(The second half of Dara Tour Part 2) – The city! / – Mabuhay. We’re back in Manila. What does “mabuhay” mean? It’s a greeting like aloha. – In Filipino. / – Mabuhay. Welcome to Manila. Half Manila, half Palawan. Are we going to Manila again? We have to stop by Manila anyway. There is no direct flight. (Manila was already introduced in Dara Tour Part 1) You’ve just been to Bonifacio. You are right. I didn’t get to see the downtown. The flight departs at midnight. So, if you take this course all day, you will enjoy it to the fullest. – You can enjoy to the last minute? / – Exactly. – Dara Tour Part 2. / – Advanced course. Follow, follow, follow me. Go, go, go. – Going to your favorite restaurant? / – Yes. Last time, I think I lost because… – We didn’t go there. / – We’re going there? We didn’t go there last time. – Crab. / – Oh, crab. We could have won if we had gone there. We missed that place. If there is chili crab in Singapore and… – Poo phat pong curry in Thailand. / – That’s right. There is alimango in the Philippines. – Alimango? / – What is it? I already fell in love with it. We are here. I wanted to come here in Part 1 too. “Alimango” means mud crabs in Filipino. – Let’s get in. / – Let’s get in. – Come here, customer. / – Okay. Long time no see. – I don’t have to see the menu. / – Customer. I already know the menu but let’s check it out. – I want to see the menu. / – Okay. We must order crab dishes. – There are a lot of crab dishes. / – There are plenty. – They look delicious. / – What does “pika pika” mean? Something like appetizers you can pick up easily. – Something you can pick up… / – That’s what it means? Then, what is “sinabawan?” – That means soup. / – I see. Soup? It’d be fun to be go there with someone like her. – She knows everything. / – She can tell you all. These are sinigang. – She hates sinigang. / – Gosh. – It’s purple. / – Oh, it’s the purple soup. Will it be okay? Is it okay to eat purple soup? Okay. Let’s order sinigang. I didn’t enjoy sinigang last time… – So, I want to try it again. / – Yes. Try regular sinigang. – This is regular sinigang, right? / – Yes. Which of the crabs do you want to order? Let’s order this one as usual. When you order crabs, you order male crabs so you get more meat. And the roe. They have more of that too. That’s what you order. Goodness. Hello. (Fresh alimango) Hello. – They are black. / – Right. – They just feel like crabs. / – They are… Not as big as king crabs… But they’re delicious. – They are quite big though. / – Yes. Do they turn red if they are cooked? – Yes. / – I see. This is the first time I saw black crabs. We picked crabs with garlic sauce. Garlic sauce? – The food is here. / – It is. You’re here. This is marites and it’s garlic here. – That looks delicious. / – It does. – It will go well with rice. / – My gosh. I don’t know. It is named after the person who developed this dish. – Marites did a great job. / – Right. Though I come here every week, I don’t know how to shell them. There is a tip in this case. If you ask them, they’ll shell them so nicely. – They shell them for you? / – Yes, they do. If you ask them. – Is it free of charge? / – Yes. They do it for us, right? People don’t know so… They struggle a lot and find it hard to eat. We just have to eat. They prepared them all. (Cheering, dazed) They are all ready to eat. Like this… This is delicious. Thank you for shelling them. It’s delicious. – Sikyung. / – That looks appetizing. You fell for it already. – I should eat crabs after the show. / – How could I not? Every dish with garlic sauce is delicious. The garlic flakes are not only crispy but also moist at the same time. Garlic is spicy at first but it becomes sweet if you cook it. Along with the soy sauce, it tastes like biscuits. – It’s hard to beat that. / – Put the flakes on top of it. If the rice comes out, I will mix it with the rice. Thank you. Finally, the rice is here. – It’s garlic rice. / – Thank you. You must eat garlic rice in the Philippines. Because I like garlic rice, I always order it for my guests. I don’t ask them and just order it anyway. You eat chewy rice with garlic flakes, so it’s delicious to eat. – You want to mix it in the shell? / – Great. Just like soy sauce marinated crabs? – I’ll pick this one. / – Okay. – Mixing rice in the shell is great. / – Right. Put your rice and garlic flakes in it. – Just like marinated crabs. / – Looks good. Goodness. – Goodness. / – This is it. This is it. It will taste like mud. – Look at this. / – My manager loves it. This is so good. You sure have to try the crabs but you should also order this garlic rice and try it. Don’t just eat the crabs. Sinigang is here. (Will she be okay this time?) She has a bad memory about sinigang. This is just vinegar. It’s thick vinegar. Is sinigang similar to kimchi stew in Korea? – No, bean paste stew. / – I see. (Another encounter with sinigang) Look at her face. – Look how worried she is. / – I love sinigang now. This is it. – It’s so… / – It’s this color. The soup we had was purple. – What? / – It isn’t purple? – This is the color of sinigang. / – Though we explained… Clearly last time, people think it’s purple. Sinigang’s actual color is that of bean paste soup. I wonder how it tastes. Finally… To resolve your misunderstanding, I’ll