– Pizza Hut recently announced that they are closing over 500
of their dine-in locations. I was intrigued to learn that this news deeply affects some super fans like the two I have here. This is Jason and Mike, and I wanted to experience what could be our final dine-in with these two because I think it’s going
to be that much more special. Are you all ready for this? – I’m so ready. – Absolutely, absolutely. – Okay, so I call you a super fan. Would you call yourself
a Pizza Hut super fan? – I think so, I think I qualify. – Yeah, I think aficionado
would be a good word. – I like that, that’s fancier. The aficionado. – Because going to Pizza
Hut, I mean, it was… It was like a, not fine dining, but… – It felt like it. For a 10-year-old it’s fine dining. – Absolutely. – A pretty elevated dining experience, and I don’t know that
I’ve really eaten here since I was a kid. So, let’s get our first thoughts. – Walking in the door and seeing the Please Wait To Be Seated sign felt like I was home again. – Yeah, and I remember, as a kid, the thing, for me, with Pizza Hut was it felt like you were an adult. You were going to a
sit-down fancy restaurant. Back when I was a kid they had the checkerboard tablecloths on the table, it was dimly lit, you know… – Yeah, you felt like it was
always nighttime in there. – Yeah… – The menu was a book. – Yeah, you would flip through the pages. – It was kinda heavy and you
had to flip through pages. – Already this is feeling
like a more modern experience. You know, where are the tablecloths? But really, where are those
stained glasses chandeliers? – The stained glass chandeliers were a big part of that
feeling, part of that mood. Don’t close the dine-in restaurants, just bring the chandeliers back. – Yeah, exactly. Lower the lights, put
the tablecloths back on, bring me back the book menu. I remember sitting there with your family, were you gonna get a big one to share? Are you going to get your
own personal pan pizza? As a kid, you getting your
own pizza that’s just yours… – I’m starting to remember
just how wonderful it was. I hope I’m not disappointed. – That’s the problem with
going back to the past. Sometimes you’ll revisit something, it’s not exactly what you remembered. – It might have just been
better to keep in my memory, but I am looking forward, and I hope it’s that
crunchy crust on the bottom that’s slightly greasy. – Yeah. – That’s what separates it
from every other pizza place is that crust. – Is the crust. My mouth’s starting to water a little bit. – So we better go order. – We’ve better order. I’m getting hungry. – We’ve placed the order, we ordered the drinks, and we are already like, “whaa?” This ain’t gonna work, and if you’ve eaten at
Pizza Hut, you know why. Ready guys? – That’s correct. – You gotta have a red cup. – Yes. It is not the true Pizza Hut experience unless you have the red plastic tumbler. – Let’s get these out of here. – Yeah, I don’t even want that. They don’t have our mood lighting, we don’t have our tablecloths, we at least can have the red cups. – Absolutely. – And the big part, for me,
is it’s specifically Pepsi. If you’re going to Pizza Hut… I almost said Pepsi Hut which
is kinda accurate to me. If you’re going to Pizza
Hut, you have to have Pepsi. Those flavors are what I
remember always having as a kid. Because a lot of restaurants
didn’t have Pepsi. It was always Coke, and part of getting to go to Pizza Hut was getting to order that Pepsi. – In my house, Mountain Dew was the soda. That was the soda that
we drank in our house. My mom drank it, my grandparents
always had it at the house, and so, as a kid, it was like, not only are we getting Pizza Hut, we’re getting Mountain Dew with the Pizza. So, for me, that was
just the end-all-be-all. – I kinda feel like my parents might have had pitchers of beer. – Yes. – I wonder if they still sell beer. – I think they do. But that was a big thing
with it for my dad. When we would go with a
large group of people, they would always get a pitcher of beer, and it would be like, you know… Before I even had ever had beer, it was just like that image
of the big plastic pitcher being set down on the table was like, “I wanna do that when I’m an adult.” – Was the buffet around when we were kids? – It was for me. – I don’t remember it being around ’til I was in junior high or high school. When I would go, as a kid,
to Pizza Hut for lunch, it was all about the personal pan pizza, and I seem to remember,
if I remember this right, there was a guarantee. Like, they would bring
the pizza to your table within 20 minutes or something like that. Or maybe it was five minutes. I’d have to remember, but then the buffet came along later, and I remember the first time I went to a Pizza Hut with a buffet, and it just seemed odd to me. – Yeah, I want it hot right in the pan. I want it in the pan. – Yeah, that’s the best way. – And it better be crunchy. Oh, if this is not crunchy
on the bottom, I’m not… – The town where I went to college was the same town my mom worked in, so we would meet at lunch a lot of times and have lunch together
