(gentle music) ♪ Smell the sea and feel the sky ♪ ♪ Let your stolen spirit
fly into the mystic ♪ – Alright. – [Man] Whenever y’all are ready. – [Woman] Are you guys not diving? – [Man] Slight over
rotation, not full points. – How was it? – [Woman] I plan on diving.
– [Diver] (yelps) Wooh! – [Man] A little bit
over rotated. (splashing) – [Woman] Oh, we’re just
doing a dive contest. – [Man] A little bit under rotated. – [Woman] Oh!
– Whose was better? – [Man] Huh? – Whose was better? (water splashing) – This semester, I have begun
learning how to scuba dive. In order to get certified,
it takes two weeks. The first week is a pool training where you learn all
the skills under water. So like, we’ve been in
swimming pools before, but now you’re at the very
bottom of this ten-foot pool. So it’s just such a different
change of perspective. And then the second weekend, we went on this boat called Specter. And we had to wake up super early to get on the boat in time, and there’s just definitely
a scuba diving culture of like you don’t care
what your hair looks like. You’re just out there to have fun. So we’ve done two dives so far. It was great. Saw so many fish, mollusks, a lot of the little sea slugs, so we’ve been having a great time so far, and now we’re waiting for lunch. (soft music) I’m really thankful for just this ability to
explore God’s creation that I never would have
been able to otherwise. ♪ It’s too late to stop now ♪ ♪ A lake inside ♪ ♪ Oh let’s lose track of time ♪ ♪ Give us night, give us day ♪ ♪ Let’s find the rules, throw them away ♪ ♪ Let’s lose track of time ♪ ♪ And it sure feels fine ♪ ♪ When the sun shine shines ♪ – Right now we’re at Zuma
Beach for Arrow Spike, which is our final
philanthropy of the year. We had Pie of the Pi Pies
in the fall, which was all you can eat dessert. Now it’s a beach volleyball tournament. We’re having spike ball,
Lilly’s burritos for sale. – Okay, I love Lilly’s burritos. I think I could do without the beans. They’re just some spat burritos that are like not twenty
minutes from the school. I like ’em. Country Kitchen’s a little
bit better in my opinion. Most people would fight me on that, but that’s just my opinion. – [Woman] I want to get totally fried. – [Woman] Oh that’s so
cute, I should do that. – Oh wait! That reminds me of like soccer when you were little.
– Yeah, that’s what I said. Yeah, that’s right!
– Seriously. – I almost said that to you earlier. I was like, I wish I had those little like – I guess were playing soccer,
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, – but like–
– yeah, yeah. Okay. That’s a cute idea. Yeah, I think we’re one of
the only schools in the nation that could have an event like this. Just because I literally
had to drive eight minutes and was at a world famous beach. So that’s pretty insane, but we’re really lucky
that we got a nice day, just ’cause our weather has been kind of wonky this semester. So, we’re lucky on a wide scale. My favorite part is
probably getting a sun burn that turns into a semi-tan or
more a splotch of freckles. So I’m hoping that they’ll combine one day so that I do have a very nice tan. – This is one of the more
relaxing philanthropies where everybody can kind of enjoy the fact that this school year is winding down. So, when we come here, we
really just come to relax. Pepperdine students don’t
get that luxury all the time. (calm music) ♪ And the birds sing do, do, do ♪ ♪ Do do do do, do, do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do, do, do do ♪ ♪ Do do do do do ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I take you in long strides ♪ – Pacific Sounds Music and
Arts Festival is an event that the board puts on every single year. We bring out at least,
probably two main artists that perform on our stage
with student performers. We have food trucks back
here, a Ferris Wheel, an entire art exhibit
all created by students. So, it’s a really great
kind of celebration for the arts that happens at Pepperdine. – For the past like three years, I’ve been putting in a lot
of work in graphic design, and so now, I get to showcase it here. No one’s bought the yellow?
– [Woman] How much is it? – [Chanse] Psh, it’s,
that’ll will run like 30. – [Woman] I’ma frame that. I’m not kidding. I’ll Venmo you.
– [Chanse] What? – [Woman] That’s beautiful. – You like that one? I actually got it from the Mayan, Mayan scroll, so like
that little air bubble, most people think is smoke, but that actual symbol
– [Man] Yeah. – [Woman] I thought it was the sun. – Nah, that is the smoke
coming, or like the scripture, coming from his mouth, like
Mayan like sages and priests. (rock band music) – I know my friend Noah Shaun. He is the best trombonest
that I have ever met. He’s been practicing really hard for it. A lot of his residents
have like made sign, like this huge, ornate sign for him, and we’re just out to support him. This is why I’ve been so
excited for Pacific Sound. So, yeah. (upbeat rock music) (crowd clapping and cheering) – So my sister is actually here, and my family members usually
never come to visit me. But she came for this. It’s a big thing. She probably only came for the concert, not really for me but, it’s okay. Tell them about yourself. (laughs) – I’m Claudia, single, no. (laughing) – This is Claudia. She’s my older sister. She’s also into marketing. Fun fact, we have the
same interests, but– We look kind of alike. – A little bit. – A lot of people say I’m older, but that’s just probably
’cause I have bags under my eyes. ‘Cause college is hard (laughs), but yeah. – [Man] Is cotton candy free? – [Olivia] Yeah. – [Woman] Oh, it’s free? – Yeah! I’m not really into it though. – Oh, I’m gonna have a pound to go. – I love. – [Olivia] This is going quick. – [Friend] I’m getting
dizzy just looking at it. I can’t just look at it. – But there’s that one couple. Wait for the couple that’s
having a great time. Wait, right there they are. Look at ’em. – [Friend] It’s a long time,
so. It’s been a minute. (giggling) – You want it? – You can have it. – Am I gonna chew this?
– Yeah. – What?!
– You don’t like it? – That’s so weird.
– You’re so weird. – It’s just like sugar and like hair. It is March right now and I
am a second-semester senior. I’m slowly loosing motivation in academics and trying to do all that stuff. It’s just kind of pushing me to like take advantage of everything that’s just here at Pepperdine but also the relationships that I’ve made during my time here and just like investing
myself whole heartedly into all of my friendships and just like making
time for a social life rather than just like puttin’ my head down in the books all the time like I have for the past four years. (alternative music plays) ♪ Hold me down, hold me down ♪ ♪ So fold me down, fold me down ♪ ♪ So hold me down, hold me down ♪ ♪ So hold me down, hold me down ♪ ♪ Hold me down, hold me down ♪