’s been a while since I got you
guys in ice cream mood here on the J-Wro Show. Today, we’re going to be doing a vegan, organic
super food peanut butter ice cream that’s going to make you scream
for more. Now, let’s get started. It’s super easy. All you need is a high speed
blender. Do not attempt this recipe if you have an Oster blender from Target
or Macy’s or Walmart or whatever. You really need a high powered blender,
so this is for Vitamix and Blend Tech and maybe Kitchen and (?), Montel
Williams blender owners too fine, but you got to have the power to
make the ice cream. Let’s go over to our turbo charged Blend Tech
and make us some peanut butter dream. When you’re making instant ice
cream the advantage is number one you don’t need an ice cream maker. Super
awesome. The disadvantage again, you kind of got to have a super high
powered blender and put a lot of ice cubes in. So, I’m going to show you
guys how to do this. This basic recipe formulaically can be used
for any kind of instant ice cream. The first thing I like to do is take
a nice, thick, rich non-dairy milk. In this case, we’re going to be doing
a sugar free coconut milk and add about two-third to one cups worth to your
blender. Then we’re going to add two-third cup of organic peanut butter. Now, some of you out there may have some sensitivity
to peanut butter because of the aflatoxin issue. Totally understand
that. If you don’t want to use regular peanut butter you can easily
substitute Wild Jungle peanut butter, sunflower butter, almond, butter,
hazelnut butter, whatever nut butter makes your eyes flutter. It’s fine.
In this case we’re going old school dude. We’re just doing some peanut
butter, okay? Don’t freak out on me. Now the cool thing about this invention and
the metric wonder cup is not only can you get a ton of different measurements,
right? You can also take it and do this. Watch this. And we got to
add some sugar to sweeten up our ice cream baby. So, what are we going to do?
Well, in this case we’re going to add some organic coconut palm sugar from
the island of Java. Let’s add a half cup to our mix. Then we’re going to add a pinch of Himalayan
crystal salt and last we’re going to do a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Okay. Now, here’s where things are going to get a little bit complicated,
a little bit rough like Tina Turner 68 kind of rough. Okay? Rolling on
a river. We have taken this same coconut milk we’ve
used here and we’ve created coconut milk ice cubes. Yeah. Straight up,
right? Pretty cool. So, we’re going to take a couple trays of coconut milk
ice cubes and that’s going to create that frothy cream dense consistency
we want in our peanut butter ice cream. Now, the thing with this recipe is
you might want to start off with one tray and see where it gets you. In this
case, I think one and a half trays might get that good consistency because
we don’t want to have so much ice that it literally overpowers the blender. Okay, so we’re kind of at a smoothie consistency
here. So, I think it’s best if we added the other half tray, so two
full trays of cubes because what we’re going for is kind of like a Wendy’s
Frostie consistency. You didn’t hear that from me though. Okay. One
last ingredient you guys got to put in. SunWarrior warrior blend vanilla flavor
protein powder. You want to know why? Because this is amazing. It tastes
just like cake batter. It’s going to help thicken up our ice cream and
add extra protein. What more could you ask for? Now, it’s time to throw some cacao nibs on
this baby and give her a taste. All right, so we’ve got about five cups worth
of our peanut butter ice cream, but I’m going to go dainty. I’m going
to go elegant and British style here with high tea time and fill it
up with ice cream and cacao nibs because I can. Now, much like a Frosty this is going to melt
pretty quickly unless you guys put it in the freezer which it’ll keep
for about five days or so, but you want to get it when it’s fresh and melty
like this. Right? Just like that consistency. That’s where we want to
go for right there. Now this would taste great again if you guys use almond
butter, sunflower butter, hazelnut butter, but really there’s just something
about the classic taste of peanut butter with a little bit of chocolate
on top that is just a knock out flavor. All right, so if you guys dug my instant vegan
peanut butter ice cream give this video two sticky ice cream covered thumbs
up and leave me a comment below. What’s your favorite nut butter recipe?
Is it peanut butter cups? Is it like a crazy nut log that your grandma
might make for Christmas? Is if fresh hazelnut butter? I don’t know what it
is. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your favorite way to
use nut butter in your recipes because I just want to know what you guys
are up to in the world. It gives me inspiration to see what you’re doing as
well. So, guys this is Jason Andrew Wrobel, J-Wro
here on the J-Wro Show on YouTube. I want to give a huge thanks to Sun
Warrior and the Sun Warrior tribe for hooking us up with the amazing protein
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because that’s what we do here. All right? This is J-Wro signing off. Love you guys so
much. I got to get into this ice cream before it melts because that would
a horrifying ordeal if it turns into . . . actually it wouldn’t be that
horrifying if we had a peanut butter smoothie, but there’s just something
way sexier about peanut butter ice cream. You know what I mean? Maybe that’s
what the world needs. A vegan ice cream man. Right? Like in a solar powered
truck. Like a bio-diesel solar powered giant ice cream truck that’s
doing a national tour with a rock band in the back. You can have music
and . . .