Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel Stormy Adventure Time and my name is Storm. Today I am back with another plan with me video and this time it’s April. So originally I wanted to do an Easter related spreads and decorations. However I noticed that in March
I hardly used my bullet journal and I wanted to focus more on
trying out different spreads and just use a minimalistic theme so I used a lot of geometric shapes which
I really liked drawing. And then for monthly spread I used the same usual table and decorated again with geometric shapes
as a cover page. And this month tried a really fun font which I think really well worked to this
month’s theme. What do you think? I really like it. It’s very very simple but it’s really looking good. So for April I decided not to do habit tracker because I wasn’t using it for two months so I decided to actually take a
break and not to do it at all. And… But I wanted to try something new so I decided to give a go for mood tracker this time and see if I would be using it, if it’s any use for me And I thought it should be fun to try and
incorporate it into my bullet journal. So I used for this month a lot of geometric shapes. I like how they connect to each other. And I’ll be using just a few different
colours for different moods. And I chose happy which I messed up writing, creative, neutral, tired and stressed because I think that those kind of cover
most of my moods I usually have. So the spread next to it is my usual YouTube ideas page which usually is next to habits tracker but this month it’s next the mood tracker. And as always: super plain,
super simple, very empty page with the same font just different colours and just a couple of decorations with this month’s theme. So as I mentioned at the beginning,
I am not doing weeklies this month. But I still want to plan my meals
which is usually part of my weeklies so I decided to do separate spread
just for meal planning. And I drew four different columns for each week. So you see there’s only 28 days because I do weekly planning for meals and the last two days of the month
I will just add to the first week of May. I wanted to keep the same minimalistic theme and still use geometric shapes however I didn’t want to do everything exactly the same on every single spread. So I used geometric shapes for each day different shape and I used
them to write the day of the month in each shape. And I think it looks really lovely. So as you can see, I have lunches and dinners because my breakfasts are boring
and every single day the same. So this month I added two spreads
which are not April related. They are general spreads and they are travel related. So the first spread is things
I need to do before my trip to Japan like booking tickets, booking hotels and so on. I used Japan flag and Torii gates to decorate it. And next spread is my food
which I would like to try spread. And I decorated with onigiri and some sushi. But I haven’t filled any meals which I would like to try because I would like to make a list
with not just English name of the food but with its name in Japanese so I could learn it
and later understand it on the menu. If you would like to see all the spreads
which I will be doing about travel planning, please let me know and I will be happy to do
one at the end of the year where I will show you all the spreads
which I’m using for travel planning. And now just a quick flip through through all the month. I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you did, please give it
thumbs up, comment, share it. And I will see you next Sunday with my another video. Bye!