– What up ya’ll, it’s your girl Stephanie and today we’re gonna be
planting some stuff together. I have a bunch of cacti
to plant into one pot and then a larger, I think it’s called fiddle leaf. Yeah I’m pretty sure
that’s what it’s called so yeah, two different
pots of plants today. I actually had another
video planned for today but it just fell through. It’s still gonna happen next week but it’s just taking a lot longer than I had anticipated so
I was gonna do this anyways this week and I thought I would just bring ya’ll along for the ride. So I like luckily had this
really huge piece of cardboard on hand so I didn’t have to plant you know on my hardwood floor, but I have these different cacti. These are all pretty spiny so we’re gonna have to
be pretty careful today. I’m gonna try and fit them all into – look at this one, so funny – into this pot over here. I actually have had
these on hand for a while but I just haven’t potted them because I didn’t get dirt. So this is a pot that I’m working with. Since there’s no hole for drainage, the first thing you wanna do
is create a layer underneath. You can do like charcoal. I’m just gonna be using a bunch of rocks, so here they are right here. We’re just gonna be dumping
a bunch of these rocks in the bottom so that there
is drainage at the bottom. You just don’t want the roots
to be touching still-water because it’ll cause like rotting and you know, other bad stuff, so you just wanna make
sure there’s something other than just pure dirt in a pot that doesn’t have a hole. Other than rocks, of course
you need some potting mix. So I got this one from Home Depot. Yeah it says cactus, palm, and citrus. You know I think you just
get any kind of potting soil but I saw this specific one so I thought it’d be good to buy this one. And then I have this bag
of just decorative rocks to put on the top so, I’m gonna be switching
over to this camera here so I can be hands free. (pebbles rattle) I think it’s a nice solid layer. You know what I’m just
gonna dump the rest of them. Kinda seems like a lot of rocks and a piece of plastic. So I’m gonna be using paper towels to help me transport the cacti. We’ll see. I’m a little scared. Okay. Dump some dirt in here. Kind of break up this;
wow it’s really dry. Should I not put this in here? It’s like super dry. Shoot. Should’ve watered it (chuckles) before. Oh I didn’t even think about
my placement right now. Okay, that looks nice there. (hip mellow music) Okay, I have finally
figured out my placement and now I’m just trying to fill in, ow (chuckles), the areas with dirt. If I had an outdoor space I would definitely have done this there but I do not so good thing
I have this huge thing of, of cardboard, and then I can just clean
it all up afterwards. Ow! This is now kind of where I want it to be. I’m gonna put the rocks on now and it’ll look a lot better
in just a second, I swear. Now I’m just gonna start
filling it in with the rocks. Okay! Here it is. It’s all done. Ya’ll were worried about me for a second weren’t you?
(laughs) There’s some parts are
still kinda got dirt on them but I’ll just leave that alone for now. It’s kind of like a little bit, it’s like right at the edge but I think it’s gonna settle a bit because the dirt is really really fluffy. I’m just gonna water it
’cause the dirt in the cacti already were pretty dry; I didn’t realize how dry it was. But yeah, I think it looks okay. I had issues with the placement
of this really big one. It’s pretty close to this one, which maybe I should’ve
spaced them out a little bit but I dunno. If I have any issues I
feel like I could kind of move it around, maneuver it. That makeup brush really
really came in handy. I think that might be
the designated gardening makeup brush from now on. I’m not gonna be putting that on my face but yeah, I think it looks pretty good. I’m gonna put this
actually on my coffee table so let’s do that. Check this out. Ooo it looks so pretty there! Yeah, these two are pretty close but we’ll see if there’s any
issues with that (laughs). But yeah, all in all, I think it’s looking pretty
good in this situation. We’re gonna work on this
one next (chuckles). So for this one, I actually have this pot right here and again, it does not have a hole in the bottom so I had to go ahead and
get some bigger rocks. So let’s get this going over here. I love this pot. It’s so pretty. I just realized, I forgot
to get decorative rocks for the top. I’ll show you like, what
I would do for that one. Like this plant here I
have these really big, nice like river rocks. I might do like a lighter
color for that one but yeah, I completely forgot to get it, but I’ll just get that later. I did purchase these large river pebbles for
drainage at the bottom. I wonder if these would
look nice on the top too. Okay we’ll see. But I got these for
drainage at the bottom. Obviously it’s way too many so maybe I’ll try and
get like another pot. I’m thinking about going
to the Rosebowl soon so if I can try and find another big pot, maybe I’ll pot something else. So yeah. Got this at Home Depot and I’m
just gonna pour some of this into that pot with the dirt, and then get this guy going. (paper ripping) Pretty! Yeah I think that’ll look nice. You know I’ve never
potted such a big thing by myself before.
