Hello everyone it is barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen hope you are well today we are turning back the clock with an awesome
retro recipe a pineapple upside down cake as requested by madelyne I saw that request
and I was like retro exactly how I said it and was like wow in fact it does bring back
personal memories years ago at school we had cooking lessons one of the things I made was
a pineapple upside down cake it was raw and by the time I walked home with it it was a
pineapple upside down upside down cake without further ado you are going to love this such
a simple recipe lets get going. First thing we are going to do is grab ourselves
a cake tin and lubricate that with a little bit of butter on the base so get it on the
bottom and the edges all good, next step get some caster sugar and we sprinkle that onto
the pan and the butter will grip that in place give it a little shake if you like get it
all nice and scattered over and it is ready for our pineapple so here I have a tin of
pineapple rings you could use fresh pineapple that would taste even better all we are going
to do is sit the pineapple rings in the bottom of the pan 4 normally fit in there quite comfortably
leaving enough room for the cherries. And all we do is grab the cherries here and shove
them in all the spots so in the hole between the rings and any other gaps until it looks
cool and funky like that do not forget to reserve some of the pineapple juice from the
can instead of vanilla extract we make it a little more pineapple flavour. It is hard
to think this is going to be the top of our cake once done but we need to make our batter
so lets put this to one side and get going. Making the batter could not be simpler all
we do is get the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients all in together lets start with
the dry. Seeing as we are going to pass the flour through a sieve we may aswell run the
others through there too so there is our plain flour do not really need to sieve sugar but
why not and also the baking powder and bicarb of soda by doing this it will actually mix
it for us at the same time so just a little tap to pass it through that is the dry ingredients
in there lets push in some butter this is room temperature butter here are two large
eggs from a chickens bum and this is the pineapple juice from the tin about 2 tablespoons going
in there that is optional but will give more pineapple flavour. All we do is slowly beat
this together until it all incorporates through make sure you get every bit until left with
a really smooth pineapple infused batter. In comes in our pineapple cherry layer and
all we do is carefully pour the batter on top so be careful not to move the cherries
too much or they will go out of place. So maybe a little layer on top first of all just
to hold them there and once covered like that give it more of a pour pushing it all in making
sure that batter is in there as much as possible levelled out, then we just bake it in the
oven for 30 minutes cannot wait to see what it turns out like.
Our cake is all nice and cooked through it has been 30 minutes I have loosened up the
sides so hopefully it should come away from the tin a little easier we have a wire rack
so lets sit it on like so we just flip it like that and I should have thought about
that more as my oven gloves are trapped underneath it. But that is ok because we just go like
that like a conveyor belt thing we give it a tap and reveal the topping. Here we go I
have loosened it up so it should just pop off here we go oh yes love that colour nice
and cooked through on there pineapple still in tact lets have a good slice of that now.
Excited to try this served up with ice cream down the hatch sorry not sure what happened
there had a moment absolutely gorgeous cake cooked through with the pineapple juices soaking
in makes a really gooey sponge really hope you give this a go if you do do not forget
to send me a picture let me know how you get on and of course let me know any other recipes
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