at the Pizza Hut buffet, and that was weekly and sometimes, if I’m being honest, kind of daily. We would do multiple days in row because it was like, “Hey Mom, you wanna go meet at Pizza Hut?” And we’d just meet together, and, again, going back to
that communication idea, we would sit and talk to one another in the context of a Pizza Hut. So it was kind of like
the cafe at Seinfeld. Like that cafe was just like, that was… – That was the hang. – Oh that was gym class,
and that was like Cheers. – Pizza Hut buffet was
that for me and my mom. That’s where we had this like, “How’s your day at work going?”, and “How’s class going?”, and “How are your grades
looking like? Uh-oh.” – That is sweet. – [Mike] Yeah. – And speaking of grades, they would often have a reading contest, and if you read the most
number of books in your class you would win a pizza party at Pizza Hut, and so it encouraged you to read. And so that was one of the things about not having a Pizza Hut in
my town where I was a kid was I never got to do that. So it’s like, not only
did I not get pizza, but I didn’t read enough, so this is why Pizza Hut
needs to stay around. I was deprived. – But ch’yall both have
sweet family stories. Your mom and your grandparents
and the meeting place. – Well, it was such a
big part of movie night. If you were going to the
movies or leaving the movies, Pizza Hut was somehow related to that. Before or after, Pizza Hut
and the movies went together, and I have specific
memories of going to see Fievel Goes West and Casper. There’s a lot of movies
from that same time period I don’t remember going to see because Pizza Hut wasn’t involved. So it wasn’t part of the… We went to the mall, we watched a movie, but it wasn’t a big deal. But if it was mom and I going to see Fievel Goes West or Casper and we would have Pizza
Hut before or after that, it was a deal. So there was a birthday party a kid had where we went to see Men In Black. It was like all my friends, and, you better believe, before Men In Black we went to Pizza Hut and it was the group
table of a bunch of kids having the time of their life. And, again, we thought it was fine dining. We thought, “Okay, we have arrived.” – You know, I got to know. I got to know, are there
other people like this that exist in the world? Because there is a lot
of passion behind this. – When I was in high school, I was dating a girl that
went to church on Sundays, and so we would go after church
with all the church friends to the Pizza Hut in town. – I bet it’s still a church town. – Absolutely. But it was also, I can
remember the first time I remember going to a restaurant with my friends without my parents and having that sit down experience. You would take your friends to like McDonald’s and stuff like that, but this was like a restaurant, and it was also, I remember, in the Pizza Huts that I used to go to, they used to have a jukebox, and so you’d get a dollar and you’d play four or five songs that would last the entire time you were eating at the restaurant. – Loan me and dollar and you
can hear Can’t Touch This. – And sometimes they would
have the standup arcades, but the ones I remember was the flat arcade games you would sit at, and you would sit on
either side of the table, and so you’d look down on the screen, it would be there. There was always like Ms. Pacman or Galaga or Space Invaders or that sort of thing, so not only was it just
a fun experience to go, but there was also like bonus. Like, “Oh, I get to play the video game” or “This one Pizza Hut has
this one game that I like.” – It felt like a pizzeria,
not like a chain… – Yeah. – It definitely didn’t feel like a chain, even though it was. It felt like a local restaurant, and upscale one, at that. – Yep. – I also know that Jason is looking for a collection of
these to keep at this house. – Well, you know what? If they’re closing all these Pizza Huts, I’ll just buy the building. You know, I’ll just move into a Pizza Hut and make it my own. – [Mike] There it is. – Yeah, there ya go. – [Jason] I’d live there. – [Mike] Here we go. – [Nicole] Are these the OG plates? – Well, to an extent. It looks like these may be OG for 2000 because it’s got the newer Pizza Hut logo, and when I say newer, I
mean like 18 years old. Newer in my timeline of existence. And they recently, they’ve
brought back their old logo for their social media campaigns. They brought back the classic,
it’s got the Hut logo, and Pizza Hut had had the fancy font, and that sent my heart
soaring when I saw that. – Is this what these looked like? I felt like they were longer. – Yeah, they were longer. These look like they’re cut in half. I remember you would
get a basket like this with like five or six of
the longer breadsticks, but you’d also get the sauce, and the sauce was always warm. That was always a big deal. – Oh, and it is warm. – I remember going to
a Pizza Hut restaurant when I was in high school, and they brought breadsticks to the table and the sauce was cold, and I sent it back because it’s not the