try sinigang again. It smells savory. The charm of sinigang is… As you eat… Well, sinigang is still sour… It tastes like bean paste stew added with vinegar. You’re not ready for sinigang yet. It’s addictive though. It’s a bit similar to tom yum goong. It’s a bit shocking at first but it keeps getting better as you eat. – You want more. / – That’s right. You thought about Thailand a lot there. That’s right… I know. It arouses one’s appetite. – You’re right. That why… / – It arouses appetite. I’ll want to have it when I catch a cold. You lose your appetite when you catch a cold. With this, my appetite will be aroused. It’s a bit tough at first, but once you get into it, it’s irresistible. That’s right. I’m full now. – We’re both really full. / – Where are we going now? We’ll go eat something. A three-course dessert. There are some desserts we couldn’t have. Many Filipino desserts. We’ll go have a Filipino three-course dessert. – Dessert time. / – This must be captured. – Manila’s really nice. / – Where are we? – It’s Manila Bay. / – Dara Tour is good with food. (Manila Bay) (Known as the best bay in the world) (Lots of popular places for young people) (Central and popular area of Manila) It’s a bit like Hangang. It’s like Hangang. Where you can see water in Manila. Hangang is a place where families go out and where couples date. – Is it similar here? / – It’s a popular spot for dating. Many local people date here. It’s always prettier at night. There are bands playing live at night. It’s quieter now because it’s the daytime. I want to join the Dara Tour. I used to come here a lot. – There, there. / – Oh, there. It’s a very famous restaurant. It’s been there since 1936. – It has tradition. / – They have many kinds of desserts. – This is a dessert? / – In Manila… This place is known as one of the oldest restaurants. We’re here. It was open in 1936. – It has its tradition. / – 80 years… – If you look… / – Hi, Sandara. Here comes Sandara’s popularity. – So popular. / – If you look… They’re all families here. Many people get married at Manila Cathedral. I guess they hold receptions here after the wedding. I’m looking forward to the three-course dessert. Dessert, dessert. First, you have to try leche flan. – I haven’t tried it. / – Then, we’ll get buko pandan. Where is it? Hi, halo halo. I won’t have you this time. – Explain each dessert for me. / – They’re here. This is leche flan. I love this dessert. It tastes a bit like caramel. – Is it a pudding? / – It’s like an egg pudding. – It tastes like caramel. / – You must try this. It looks delicious. – Alright. / – Let’s try. You know what it tastes like. – Is that so? / – It’s a pudding. It’s a pudding. It’s a combination of caramel and egg. It’s extremely delicious. It’s really sweet but not too sweet. It’s good. When I’m in need of sugar, I eat this instead of halo halo. You can intake sugar at once with this one. We’ll give this a pass. The second one is buko pandan. – What is this? / – It’s coconut… – And green jellies. / – Look at the color. The flavor may be a bit different for each restaurant. – In fact, this… / – The color is… It’ll be better than you think. Koreans like it. – They do? / – Yes. – How would it taste? / – Coconut is delicious. (It’s hard to predict the flavor because of the color) (How is it?) – This is… / – She doesn’t look well. – She doesn’t look well. / – She looks… This is… Just a combination of jelly and coconut. It’s not familiar to us. There are some people who like coconut beverages. – That’s right. / – Those people will love this. I thought of my grandma. It’d be good for elders with… – Chewing problems. / – It’s soft. – This looks a bit like rice cakes. / – That’s right. Puto bumbong. Christmas is the biggest holiday for Filipinos. – September to January? / – Yes. – It’s really festive now. / – We eat this at Christmas. – This is no joke. / – You should use a knife for this. I can’t believe that I’m eating a purple rice cake. There are many purple dishes. They must like purple. Mix it with sugar and coconut powder. I think it will be really sweet. First, I want to taste just the rice cake. I don’t think there will be any flavor. – It’s rice cake! / – Exactly. It’s like the bar rice cakes my grandma used to grill for me on holidays so I’d dip them in sugar. It’s similar to that. It’s a rice cake coated with sugar and coconut powder. – It must be delicious. / – It’s delicious. It’s got to be delicious. It’s a rice cake dipped in sugar. Look. You must cover it like this. Add some more on top. Wait, is it okay to dip it… – In sugar? You’re a model. / – Of course, yes. – It’s so good. / – I’ve never dredged so much sugar. Some people dredge this much sugar. It may seem unfamiliar but the flavor is familiar. I hope people will come try this dessert. It’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. It’s very traditional too. I really liked it. – I want to try it. / – It’s something new for me too. – What’s next? / – It tastes familiar. We’ll go visit Intramuros near here. It’s a place you must visit when you go to Manila. She thinks that we lost last time since we didn’t talk about history. That’s why she prepared it with ambition. – She’s so cute. / – It’s time for history class. Great. There’s food, vacation spots and even history.