We spent 6 days in Penang, and visited tons of places, like the Chew Jetty where the sunrise was so beautiful. And of course – the food! We tried several iconic hawker foods like the famous Penang chendol. We also went cafe-hopping to places like China House. The adventure is not over yet. Here’s part 2 of our Penang vlog! Today, we are going to try Ah Leng Char Koay Teow. It’s one of the most raved-about char kuay teow in Penang. So what makes Ah Leng Char Koay Teow so different from the rest is that you can actually add a duck egg into your char kuay teow. The one that we have at home is a bit wetter, and more dark soya sauce. This one is dry and light. You can see that the egg is yellower than usual, probably because it’s duck egg. There’s a very very strong wok hei taste to the whole dish. The creamy part comes only when you bite into the egg. The whole dish is not overpowered by dark soya sauce. It’s lighter, it’s less greasy, it’s creamier. I will definitely recommend you to opt for the duck egg option. It’s totally worth the 50 cents. We are now at Escape, an adventure and water park. If you can see around us, we are at the adventure section that has high elements and rope courses. And we both have the fear of heights! *DUN DUN DUN* *SCREAM* I’m shaking! *HEARTBEAT* *HEARTBEAT* *HEARTBEAT* Pull it, pull it! *SCREAM* When the weather is hot, where’s the best place to go into? That’s it for today’s adventures! It was sure a wild freaking ride! Now we are going to head to the night market! Let’s go! We are going to do some shopping! The market here kinda reminds me of those you get in Bali and Krabi. Let’s go! Now we are at The Saw Emporium, It used to be a sawmill, now it has like a PasarBella kind of vibe. Do take note, they only open from Thursday to Sunday, from 11am till late. They also have a cafe called Norm. It’s a cafe by day and bar by night. So what we got today are the Boat Noodles and the Slow Braised Pork Belly. For dessert, we got the Apple Crumble Waffle from Norm. Apparently this is really famous, It was recommended to us when we wanted to order. The meat is very moist and the fat is more of the chewy version. When I’m eating the pork belly by itself, it’s too sweet. With the mantou (golden steamed buns), it tastes more wholesome. It kind of tastes like kong bak pau (braised pork buns), because it’s braised meat and mantou (golden steamed buns), just that this is fried. I think if you like strong flavours, this will be the dish to get, because the broth is packed full of flavours. I feel it’s a bit too salty. I feel like the noodles just slide down your throat. It’s that smooth. And the chicken is extremely tender. But sadly, they only gave 2 wontons per bowl, and the rest is wonton skin, which I’m not complaining. Ya, I don’t mind man! I love it! Do you have a second stomach for dessert? Always! At first glance, I was thinking why this waffle is so dark, but now that I’ve tried, it really tastes super good, like burnt caramel ice-cream. You can really taste the cinnamon in the batter. For the portion in the warehouse, it’s temporary. So it’s only gonna be open until about July this year. But Norm operates seperately, so check out their website and Facebook for more details. This store is run by two grandmothers; they have been at it since 1946. They also cook their broth over charcoal, and you don’t get that in many places already. Okay, let’s try the broth first. It really looks like the bowl of curry I used to enjoy in primary school. My throat is burning because it’s really spicy. I think it’s because of the layer of chilli oil on top. And Joy, you can’t eat spicy food right? Ya, but it’s good! What’s really interesting is that at first glance, the broth looks very thin, very light. but when you drink it, you can really taste the depth of flavour. The moment you put it in your mouth, it just BOM! I actually really like the noodles, because it’s very soft, springy and chewy. Right now, we are at Penang Air Itam Laksa. Try saying that 10 times! Similar to the Sister Curry Mee, they also only sell one dish. And we really love the colours in it. It’s like there’s pink, there’s red, there’s green – there’s a whole lot going on. Their broth is really different. The fish meat is cooked separately for 5 hours, then added into the broth, and then mixed, and then they cooked it again. As Joy mixed it up more colours were revealed. So there’s mint leaves, cucumbers, it’s really colourful. You can distinctly tastes the fish bits, which I really, really like. I think this is personally the best assam laksa I have ever eaten. You can really tastes the mint leaves, which is really refreshing. And it’s not spicy! Ya, it’s surprisingly not spicy. Look at the noodles! I feel like it’s a hybrid between, udon and ban mian (board noodles). It has a texture of chwee kueh (steamed rice cakes). I think the star of the show is the ginger bud. It’s so fragrant. It’s really what sets this bowl apart from many assam laksas I’ve tried. The flavours really merry very well together, and we really recommend you to come down and try. Now we are at this cafe called Awesome Canteen. It’s really awesome. I mean just look at it! They even have trees indoors, which reach all the way to the ceiling. For Awesome canteen, they also offer Paleo option, which is also known as caveman diet. We ordered the grilled chicken patty, which is part of their Paleo menu. Besides that, we have Key Lim Pie and Salmon Don. For this 200 Paleo Chicken Patty, they have a bed of vegetables and an avocado pesto salad. As soon as we cut the patty, we were engulfed by the aromas of the chicken, and the juice just flowed out. You know what it tastes like? Satay! Ya, satay! It’s also surprisingly moist and succulent. The avocado salad