(laughs) So I have no idea how to do this actually; I’ve only ever potted small things. We’re just gonna go for it. No! Oh god. Okay. Seriously how do you do this? You’re such a big plant. You just like shake this thing out? Okay. There we go. (slow-jam music) Okay so, I didn’t really, it looks like I’m packing the dirt but I’m not like super packing it. I’m just getting it all
comfortably in there and then you know I
think I’m just gonna wash some of these pebbles and see if they would
look nice on top here. Look!
(pebbles rattle) They’re pretty nice once
they’re all cleaned off. Okay, I’m just gonna use these. Here it is! Looks good. Rocks are all up in there. Yeah these rocks really worked out. I think once, they’ve already started to dry out and they look really nice. And then I’m obviously
gonna clean this thing up. Just realized something though. This thing is really heavy and I can’t pick it up by myself. I think that Segundo’s coming over hopefully very very soon to help me put it on its little
stand over there so, yeah! That’s something that I
didn’t really think through. So Segundo’s gonna be here in a minute. I just secured the base. (drill buzzes) kinda handy, not really though ’cause I did it freakin’ crooked;
look at this thing. Pretty much like screwed the screws into these little thingys but, I made it crooked. Oh well. I’m definitely not the
handiest person ever, at all. I’m pretty much the opposite but I really wanna learn. I wanna learn how to
use some like you know, basic power tools so, I tried. It’s all good. Look who’s here. – [Segundo] What up? Did
somebody order some muscles? Are muscles on the menu today?
(laughs) Is that what we need? – [Stephanie] I guess. Watch out for that dirt. – [Segundo] Yeah I know. I’m in like socks.
– Sorry dude. – [Segundo] All good. – [Stephanie] (gasps) Oh wow. That was… It’s pretty heavy though right? – [Segundo] It’s pretty heavy. Definitely lifted it
with my legs you know? – Yeah.
– Take care of the back. – [Stephanie] There you go. Yeah! Nice! And then I’m just gonna put it over here. Does it slide okay? – Yeah.
– Oh wow. – [Segundo] Slide it this way. – [Stephanie] Okay. And just put it like right here and I just gotta clean it up. It looks good. It looks pretty good
next to my other plant. I’m not sure if I’m
gonna keep it right there but yeah! It works. Okay so what do you think Segundo? Do you think it looks nice? – [Segundo] Yeah, it looks really good. I’m glad I gotta to come be
part of the very last of it. (laughs) – [Stephanie] And then look! This is the other thing I did. – Cacti!
– Okay pro-tip also; do not scoop the excess cacti dirt with your own hands to clean it up, because I got little spines
like all over my hands now so…
– Yeah I would say don’t put your hands ever in
– That’s not even a pro-tip. That’s just common sense.
– I think that seems like common sense.
(laughs) Yeah that seems like an amateur tip. That seems like, like cactus 101; don’t touch the,
– No! – don’t touch the spiny cactus. – [Stephanie] It is like I forgot that that was a cactus dirt and I was like scooching
all the dirt together, like putting it in the trash and then now I keep like, like been like ow!
– They were like, – Finding some crap.
– “Screw you SoothingSista! I belong in the desert! – This is…
– I’m not to be domesticated!” – [Stephanie] This is our
own new little desert now. Alright, that’s it. That was my video. I know it was really random but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. Segundo and I are gonna hang out, work, and I’m gonna edit this video
– I didn’t bring my laptop to work,
– right now. – but I’ll just be on
my phone while you work. – Alright, that’s cool. If you wanna see more
random videos such as these, please make sure to subscribe below. Come join the sisterhood and I will see you in the next one. Bye.