hey everyone its James from fun
foods and today I’m gonna show you how to make this pickled flavored ice cream
now this was the most requested flavor to make so thank you to all the people
who requested this now keep watching and see step by step how to make this now
the first thing we’re gonna do to make this is start out with some pickles make
sure you have the pickles and the pickle juice so we have this and I’m gonna move
that aside just for a moment I’m gonna bring in a food processor you can do
this with a blender if your blender is strong enough but we’re gonna use a food
processor for this take about three pickles depending on the size of the
pickles plop on in there now we’re going to take about 1/4 of a cup of the pickle
juice and add it in there now we have to do is put on our top to a food processor
and we’re gonna grind this up until that those pickles are to a small little bits
so here we go and let’s check that out ok your house should start smelling
really good right now if you like pickles alright we’re going to set this
aside because we’re going to come back to that shortly
next in a large bowl I’m gonna add 2 cups of heavy whipping cream we’re gonna
whisk this up until it doubles in size and has nice stiff peaks and when it has stiff peaks we’re going
to move this aside and we’ll come back to that shortly now we’re going to add a
14 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk to our heavy whipping cream that we’ve
whipped up to stiff peaks then we’re going to add our puree of pickles to
this now just take this and fold this in this next step is optional I’m gonna add
a little bit of green food coloring I don’t want to add much I just want a
hint of green so I’m gonna try with one or two dots drops will do two drops of
green food coloring as we fold this in now we’re going to do is bring in a
freezer safe Bowl or dish and we’re gonna just fill it up with our pickled
ice cream and in there and just as I do with all my notes on ice cream I like to
cover it with some plastic wrap this prevents it from getting freezer burn so
let’s cover that up push it down in there until it touches the ice cream put
our lid on now we’re going to put it in the freezer between four and six hours
or overnight is even better so it’s the next day and I let my pickled ice cream
sit in the freezer overnight let’s open this up and see how it looks all we have to do now is dish it out can
let it sit out a little bit to let it soften and I’ll make it easier to scoop
it out but we’re gonna go with the way we have it now now I think we should
decorate this with some actual pickles well now it’s time for the taste test
I’m gonna dig into our pickled flavored ice cream and see if it really does
taste like pickles and it has little chunks in there because we put it in the
food processor and chopped it up so it has a little pickle chunks I’m pretty
sure it’s gonna taste like pickles so here we go yeah that tastes just like
pickles just like you think it would taste well thanks everyone for watching
I hope you enjoyed watching me make this pickled flavoured ice cream there’s a
lot of fun and a big thank you to all those people who made that request
because it’s your request that helps me decide what to make so thank you so much
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be sure to check back next Thursday for another ice cream recipe next Sunday at
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until then I’ll see you next time we’re gonna whisk this up until it
doubles inside yeah just bring in a sieve
try it again now what we’re gonna do is I can’t talk oh man let’s try it again
and we’re gonna add what is that on there oh nothing
it’s on the bottom let’s try it a third time