has a very tangy taste to it. I really taste some of the tanginess from the green apple. But sadly there’s not much of a pesto taste, even though it’s an avocado pesto salad. Next up, it’s the Grilled Salmon Don. It comes with a side of soup as well. I’m surprised this came out from a cafe. It tastes like something you eat in a Japanese restaurant. The salmon is buttery rich. It’s like a savoury parcel. One thing about the salmon is that there’s some bones in it, which you might want to be wary of. Okay, the one that you have been waiting for! So this Key Lime Pie has two layers. The top layer is made of whipping cream and icing sugar. And the second layer is made of lemon and lime custard. They also add condense milk inside. I love how there’s a contrast with the top and bottom layer. The top layer is really sweet, and the bottom layer is more sour. The only downside is the crust. It’s a bit too thin – and one-dimensional. I wish there was a crunch to it. I really love all the dishes that we’ve tried. Every dish tastes very clean, and I don’t feel guilty eating all these at all. We are waiting in line for Burger Bakar, and the queue is really long. But it looks really good! Okay, ready go! PD: Eh, your… It smells amazing! So right now we are along the road, at this secret location, right behind a food truck! It’s actually called Street Grill – Burger Bakar. And what they are selling is burgers with melted cheese! And you definitely won’t be able to miss this spot, because you can see, the lights and the smoke! We waited almost 20 minutes to get this. Firstly, they serve it to you piping hot, and when you open it, it becomes one big glob. The meat is so tender. I love the char-grilled flavour on it. For mine, it’s the beef one. I can taste spices, a bit like curry spice? And the beef flavour is amazing! It’s an oil slick but I don’t care! Each burger costs RM6.50. and if you want to add cheese, it’s RM1. But we definitely recommend the melted cheese for RM2. It opens at 6:30pm and closes at 11:30pm, but you might want to come much earlier than the closing time. My burger’s calling! See you tomorrow! Where are you from? Guess, you guess! Korea? *SCREAMS IN DELIGHT* *RANDOM KOREAN PHRASES* I love you so so much! We’re going to start our day off, with a spicy bang. This is from Bangkok Lane’s Mee Goreng. Apparently they are really really famous. It was first opened by his father, and now it has passed on to the second generation. They are pretty famous in Penang because they have been on multiple TV channels. You can get this for RM7, but there’s a smaller portion for RM4. So this option is pretty popular, it’s added with sotong (squid). They are really generous with their sotong (squid). It looks like chicken more than sotong (squid). It has a sweet overtone and a spicy undertone. There’s something you don’t really see in mee goreng. It’s actually… THIS. They actually add chunks of potato, and they are so soft and buttery. Carbs, carbs, carbs. They also have tau kwa (firm tofu), which balances out the saltiness of the whole dish. And it’s a bit more firm than the other ingredients in there, so it really adds a nicer mouthfeel. Go where? Don’t want! PD: Introduction, hello! PD: You all have to do introduction! PD: Come back la! PD: Where are you running to? Now, we are at the G (Ghost) Museum. You can see that we are fully geared up, with protection from head to knees. We are going in now. Okay, actually… *SCREAMS* The baby doll… I’m going to throw a shoe at you. I’M GOING TO THROW A SHOE AT YOU! There’s nothing inside. Please! The boy will follow you back later. *SCREAMS* Touch wood! They don’t move but, the sound effect… Don’t ask for the guide option. Just do it yourself. We just chanced upon this cafe called the Roots Dessert Bar. We got the Rose Cheesecake, Roots Special Chocolate, and the Pull Apart Garlic Bread. So apparently, this is one of their hottest selling item – they have garlic butter in-between. Best part, is it’s filled with cheese! This one is a thin crisp layer. When you pull it all apart, in the middle, you are left with the softest, the most buttery and the most flavourful part. The garlic flavour is super strong, yet not overpowering. Next, we have the Rose Cheesecake. And at one glance, you can totally tell this is not your normal cheesecake. So the jelly and the cake literally melts in your mouth. You don’t even have to chew on the jelly. It’s soft and supple. You know, like a baby’s butt. Because it melts in your mouth, it really amplifies the crunch of the crumble. It’s like clumps of sugar but not sweet. But I actually can’t really taste the beetroot. I think the cheese layer of the entire cake takes a backseat for this dessert. The rose flavour really shines through. This is actually the Roots Special Chocolate. Instead of having the marshmallows inside the hot chocolate, they have it outside. The marshmallow layer totally drooled down. You take a spoon, scoop it up, take some hot chocolate, and drink it as a whole. If you love dark chocolate, you would love this drink. The marshmallow is really sweet on its own, but when drank with the hot chocolate, it’s amazing. Right now, we are on a ferry, from Georgetown to Butterworth. It’s perfect to catch the sunset, take some pictures. It’s really just a joy ride! This is our last stop in Penang! I will miss all the food here, especially Ah Leng Char Koay Teow, the one with the duck egg. Wai Kee Char Siew was life-changing! The fatty char siew and the crispy skin! Oh my goodness! I will also miss the memories we created, just the four of us. So this is the end of our 2 parts Penang vlog. Let us know in the comment section below, which place you are most excited to visit! 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