Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen I am your host Shraddha Today we will make healthy & delicious sweet dish Pineapple Shrikhand It is very easy & simple recipe Here are the ingredients Yogurt Sugar Chopped Pineapple First we need to drain out water from Yogurt for making Pineapple Shrikhand Put Yogurt in a cotton cloth, over a bowl Make a knot and hang it for 3-4 hours and let the excess water drain out After 3 hours water is drained out Now we will take hung curd in a bowl add finely chopped pineapple add sugar as per taste and cardamom powder Mix well for until it gets fluffy After around 3-4 minutes it is mixed properly Try to eat it fresh Pineapple Shrikhand is ready Keep this mixture in refrigerator for 30 minutes Enjoy this with Family members and friends and add sweetness to your relations