What’s up guys today Rei and I are going
to show you how to make Pichi Pichi! Pichi Pichi is a sticky Filipino dessert made from grated
cassava and coated with grated coconut! To make our family’s version of Pichi Pichi,
you’ll want to start out with about 1 pound of freshly grated cassava. If you
want to learn how to peel and grate your own cassava we’ll link a video on how to
do that in the description. So to start you’ll want to first squeeze out all the
liquid from your cassava. Just take a handful of grated cassava at a time, and
using both hands squeeze out as much as you can. And repeat this process until
you’ve gone through all your cassava. Squeezing the excess liquid out will
help you keep your Pichi Pichi firm and not turn out goopy. Once you’re done,
just set it aside for the time being. Next you’re gonna want to boil some pandan leaves in some coconut water. Start off by taking two pandan leaves and tie
them into a knot. This helps prevent them from floating to
the top and makes them a little easier to work with. Then just place your pandan leaves into a pot. And then pour in 2 cups of coconut water. Afterwards place
a lid over your pot and bring everything to a boil. As soon as the coconut water
starts bubbling, turn off the heat and your pandan unflavored coconut water is
ready to go! At this point it’s time to mix all of your ingredients together. In
a large mixing bowl throw in your grated cassava from earlier. Then add in half a
cup of sugar and give it a good mix. Next pour in your pandan coconut water.
Followed by 1 teaspoon of lye water. And half a teaspoon of pandan flavor paste. Make
sure to specifically use Pandan flavor paste, which has more of a thick
consistency, and not pandan flavor essence. Afterwards thoroughly combine
all the ingredients together. When you’re done, pour your Pichi Pichi mixture
into a pan that’s small enough to place into a steamer. Next using a spatula or a
serving spoon, flatten out the surface of your Pichi Pichi mixture. And then
place it into a preheated steamer. Now just steam your Pichi Pichi for about an hour.
Once your Pichi Pichi is done steaming, it should look something like this.
At this point remove it from the steamer and allow it to cool for at least 30
minutes. Finally it’s time to roll your Pichi Pichi in some grated coconut.
But first, using a spatula, loosen the outer edges. And then cut up your Pichi Pichi into little squares. Then scoop out a piece and coat it with some grated
coconut. And repeat! Pichi Pichi is best served for dessert or whenever the
craving strikes! Its talagang tasty!