Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux and today we’re going to do something a little bit different, because
doing the same thing over and over and over again it kind of becomes a little bit monotone
and it can become boring. We’re going to switch it up, we’re going
to make a pistachio dessert with a lot of pistachio and it’s called Pistachio Fantasy.
I hope you guys enjoy it, there’s a lot of steps so stay with it through the end.
You’re going to see an awesome dish you guys can make at home.
Now, first things first, pistachio ice cream. Let’s go!
Okay so we start off by taking some unsalted toasted pistachios and you just want to take
the shell off it, just like this. Well, I don’t need to show you how to take a pistachio
out of a shell but here we go. You take the husk off, now you see this husk here that
is stuck to the pistachio, it’s very hard to get off. It’s nearly impossible to get
off while this is dry, so we’re going to boil this. But first you’re going to want
to un-shell a lot of pistachios. There we go, done!
Okay, take your pistachios throw them into a pot of water, just like this, and then you’re
going to want to bring this to a boil. Now you will boil it for about 30 seconds to a
minute and then just turn it off. That’s enough to soften the pistachios so the husks
come off. Alright, there we go!
Just take this and send it through a sieve. You’re going to need about 315-grams of
pistachios for this recipe, but accounting for some waste you’re probably going to
want to shell and husk 330. Okay to take the husk off it’s very simple,
all you have to do is just pinch it, just like this, and that comes off, and then you
have these beautiful bright green pistachio nuts. This is the difference between a bright
green ice cream and a brown colored tinted one.
You’re going to want to shell all the pistachios, it’s going to take a while because 330-grams
of pistachios at half a gram each, that’s about 660 pistachios. That’s the reason
why a lot of other people won’t show you how to do this because it takes so much time
to do this. Okay, this is what you’re looking for, beautiful
big pot of green pistachio nuts. You are going to want to take this and place it into a food
processor until you get a thick smooth paste, which looks a little bit like a green peanut
butter. You want to have it nice and smooth and you want to take 100-grams of this stuff
and pop it into a blender, followed by 140-grams of sugar, 220-grams worth of cream, and last
but not least, 170-grams worth of milk. I’m giving you all these measurements in
grams because it’s much more accurate than say milliliters or cups.
Just blend this until it’s a smooth liquid, and then you’re going to want to sieve this
to make sure you haven’t missed any chunks of pistachio that might have not gone through
the blenders. If you get stuck just tap it and that will make it go through the sieve
faster. Just put this into an ice cream maker right
now, pour it in and then turn it on. My ice cream maker is going to churn for about 20
minutes but you should check with your ice cream maker to see what they suggest in the
manufacturer’s guidelines. Also, you can hear it at some point the sound will change
as the machine stops to churn, it becomes more difficult for it because the ice cream
is hard to churn. Alright so it’s been 20 minutes, I’m just
going to undo this and take my ice cream out. Now I’m going to put it into a plastic tub,
but I put this tub into the freezer so it’s ice cold, so when I put the ice cream into
it, it doesn’t start to melt. It’s still very soft ice cream right now out of the machine
and it will melt very easily so any contact with something warm then it starts to become
a liquid which you don’t want to happen. Alright, so I’m going to take it all out.
As you can see it’s a beautiful bright green because we removed all the husks off the pistachio
nuts, something that a lot of other recipes that show you how to make pistachio ice cream
don’t bother to do because it takes so much effort. You will end up with a mucky brown
color ice cream. Okay, so once you’ve placed it into the
tub and smoothed it out so you can scoop it out later, you just put this into the freezer
for 24 hours so it can mature and become a little bit better.
Now to make Pistachio Crumble. We start off by this time taking 55-grams
of salted and toasted pistachios and throw them into a food processor. Then followed
by 75-grams worth of digestive cookies and just crumble these up into the food processor.
One teaspoon of sugar, but an argument you could make with two for more caramelization,
and three teaspoons of melted butter. This will hold it all together once it’s being
blended up. Now you just put the lid onto this and start
the machine. Now I’m going to put this onto a baking
tray with baking paper over it and just spread it out so it cooks evenly. You’re going
to want to put this into an oven at about 180-degrees Celsius for about 7 to 10 minutes
and keep an eye on it so it doesn’t turn black. You want it to be this beautiful brown
color like this. It’s just a delicious pistachio crumble right now.
