Hello Friends! Today we will look into diagnosing and treating
a common home gardeners problem � that is the problem of BROWNISH DRY EDGES ON LEAVES
OF PLANTS, the Top 5 Reasons causing this and At the end of the video, a simple hack
to solve this problem. Coming up. What Causes this Browning and Drying at the
Edges On Leaves Of Plants I am sure most of you might have encountered
this problem on their favourite plants. When a plant develops brown edges on leaves
or brown leaf tips, a gardener�s first thought goes on to think that it is a disease or pest
that is attacking the plant. Infact, this is not always the case. So, What are the Causes of Brown Edges on
Leaves of Plants? When the whole of the leaf or leaves are getting
brown on a plant, this can indicate several other major problems, but when just the sides
or tips of the leaf turn brown, there is only one common diagnosis, that is the plant is
STRESSED. The Commonest cause for brown leaf tips or
brown edges on leaves is the plant not getting enough water. There are several reasons or explanations
on why this may happen. � First of all check whether you are adequately
watering the plant by checking the soil surface for its moistness. If you are forgetting to water the plant,
rectify this problem immediately, especially for water loving plants. But this does not mean you have to over water
them. The best solution to this is to dip your finger
into the soil to an inch and check whether its dry or moist. If dry then water it thoroughly. � The roots may be constricted and unable
to pick up the water, especially in container gardening. Also Too Much Clay rich Soil is another cause
of constricting the roots tightly. So Increase watering to resolve this � but
there is a possibility of root rot with overwatering, Hence best solution to this is repot the plant
in a larger container and in a loose well draining soil. And the next 3rd reason is just opposite of
this one. � The soil does not hold onto the water. If your soil is too much sandy or over draining
soil with lot of sand, the water may simply be draining away too fast and this may be
causing water deficiency and brown edges on leaves. Improve the soil with other stuff like organic
material and mixing some garden soil and other stuff like cocopeat, perlite, vermiculite,
etc which will hold onto the water better. � The roots may be damaged. Like while digging or even repotting or too
much root pruning of a root bound plant, this can cause root damage and reduced water uptake. In this case, correct the problem that is
causing the root damage and then do some good pruning on the plant branches to reduce its
water requirement so that the root system recovers from this stress. � Another last reason for the sides of a
leaf to turn brown is a high salt content in the soil either using hard water (salty
water) to water the plants or Over use of Fertlizers. To overcome this start watering with soft
water and also if over fertilized � flush the pot with large amounts of soft water keeping
it in sunlight and opening the drainage hole of the pot well, so that the salty water or
the fertilizer flushes out easily out of the pot. Now Lastly One Simple Hack to Solve the Problem
of Too much Clay Rich Soil that can cause root constriction. 1. Take out the root ball of clay rich soil and
do not try to remove the clay soil with your hand or a tool, as this can damage the roots
heavily or even pulling of roots is bad. 2. Just place this root ball in a tub of water
and this clay soil dissolves and the roots become free of this clay rich soil. 3. Then repot this into a well draining soil. So there we have it folks. That was our todays episode. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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