– I’m visiting New York
City right now from L.A. and I’m staying with a few of
my friends and I decided that what’s better to do in New York then eat. I’m going to make my friends
take me to all the best Instagrammable desserts in New York City. – Okay. – Sure! – Sure! – Yes! – [Host] Let’s do it! This city is just waiting to be devoured. Let’s go! So Jill where are you taking me first? – We’re going to Cookie Dough. – And what do they have there? Cookie dough probably. (laughing) Rosie are you gonna get some dough? It’s delicious. (camera snapping noise) How cute! – How many calories do you think that is? – Why would you say that
when I’m biting into it? Beautiful and delicious. – Yeah, it tastes just like cookie dough– – But it’s so good. – It’s so good. (laughing) – I don’t know how to eat. – [Host] That’s yours
now, you finish that. (laughing) We got the dogs some cookie dough. Yum. He’s also here for the dough. Okay bye. So it was way too cold, dogs are at home, and now we’re off to
Taiyaki NYC, an ice cream place which is perfect for
this 10 degree weather. Cream! I’m mesmerized. Oh my god. – [Woman] Unicorn ears,
oh my god how special. – This is the best thing
I’ve ever gotten in my life. (camera snapping noises) (electronic music) – This is our new unicorn friend. – You get to keep it. – Look at this thing, look
it’s got a little horn. – [Man] It’s really cute. – Tastes like a root. This almost tastes healthy. – That’s really good. – It’s so good, it’s kinda like green tea and like red bean flavored a little bit. – Oh man that’s got like
the red bean filling in the middle. – It tastes like magic. – [Host] Matt, Matt you’re
dripping everywhere. Why are you so bad at eating? We’re at Gelso and Grand,
and we are about to learn how they make their
Instagram famous cannolis. (camera snapping noise) (suspenseful music) (shouting and cheering) – [Host] It literally, it’s everywhere. – It looks like nachos now. – It’s delicious, so amazing. – You can’t really describe
it, it’s almost like a moussey type thing so that,
I’m officially declaring it cannolis are back. – [Host] This is definitely,
definitely Instagram worthy. The day’s almost over but
we have one more stop, we’re going to Cupcake
Market in East Village, we’re gonna get their famous face cookies. (camera snapping noise) (easygoing music) I love cookies, nobody
loves cookies more than me, you love cookies? Nobody
loves cookies, I’m the best. I’m the best of cookies. Waaah! These ones don’t have eyeballs. Which should we eat? – Trump? Probably Trump. – Pretty good cookie. – [Host] It’s got a nice crunch. I love this icing, it’s
so sweet and sugary but not in an overwhelming way. Not only is it like super,
super Instagrammable obviously
– Delicious. – But it’s a really good cookie. The day is over, thank
you guys for taking me to all your favorite dessert
places in New York City. – Thanks for coming with us. – Yeah thanks for coming. – [Host] Nobody loves
cookies more than me, you love cookies? Nobody
loves cookies I’m the best. (upbeat music)