– Pickle pie is a real thing. We came across this very
interesting video on YouTube from Sunglow Cafe in Bicknell, Utah. They are known for
their famous pickle pie. So when my boss comes to me and says, “I want you to create this recipe.” I wasn’t sure if this was a serious recipe or something meant to be disgusting, but in fact, it is a real thing. After watching the video, I
developed a recipe very similar, I think, to the one out of Utah. The texture is a lot like a pumpkin pie. It’s nice and creamy. It’s got flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. Then you get that burst
of something interesting. That’s the pickle. It’s not the prettiest of pies, but if you garnish it with
a little whipped cream and fresh, sweet pickle,
then it’s almost cute. They say, and I quote, it’s sweet and sour to set off those taste buds. Let’s see. The texture’s good. It’s nice and creamy. You’ve got the flaky pie crust. It’s just a little
weird, but it’s not bad. It’s like it’s good, but it’s just weird. Like I’ll even go in for another bite. You just can’t put your finger on it. From what I understand, they’re the only restaurant
that makes this pie. Comment below and let me know
if you have ever had this pie or if you know anyone else
that has made this pie. Also, if you wanna give this pie a try, you can check out my developed
recipe in the link below. Like I said, it’s a real thing. Let’s see what other people think. (soft, upbeat music) – Not bad. Two thumbs up from Carrie Rankin. (slow jazz music) – Well it tastes better than it looks. I’ll give you that. – Wow, that’s not bad, Nicole.