Hey, everybody! It’s Jason Andrew Wrobel,
AKA JWRO here on the JWRO Show, bringing you another
delicious vegan recipe and vibrant living tips for your
every day pleasure. Today I am going to be doing a fall
and winter favorite, but doing it vegan and glutton-free style.
Today, I’m going to be doing a pear- apple crisp. Fresh pears, fresh
apples, crispy, crunchy, pecan, glutton-free goodness
on top. So let’s get going by starting our fruit filling.
You want to grab yourself a two to three quart, you
could either do a glass Pyrex baking dish, you could also
do a metal one. I prefer glass, especially when
I’m working with fruit dishes. I just like the way it seems to cook through
better. And we’re going to take right around three
to four cups of sliced Fuji apples. Go ahead and grab a handful,
and just layer them in the baking dish. Then with
our fresh Bosc pears, again about four cups worth.
Now what we’re going to do is pump up our apples and pears by adding
some great ingredients. The first thing I want to add
is one tablespoon of arrowroot powder. Next up, I have one quarter
cup of organic grade B maple syrup. Then, we’re going
to add a quarter cup of pureed apples. Then, we’re going to zest it
up with the orange zest, from half a large Valencia orange. Go
on and sprinkle this right over the top. And then
last, I have a spice mixture here. I have but a half
of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger,
and a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan Crystal salt.
Sprinkle that on top as well. All right, this is, again, a hands-dirty type
of recipe, so get in and mix it all up. Now we’re going
to put this in the oven for about thirty to forty
minutes, at 400?F. Let it get all bubbly, and nice and
golden-brown. In the meantime, we’re going to make our crumbly,
pecan topping that makes this into a crisp. So we
start by taking a half cup of glutton free oats. Add that
right into a mixing bowl. Continuing with our dry ingredients,
I have a half cup of all- purpose glutton free flour here. Now, for
a big time protein bump in our pear- apple crisp, I’m
going to be adding one full scoop of my Sun Warrior Warrior
Blend protein powder. This is a mix of awesome proteins
here, we’ve got cranberry, pea, hemp, medium triglycerides
of coconut. So it’s really simulable, has fat-burning properties,
and has nineteen grams of plant-based vegan protein
per scoop. So, let’s pop this open and add some of this delicious
– I say cake- battery, because it tastes like vanilla cake
batter to me, that’s how good this is. So let’s add a heaping scoop
right there, of our Warrior blend to the bowl. Now let’s add
a heaping pinch of salt. If you’re into measuring this
portion, I like an eighth to a quarter of a teaspoon. Now in terms of our liquid ingredients to
help bind all of this together and make our crisp, I have three
tablespoons of Grade B organic maple syrup. Then I’ll be
adding three tablespoons of roasted pumpkin oil. You guys could rock a
little bit of sunflower oil, or even walnut oil would
taste great in this recipe too. Now grab a spoon here, a
rather large spoon, and go ahead and give it a quick mix. What
you’ll start to notice, is that things start to get a little bit
clumpy here, right. We start to get a little chunkage, a little bit of clumpage, and that’s
exactly what we want before we add our raw pecans to the mix.
I’ve got a half of a cup of crushed raw pecans that we’re going
to add to the mix. Alright, the crumbles looking great, let’s
set that aside and go check on our pears and apples
in the oven. It smells, like some golden-brown pear and
apple action is going on, let’s take it from the oven, and
top this baby with our pecan crumble. So what I’m going
to do is just take some handfuls of our crumble,
and sprinkle it generously over the top. Alright, so things are looking awesome
here, totally covered with our great pecan crumble.
So let’s pop it back into the oven for another ten
minutes, just to get the crumble flavor nice and integrated
with our pears and our apples. [pause] Okay, that’s the smell of a crisp that’s done
and ready to be eaten. So let’s pull it out of the oven
and plate it up. All right, here’s the moment of truth. . . Mmmm.
Oh wow. There’s a lot of layers of flavors going on
in here right now. The softness of the apples and
the pears, a little bit brown and caramelized, so sweet.
The crunchiness of the flour and the pecans and all of the toppings. This
is really an easy and delicious way for you guys to
bring a healthy dessert to one of your holiday parties,
or bring in the New Year, all organic, glutton-free, vegan dessert
action here with our pear-and-apple tart. If you guys dug this video give it a thumbs
up and leave me a comment below, on what’s your favorite
way to use fruit during this season. This is Jason Andrew
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my culinary exploits. I’m out of here you guys, I have to just find something
to do with this. The good thing about this is it keeps
for a few days. You can actually freeze this too if you wanted
to. There’s actually too much but, it ain’t going
to last that long. I’ll catch you guys on the flip-side. Peaches. Actually,
it’s not peaches. Apples. Pears. But you could actually
sub peaches for this too, fyi. See you guys later.