We just got back from snorkeling we both had a really great time Good morning everyone welcome to my channel. I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant right now I am on day two of my Royal Caribbean cruise We are on the navigator of the Seas and today we port in Cocoa K, which is actually Royal Caribbean zone private island I’m super excited We’re gonna go snorkeling and then spend the day walking around the rest of the park hanging out eating So I’m really excited to get to show you guys everything that we’re up to today. This is my outfit for the day I’m wearing a bathing suit from Pepsi I’ll make sure to link it in the description box below and these shorts are actually from forever 21 This is the backpack that I’m bringing for our excursion today. It is from zel make it is a Water-resistant backpack, so I’m excited to try it out and I will put the link to it in the description box below We are finally out the door for about 10 minutes later than we would have liked to be but it’s okay We have our tickets for snorkeling and we’re gonna go eat breakfast first and then head off the ship into Coke, okay Normally I do not eat at breakfast this big but you know when you’re on a cruise Evette cheese omelette hash brown bacon a waffle and a strawberry pancake Eric has bacon eggs a waffle french toast and then oh and So I didn’t know this about cruises but Eric does because he’s been on a cruise before Before and after every time you eat you have to wash your hands they are Very very big about that Probably because there’s a lot of germs Yeah, we just finished breakfast and now we’re going to grab some towels and hit to go snorkeling Also, it is very very important to not lose your towels if you don’t return them it’s a $25 fee per towel My first time in the Bahamas We just got to the beach area in Kok okay, the weather is actually pretty nice it’s a little windy it’s overcast So the Sun isn’t like completely beating down on us now We are just hanging out for a few minutes and then we’re gonna go meet up with Our tour guide to go on our reef snorkeling in sandbar getaway I’m really hoping that I’m a baby when it comes to cold water I Don’t know if you guys can really see it but I think I got a little bit stung by a jellyfish it stings We just got back from snorkeling when you both had a really great time I got stung by a jellyfish, but it’s okay So we’re just gonna walk around coke. Okay for a little while go eat some lunch And then probably head back to the ship and we want to try and go on some of the water slides Before a lot of other people are there so we can beat the crowd For eating lunch at a place called the chill girl, which is on the coke Okay island and what’s really cool is they bring all of the food from the ship out onto the island so that it’s free So like we ate here and we didn’t have to pay anything. We both got Mexican food. I got some steak tacos And what did you get? Pork carnitas tacos a little bit different salsa in each one and They have free ice cream There are some little shops here on this island Like a little cute Hut so we’re gonna go check those out shops are in a place that’s called straw market Eric and I had so much fun at coke Okay when we got back to the ship we went on all of the water slides and originally I tried to bring my GoPro so that I could show you guys like all the slides because they had super cool lights inside of Them but I got in trouble when the guy said no GoPros, so I had to put my camera away I tried the FlowRider surfer thing and I actually didn’t do too terribly bad. I was pretty proud of myself Oh So now we are ready for dinner Eric told me that on most cruises You have a formal night and we never received a notification or anything that said that like today was our formal night So we kind of just decided to make it our own and our own date night So we’re gonna head them off and do that for our formal date night I’m just wearing this little red cocktail dress that believe it or not I got from TJ Maxx and these are Jessica Simpson heels and they are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn and what are you wearing Eric? You look so good So we just came back from dinner and it was fabulous And when we first got onto the ship, I asked our room attendant if he made any towel animals, and he said no But we got back to the room and I have like the cutest towel and we’ll ever and II put my glasses on him What do you guys think he is I think he’s like some sort of bird. But look how cute he is He’s like reading the magazine. He’s got my glasses on him. I think it’s so cute. I Think that me and Eric might go to a comedy show tonight if we’re feeling up to it If not, we’re just going to stay in and probably watch a movie to finish our night We had such a fun day here coke, okay It was my first time in the Bahamas and we had a wonderful dinner. It was just a really really awesome day So thank you everyone so so so much for watching this video. I will have more videos coming out from this crew So make sure that you stay tuned for those if you did like this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t Forget to subscribe to my channel. So you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time Bye