true Pizza Hut experience if the sauce it’s warm. – That’s still legit. That’s still legit. – [Mike] All right, let’s give this a try. Mmm. – [Nicole] Goin’ in. I have zero memory of this really. – No, this tastes exactly like I remember. There’s no difference. – Wait, now it’s coming back. The crunchy bottom is there. – Yep, the sprinkles on
the top of the breadstick, the crunch that it has, the texture, and the sauce. – [Nicole] The sauce is warm. – A little bit sweet, but that… – I think that’s part of it. I think that’s why kids are
so drawn to it, as well, is that like… Cause even with the pizza
crust and the breadsticks there’s a level of sweetness. Kind of like McDonald’s has. And I remember, even as
a kid, thinking that. Like, “Ooh, this is sweet pizza”, and that being a positive. – I love that you are like
a food critic right now. – One of the things I
love about Pizza Hut… – These are good. – Is on the table you would have the Parmesan cheese and
the red pepper flakes which, as a kid, you tend
to shy away from spicy food, but I remember this was
the first experience I had with getting to add your
own level of spiciness. As I would eat there more often, I would tend to… My sister and I, she would grab the Parmesan shaker and she would just cover
her pizza with Parmesan. – [Jason] That’s how my mom was. – I would take the red pepper and just cover it with red pepper. – That’s how I was. – These are really good, I… – They’re very addictive. – I’m surprised the taste… – It was like I didn’t
remember until I took a bite. – And honestly, as much as I’m nostalgic, I’ve gotta admit that being cut in half makes these a lot more manageable. If you try to eat these when
they were twice as long, it was always an ordeal. – Or like, I would only
think I could have one. Now you can have more than one. – Points to 2019, cutting
them in half, good idea. – I seem to remember the pizza sauce for the breadsticks, the marinara sauce, is different from the pizza sauce. And I also know, the other thing was Pizza Hut was the place I’ve
ever had stuffed crust pizza, where they put the cheese in the crust. I used to love that. – So talking about some of the different promotions
they’ve had over the years, what are some of your favorites? I can remember they had that, they had the New York pizza
was a big one for them where it was the big slices, and that one had a different
taste to it, as well, and I didn’t care as much for that one. – Yeah, I remember there
was a large, super large… – The Bigfoot Pizza. – The Bigfoot Pizza, which was huge, and I remember ordering that one time, and the crust was a little to thick. It was too doughy, it was… – Yeah, I will say the
Bigfoot Pizza tasted terrible, but I wish I had the
option of having one again. – There was a menu item that I remember in the early 80’s, mid 80’s,
that my dad would order, and I wanna say it was called the Priatzo, and they advertised it… – You remember everything! – I remember these things,
and it’s on YouTube. I’m sure you can see the commercial. But I remember the commercial was shot like an old world Italian
cook tossing the dough and he was like folding
it, trying to go from… and basically it was like
a pan pizza, deep dish, but it had layers of cheese and dough, and sort of more exotic toppings, but to me it felt adult, and
so I didn’t think it was… Ooh! – Wow, that is beautiful! – Oh Jason, are you excited? – I’m so excited. See, that’s what you’re
gonna get from delivery. That is a key part of
the dining experience is getting that pan on your table. – And I remember they would be setting the pizzas down on
the table and it’s like, “Don’t touch it, it’s hot.” – Don’t touch it, yes. – And you get that nice cheese pull when you pull the first… – Always as a kid I would
end up with pizza burn because I had to eat it immediately, and it’s like, “Ooh, roof of my mouth!” – And the cheese would just keep coming and you couldn’t stop. – But it’s hard to resist, and right now my instincts
are, “Get that over here.” – Do I even want the
salad bar at this point? – I just feel like that’d be a waste of filling up your stomach when… – I’m gonna go get it because I want to… – Ah, you’re so healthy. – I just wanna… – At least drown it with
like ranch dressing. – No, no, at this point I
think I would get the Italian. Y’all can start, I’m gonna get my salad. – So one of the reasons that we made a point of ordering this pizza is because you would
get two kind of pizzas if you went with a family. You have the pizza for the kids which would be pepperoni or cheese, and then the grown ups would get the pizza that had the green stuff on it that the kids weren’t gonna touch. This usually ended up going home and the parents would eat
off of it for several days. Now I’m an adult, and thankfully I appreciate
most of these toppings. As a kid, that was just like, “That’s not my pizza, that ain’t pizza! That’s salad. That’s salad with a pizza underneath.” Nicole’s gone to go to the salad bar. I’m gonna go ahead and dig in. This is my salad because
