– These cultural imperialists
come along and just throw pineapple on it and go,
hey, we love your pizza! – It’s called freedom,
can you taste the freedom? Delicious. (upbeat music) Pineapple on pizza is all
about breaking conventions for the sake of flavor. – Pineapple does not belong
on pizza, it’s too sweet, the Italians tell us this
and we should listen to them because it’s their food. – Fruits in anything jazzes
up a dish, craisins in salads, peaches in salad, cherries on duck (quacking),
lots of good examples there. – I disagree that fruit
belongs in anything. I think there’s a point in which
things would come too sweet and at that point, it’s a dessert. – It’s all about balance Michael,
you gotta find the balance and I think pineapple
cuts through the fattiness of the cheese really nicely,
gives it a nice balance. – You know what else cuts
through the fattiness of the cheese, tomatoes. If they’re not acidic enough
for you, you could add capers. – Yeah, but capers are too
salty, they’re all briney and I like the fresh, like,
brightness of a pineapple. And cooked tomato sauce
is a different acidity than a pineapple gives. – The problem with adding sweet
things to everything is that way too much type 2 diabetes,
there’s an epidemic. Hawaii, of all places, is
one of the worst states of other nations that have
even more diabetes in the US of the Pacific Islands
and the Caribbean nations, nations that have a lot of pineapple. – Yeah, but I’m not talking
about dumping sugar onto a pizza, we’re just putting
a piece of fruit on there. Fruit is a good sugar. I understand you would like to
mature and the whole country to mature as a whole but
I think there is something to be said about fun,
pineapple pizza’s just fun! – If you wanna have fun
with your pizza, drink three glasses of Prosecco
and then have an affogato. – So just get drunk and caffeinated? – You don’t have to have
everything in the one dish. You can have the dish over
there and then you can have something else over there and
something else over there. Look, pizza is an Italian food, specifically a Neapolitan food. In 2017, it was added to the UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. I think it’s a bit
disrespectful to continue to call something the Italian name pizza if you’re gonna bastardize it so much. It would be like putting cheese
and fruit and wrapping rice around it and calling it sushi still. You know, if you’re gonna
do that, maybe call it something else like a baked
Hawaiian pancake or something. – I mean, the cheese in the
sushi thing I’m definitely not down with, but I understand– – Oh, now what? – That the American
cultural palette commanded– – Fusion is fusion, Jane. – The reason why it exists
is like people came over, Japanese people came over, they were like, how do I cater to the American palette? And that’s what they did. – And I think that’s the thing,
that’s why chefs continue to sell pineapple on pizza,
is because they’re kind of forced to because that’s what
the consumer is demanding. But the consumers are wrong. – I mean, money’s not wrong, just saying. – How about I start sprinkling pineapple on, like, a lox and schmear bagel? – That’s the wrong
fruit to put on a bagel. – Oh what– – You know? – Can I put pineapple in pasta? – I mean tomato is a fruit,
you could put tomato on a– – Well you know, pasta, pizza,
they’re both very similar. – No, I would not say they’re similar. – What about watermelon on a hot dog? – Honestly, there’s a watermelon
salsa, it would probably, you could balance it out, it
would be a really bomb salsa. People will be putting pineapple
on pizza for years to come. I don’t think it’s ever gonna go away. – Well, did you know only 13%
of Americans put pineapple in their top three ingredients? – Yeah, but I bet the top– – 24% said it was their
least favorite ingredient. So, actually, you know
it’s not the 1960s anymore. We’re not putting meat in jellies. Our palettes need to mature,
we need to accept that pineapple on pizza, its time has gone. If you want a pop of flavor,
put a little anchovy on it. – Fact, Americans actually
hate anchovies on their pizza. – You want me to tell you why you don’t like anchovy on pizza? It’s because you grew up
eating pineapple on pizza. Uhhh, ho oh! You’ve ruined your palette for your life. – I think pineapple on
pizza serves to be a bright pop of flavor on an
ooey-gooey cheesy pizza, especially along with some ham. And I think pineapple on
pizza is fun, and I love fun. – Putting pineapple on pizza
is illustrative of a broader problem of Americans putting
too much sugar in savory foods which leads to an infantilization
of the palette, diabetes and man-children in the oval office. [Michael] It has a bit of artichoke. – Pineapple. Michael, can you taste the freedom? Michael, can you taste the freedom? Can you taste the freedom? Like, comment, and subscribe. We have new videos every week.