Menstruation periods / Tampons Use /How To Stop periods pain /Urdu Today’s video is specially to give awareness to teen age girls about hygiene during their menstrual periods In our society mothers feel hesitate to share or tell about this topic so in other way teen age girls try to search on internet for their quires and some times lost in some wrong ways of guidance so its better to guide your young one by your own self and don let them feel alone in this sensitive time of their life. problems those appeared to be suffer in this time are common almost with every one and these are headache,stomach pain or cramps first thing is that don skip any meal during these days.take a proper diet and snakes beside three time meals try to avoid tea or coffee in these days as it increases cramps.take ginger tea instead of tea or coffee. take dry fruits and nuts as these are source of omega 3 vitamins etc if you feel pain do avoid of taking medicines or pills instead of this i will share a home remedy by using this you will surly feel good and get rid of pain take a stoking and fill it half with some organic rice and tie it with some cotton thread. then keep in microwave for few seconds and keep it on you stomach for few minutes you will surly feel relax and will get rid of periods pain vert instantly.