Now to make the caramel. You add some sugar into a pot just like this and you want to
caramelize it, so just bring it up nice and slowly and you want to get a beautiful golden
color onto the caramel. Then you just want to scrape it onto some baking paper with a
spatula, just like this. As you do you’ll notice it will start to retract away from
where you put it, and you get these beautiful organic shapes with little holes in it which
I find very appealing. Just scrape it across your entire baking paper just like this and
you want to get a nice thin crisp out of this. Now this stuff dries very, very quickly so
you’ll be able to remove it pretty much instantly.
Here you start just peeling it away from the bottom and it’s very important to use baking
paper for this because it won’t separate from any other material. Once you separate
it enough you can just take off one of these little crisps, just like this, and you’ve
got these beautiful shards that you can add onto the dessert and just give it another
level. Now to keep these shards I would suggest you put them inside a Tupperware with some
tissue paper to take away any humidity, and in the freezer because if you leave this at
room temperature or not cold enough they start to melt because they absorb all the moisture
from the atmosphere and just become liquid. Time to make the Pistachio Sponge Cake with
this. You take 160-grams of pistachio paste and you throw it into a blender just like
this. Then you add 28-grams of flour, 100-grams of sugar, and 217-grams worth of eggs, that
happens to turn out to be five eggs, more or less, and then you add the lid and blend
this into a smooth liquid. Once you’ve done that you’re going to
want to sieve this, now you want a bigger sieve than mine but if you happen to have
a small sieve like me you want to tap it to agitate the particles so that they get out
of the way and allow the liquid to pass through. You really want to do this to make sure you
don’t have any clumps because any clumps in the siphon will be a bad thing. Now you
add into a siphon. Just make sure you get all of it, and then
you want to add your lid onto the siphon. Once you have securely fastened the lid onto
the siphon flask you want to add two nitrogen canisters or N2O or laughing gas, there we
go, first canister is in then I’m going to take it out and pop the second one in.
You need two canisters because otherwise it doesn’t froth up enough. Okay, just shake
it and this is ready to go now. Just take a cup and you’re going to want
to cut three holes in the bottom, this is so it doesn’t have rapid expansion and explode
out the top, and also so you can remove it easily at the end of cook because it allows
air back into the bottom. Just add one quarter to one third full of
batter, just like this, and you’re going to want to put this into your microwave for
about 50 seconds. Just pop it into the microwave and I’m going
to set mine to 60 seconds because it’s easier and I’m going to remove it when it’s about
ten seconds early. Fast-forward, here we go, remove it now. It
cooked 53 seconds in this case but 50 seconds is what you want to aim for. Then just remove
the walls and then pop it out, then you end up with this delightful airy spongy cake which
is soft and tender and surprisingly moist. It’s just a great quick cake to make.
Now for the fun part, I’m going to plate up and make it look epic. You take some chocolate
syrup and just start drawing onto the plate, whatever random design you wish. I’m just
going to try to make a beach riot with fire coming outside. This is a chocolate syrup
made of Nutella with water, I just heated it up and mixed it together. I thought the
hazelnut flavor inside the Nutella would go well with the pistachio flavor of the rest
of the desert. Now you add your pistachio crumble that you
made earlier onto the plate wherever you want, and then you take your sponge cake and you
just tear a piece off and just place it onto your plate, and then take another smaller
bit and place it on the other side, and then take another chunk and just place it there.
You’re not using the entire sponge cake, sometimes less is more, you can use that for
another plate. Now onto the pistachio ice cream. You want
to take a hot wet spoon and you just scrape it one way at an angle and then turn and then
scrape it the other way while turning, this will create a beautiful perfect canal, just
like this. Place the canal onto your pistachio crumble,
just like this and then you add your caramel crisp just on top of it, cutting into the
canal. Just take one, and there we go. There we go, Voilà, the Pistachio Fantasy
is done. Okay so this is the end of the video, I hope
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