there’s vegetables on it. – [Mike] We’ve gotta get
the red pepper flakes, add that to the top. That’s a Pizza Hut staple. I’m hoping that it’s crunchy
and crispy on the bottom like I remember. I always eat the first slice
with a fork and a knife because it was too hot to pick up. – Nope, nope, nope, no fork and knives. – Even as a kid at Pizza
Hut I was fork and knife, and it went back to it
being this was a restaurant. And the other thing I always did was dipping the pizza
in the marinara sauce. – Mhmm, taking the crust of the pizza and creating extra breadsticks. – Yeah, creating extra
breadsticks was another thing. – The other thing I also
loved about going to Pizza Hut is that the pepperonis would get sort of crispy on the edges like when you go under the broiler. – Yes, the more burnt the better. – And it had that… – The cheese bubble. It always would have a
little burnt cheese bubble. – I gotta say, it’s been a while since I’ve been inside a Pizza Hut, and the pizza that I’m eating right now definitely tastes different
than the delivery. – It is very different than the delivery. – I guess it’s probably just because it just came fresh out of the oven. – And we pulled it out
of the pan ourselves, which is part of the experience. – They’re happy. Okay, well I’m gonna give the
report on the barbecue pizza because it is like shredded
barbecue like I remember, and it does have that smell. Like, it’s the same smell. – Taking you back? – Taking me back. It’s the same, and it’s just barbecue meat on the pizza with the red sauce. I didn’t get a crunchy enough piece. – Yeah, that is one thing
I’ve noticed on mine. – [Nicole] Is yours crunchy? – There’s a couple… – The edge used to be
a little more burned, and, again, I love that burnt. – The bottom felt like it was crispier in, you know, old school, like it’s not as crispy. It’s still pretty crispy, but it’s… – Maybe they needed to go a
little, like, two more minutes. – They may not use as much oil
because it’s not as healthy. Back in the 80’s, people didn’t care. So that may be they just,
you know, for health reasons, to try to make it something healthier. – I’m sure. – Taste-wise, I have to say I’m not really missing a differences. This tastes like what I remember, so the experience is still there. – It tastes like the 80’s. – 90’s for me. Definitely getting those
Men In Black flashbacks. – I am just a figment of your imagination. (high pitched squeaky sound effect) – It does have a distinct flavor that only Pizza Hut has. – And the crust, too. I don’t know if there’ yeast in the crust. I’m assuming that they
probably would let it rise, but there’s a… – It’s because their crust is bread. It’s not pizza dough. – I’m not getting the
overloaded cheese-pull that I remember. – That was always the thing. There was always a struggle,
but it was a good struggle. – You’d take a piece out and there would be this one long piece, and then you try to… – It’s a good problem to have. – It’d be hanging off your pizza, and then you try to eat it, and then the cheese would
all slide off the pizza and you’d have to put it back. It was a whole thing. – It was like cartoon
pizza where it’s like, you go for that pull
and it just keeps going. – It keeps going and going and going. – This barbecue pizza’s really good, and I remember this is one
my mom ordered a few times and I would try it and always liked it, but when I was getting pizza, I always default to the pepperoni, but sometimes I’d steal my
mom’s slices of barbecue and really enjoy it. – So we would get, like, the barbecue pizza wasn’t
traditional enough, so even though we loved
that, we would get that, but then we would also
still get a traditional one just to have a bite of just classic. – Let me ask ya this,
Nicole, with your kids, do you guys go to pizza restaurants or is it more of a delivery
thing for you guys? – Now because we get it so much, takeout probably once a week that we rarely go sit
down and eat it, too. And because it’s more
expensive when you go there. – Right. – Because we also will
get a beer and the thing. – When you get a pizza at home, do you sit around a table
and talk to each other or you all just go off
to your own devices? – We are actually the family, we actually still sit at the dinner table. – Okay good. – Oh, that’s great. What do they like on their pizza? What do they like to put on their pizza? – They love sausage
and/or pepperoni, olives. If I have a coupon and I can
get something that I want, then I’ll get the veggie. – Yeah, exactly, gotta
have the grown up one. – I’ll get a small veggie pizza. – Well that was always a
good part of the commercials. The commercials would make a
point to show you, it’s like, here’s the pepperoni
pizza to entice the kids, but then they have to
have the vegetable pizza. – Or they would show the vegetable, like that fresh bell pepper being… – Being sliced off. – Oh, this is healthy. – My dad loves olives, and my sister and my mom,
we do not like olives, and so he would always make a point of getting olives on
