He’s a doting dad who documents his family life on social media.But Peter Andre’s daughter Princess couldn’t hide her disappointment after he played a hilarious prank on her in an Instagram video the star shared on Wednesday The presenter, 46, led his daughter, 12, to believe that he had bought her a pair of Apple AirPod headphones, but she was disappointed to find that the white box was empty In the video, Princess can’t contain her excitement as she shows off the sealed Apple box, gushing about the gift from her father Share this article Share The schoolgirl squeals: ‘Oh my God, thank you, I am so happy you got me Airpods! I am so happy, thank you so much ‘ As she opens the box, Princess continues to say ‘Oh my God in excitement,’ but her expression quickly changes when she realises the box is empty She holds up the empty package to camera before saying: ‘Dad! That is not funny!’ Luckily Peter seemed to find the funny side in the prank, posting the video with the caption: ‘These are the kind of random things my kids send me She does make me laugh. #airpodsnoairpods #gotcha.’Peter shares son Junior, 14, and Princess with his ex-wife Katie Price, and is also the proud father to Amelia, five, and Theodore, two, with wife Emily MacDonagh   In light of Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson’s documentary about the impact online trolling can have on people in the public eye, Peter shared his experiences with New Magazine and fears for his children Peter recalled: ‘One of my worst experiences of trolling was around the time Twitter first became a thing, I even had to appear in court to give evidence against someone whose trolling made me physically sick ‘It seriously affected me and I don’t think anyone will understand how that made me feel, it took a lot of courage after that to block people who said nasty things about situations they knew nothing about ‘ On having children in the public eye, the singer continued: ‘I do worry about my kids being targeted online and receiving harsher trolling than other kids because they’re recognised, if you’re a parent in the public eye you could bring out a song that’s terrible or star in a TV show that gets laughed at but it’s your kids who the trolls have a go at ‘