[music] Welcome to the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking
Show. i’ve gotten some questions recently about
what I eat in a day. It seems to be a really popular video to take
and transitioning to a Plant Based Diet is a little bit different for most people so
I’m going to show you what we would typically eat in a day. So, our breakfast. One of our favorite breakfasts is called Breakfast
of Champions which is a recipe my husband created and the link will be in the description
below. It will show the complete recipe for that. It’s mainly blueberries, banana, strawberries,
flax seed, cacoa, walnuts, you name it and it’s in there. And it’s so delicious. Super filling and it will take you all the
way to lunch. You won’t have to worry about snacking in
between because that is going to fill you up. And for lunch, this is my favorite. Massaged Kale Salad. Simply, it’s just kale, avocado, lemon juice,
a little Braggs liquid aminos and some nutritional yeast and it’s just all massaged together
and boy that fills you up too . It takes a long time to chew all of that and it will
leave you super satisfied. Then our dinner. This is a chickpea curry I have right here
and some baked eggplant and all of these recipes will be in the links below and on my website. So I have followed this for about 3 years
and it’s from Dr Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” and what he suggests is that you have a large
salad every day, a double sized bowl of steamed vegetables or cooked vegetables, 2 -3 fruits
and a handful or an ounce of nuts and seeds. So, here you go. Here’s a large salad, and I forgot the beans. He suggest to eat a cup of beans. So, this is all just vegetables, steamed and
cooked and your beans are in there because it’s the chickpeas and here’s another vegetable
that is baked. And then you’ve got your cereal here that’s
got a whole banana, almost an entire punnet of blueberries, strawberries. So there’s three fruits in there for sure. But then for dessert you get a couple extra
fruit in there. So this is the “Frosty”. That’s also on the website. It’s mainly just 2 bananas, a date, some cocoa
powder and some almond milk and ice. And it’s just blended up together and it is
the most delicious thing ever. You’ll definitely want to try that. So this is mainly how we eat in a day and
I hope you like it, I hope you try them all. You don’t even have to eat them all together
in a day. Try one one day and one another day but you
know what let’s see. Eenie meenie, minie moe which one am I going
to try first. Oh yeah I think I’m going for dessert first. I always eat my dessert first. mmmmm . mmmmmmm mmmmm You’re going to love
it. Try them all . See you next time