whatever pizza he wanted because he knew that we wouldn’t eat it, or that we wouldn’t take
the time to take them off, so he knew that we wouldn’t… – Those would be his pieces? – Yeah, those were his. And then when they put Pepperoni
Lovers pizza on the menu, that was just like… It’s just extra pepperoni. – That was too much for me. I never could do the Meat
Lovers or the Pepperoni Lovers. – Yeah, there was too much meat. – Cause at that point, it’s just like eating
a handful of pepperoni, and it’s like, “Well, no,
I want the other flavors.” – Right. And also, too, the extra pepperoni would sometimes make it too greasy. Like you would have like… Pepperoni itself is already greasy enough, but when you add layer
upon layer upon layer, then the pizza would sort of
get kind of saturated in oil. – The classis was perfect. Like, it’s just the right
amount of pepperonis. – I’m glad that I’m doing this for work because it’s like I have to eat the pizza. This is how you know you got that good, crunchy, greasy bottom. Greasy fingers. – And the little crunchy
parts that sort of flake off like on the tops of the breadsticks and the edges of the crust. You’re always constantly, like the grit. It’s a good grit, but
it’s still like grit. Sort of like a… – I’m cutting myself off. – I can’t do any more. That is very filling, but you know, that’s what to-go boxes are for. – Exactly, and they give you the good
to-go pin on the pizza box. Okay, so I have a question. Are you okay, either one of you, with this being your
last dine-in experience? – No, what makes me
sad about the finality, if that’s the case, if they do end up closing
all of the ones eventually, I have a lot of experiences at Pizza Hut dining in with my mother. So it’s kind of like, I’m not gonna go to
Pizza Hut with mom again? I don’t like that idea, so even if it’s something
I don’t do weekly like I did in college, there’s just always that idea
in the back of your head like, “Oh, me and mom can go to Pizza Hut.” – Don’t tell me I can’t ever do it again. – So, I mean, it does make
me sad to think, like, as with the video store, like, this is it. – Or did we just open up a can of worms and you’re like, “I
forgot how good it was. I’m gonna start going back every week”? – Well the next time I,
definitely, go see my mom, I’m gonna say, “We’re going to Pizza Hut.” – Okay. – For me, I think, if this is my last dine-in
Pizza Hut experience, I would be fine with this. This does evoke enough of the same memory and the same feelings for me, but also, not that I
don’t still eat pizza, but as an adult, my tastes have changed a little bit and evolved some, so I feel like that if you’re
chasing that nostalgia, not the experience with your mom, but necessarily just the
experience of what it was as a kid, I don’t think you’re ever
gonna quite replicate that, and I think I’d rather not
try to sully that memory by keep going. But this has been surprisingly accurate to my memory of when I was a kid. Again, I haven’t been to a sit
down Pizza Hut in a long time and I was expecting it to be… The atmosphere is a little different, but the pizza itself is actually, and the breadsticks
especially, are right on. I remember them exactly like this. – And this seems like the perfect thing for after school sports,
like after the game, bring a bunch of young athletes in here, and they’re gonna tear into some pizza. – For six dollars for a buffet,
all you can eat, I’m in. This is cheaper than a kid’s
meal at any other restaurant, and they can eat as much as they want. I don’t think my kids have ever
eaten inside of a Pizza Hut. Maybe I’ll come one more time just to give them that experience and see how they like it. – Let them have that dine-in experience. – I’m probably gonna stick to delivery. – Well even beyond Pizza Hut and the Pizza Hut restaurant experience, I do think there was
something important about taking the kids to a
restaurant to sit down and eat. The one that does have some nice lighting, and it feels fancy to them, because as you can clearly see with me, they’re gonna remember that, and it’s gonna be special to them. If, to you, it’s just like, “Oh, we’re gonna go eat Pizza Hut.” You think you’re slumming it. To the kid, it’s like
this majestic experience that they’re gonna carry with them. I’m carrying these memories
with me for 30 years now. – Well, I’m gonna have to come up with another tradition then. I wish every kid could
live in the 80’s and 90’s. It was just the good ‘ole days. – It was the good ‘ole days. – Check your local Pizza Huts and see if they are about to close. If they are, you need
to make one last trek to your local Pizza Hut. Also, I would love to know if you are a super fan like these guys. Comment below and share any of your great Pizza Hut nostalgic memories. If you wanna see more videos like this, don’t forget to follow us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Cheers guys, save the Hut! – Thank you, save the Hut! (moderate upbeat electronic music) – May I have the last slice? – Actually, you’re only entitled to half.