Hello it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone
who has left suggestions, for Nerdy Nummies ideas, this 1 was chosen
by you guys! I’m gonna be making a Plants vs. Zombies
cake. And specifically, a sunflower cake! Yay! I’m really excited because I’ve been
playing the game a lot to test my headphones, so, yes! Let’s get started! The tools that we will be using today will
be: Scissors, this fancy cake leveler that my parents sent me, I don’t know how
to use it, but I googled it, so, it may work! This fondant cutter thing-y,
the mustache-ula! Or offset spatula, or frosting spatula, or
I’m trying to think of anything else that anyone told me the name of what this
is. regular spatula, cake poker, whisk, measuring cup, and, a mixing bowl.
And last but not least, the Sun. Flower. Cake. Pan…. That I got a Michal’s, boom! For $7.99. Ingredients that I will be using today will
be a box cake, I’m using a yellow box cake, but you can use any recipe you’d
like. Eggs, water, Pam baking spray and vegetable oil! I’m gonna start by greasing
the pan. When you’re using a cake pan that has a lot of grooves like this, you
just want to make sure that you really grease this pan! Because you don’t
want the cake sticking to all those little details! You want it just to be able
to… Plop out! When it’s cooled. Da-na-new-na-new! OK, now we add 3 eggs. Oh man, I blew that 1 so bad! 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. And you’re gonna whisk for about 2 minutes. It says 2 minutes on medium, this is my medium
speed because I’m not using an electric beater. This fast! Once the batters really smooth then you know
it’s ready. Time to pour, yeah, that looks about right. OK, so we’re gonna grab the cake pan… And then pour it. And this time we’re gonna use all the batter
in the box cake. This pan is deceiving, because it looks very
shallow, but it can actually hold a lot of batter. Now, I’m just using my spatula to spread
the batter, to be really, really smooth. And this cake’s gonna be a little different,
the recipe on the back says to bake it at 350, but we’re actually gonna cook
it at 325, for about 5 minutes longer. And the reason is because these little edges
are gonna cook faster because they’re thinner, and then the middle, if
you leave it at 350 it will be unbaked. And these will be burnt. And bake for about 40 minutes. And to check if it’s done, use your cake
poker. If you don’t have 1 of these fancy thing-ys, you can just use a toothpick. And
when you poke it in, and it comes out and there’s nothing on it, then you know
that it’s done. While your cake is baking, you can make yourself,
a cake plate! I made this out of cardboard with wax paper,
just make sure to neatly tape it in the back! After you’ve taken your cake out of the
oven, make sure it’s had plenty of time to cool, and then we’re going to cut. It rose a little bit too high in the oven,
so what we’re gonna do is, this is the actual bottom, and we’re gonna cut it
so its gonna lay flat. I’ve never used 1 of these before, I don’t
really know how to, I think I have to move this up. Oh that’s good, OK, and then I think you
just, you just walk it along here. This might be better for a small cake! Ba-dee! Let’s see! Alright, perfectly flat! Once you’re done leveling the bottom of the cake, we flipped it the right way, and now we’re gonna level the top of the cake. And
the reason is because, the pre-made sunflower head is way too small, if you’ve
played Plants vs. Zombies you know that those sunflowers have a way bigger happy
heads. They’re like… This big! So we’re gonna level it off, so we can have
a big ‘ol happy sunflower head! That level-y thingy didn’t work very well,
so I’m gonna use this. Just gonna start on
the side… Boom! Perfect! Nice and flat! Now it is time to frost! I got 1 of these
fancy spinners that I’m gonna put the cake on, I’m getting so legit here
on Nerdy Nummies! And then look, at this! I’m gonna use a vanilla buttercream frosting,
and again I always remind people, when they’re making a cake using fondant,
you don’t want to use whipped frosting. Anything cream cheese based, anything nice
and rich, thick, or creamy. Take your mustache-ula, and begin to frost! Boom! We’re all done frosted! Now we’re gonna put the cake in the fridge
for about 10 minutes to cool and let the frosting set, and then it’s time for
fondant. I’ve divided the task of decoration into
parts according to color. First, we’re gonna start with yellow! This is my yellow fondant, I’m just gonna
roll it out on this fancy pastry mat that my parents got me! I’m using this instead
of wax paper, but if you don’t have a fancy mat you can still use wax paper. And sprinkle it with a little bit of powdered
sugar. Then you take your rolling pin, and flatten
it out! Boom! We have done it! Plants vs. Zombies
Sunflower Cake, look he’s so happy! Thanks for watching you guys, if you have
any other ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please leave me a comment and
let me know, and I will do my best to make it happen! Alright, thanks, bye-bye!