MARK PESCE: Hello, I’m Mark Pesce from France.
I’m from France. And on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to cook a French
dessert called le poire belle Helene. So, now what ingredient do we use to make le poire
belle Helene? Well, first of all, this–I’m going to go cook it for six persons, so I
took six pears you know, as you see. One lemon, very important, some chocolate so for six
persons, I took 200 gram of chocolate, so it’s black chocolate with the high percentage
of cacao, so it’s very important for the next part. Whipped cream, it’s also we need, some
milk, so for six persons, I will use just half of a liter and some flour, a little bit.
I’m not going to use all–we would go back to this anyway later. Some brown sugar, some
powder sugar, and also for six persons, of course, I’m going to use six–four eggs, sorry,
four eggs for six person I’m going to use four eggs and also I’m not showing you because
it’s on the freezer, but some vanilla ice cream is waiting for the end for us, but don’t
worry, it won’t move. It’s back there, is no problem. So, yeah, so I didn’t say, but
this I’m going to use two cups of whipping cream and also yeah because in English, in
America we spoke in cup–this I will use in two cups of milk also. So that’s basically
what we need for the cooking, so we can now move on to the [SOUNDS LIKE] sweet. Thank