Oh it is buzzing. Buzzing. Time for the drinks and Lego (레고). Woo hoo! I think you volunteered to pick them up, right? Alright, so for today’s outing we’re at the
Lego Cafe (레고 카페). How excited are you? Yeah, this is pretty cool. I mean I grew up playing with Lego (레고)
so they were probably one of like the four key toys that I had growing up. So Lego (레고) was one, GI Joes was another,
WWF action figures. Okay. And X-Men toys. So those were like the four that I really
remember growing up with so yeah we’re basically at another quirky Korean cafe (카페). Yeah. And we’ve ordered drinks and it comes with
a set of Lego (레고) which we can play with for an hour. Yeah, we’re just waiting for all of that to
arrive. So we got to choose them from this shelf over
here. And we chose a pirate Lego set. Harrrr! Beady-eyed pirate. Here is my patch. Rarrr. Okay, so our drinks are here and so is the
Lego (레고). So we got the Lego (레고) special comes
with two drinks. I’m having lemon iced tea. Sam is having peppermint and we also got to
choose one Lego set to play with so that is over here. Pirates. It is pirates. Open this one up here. Right there. It is really cool. Look at all of the pieces we have. Ooh. This looks complicated. I’m not sure if we can build it in an hour
but we’re going to try. Oh, that is not the goal. We’re just going to have fun making our own
things. Hahaha. And here I guess the instructions are here
if you want to follow the model step by step. We also have, Lego figures, show us those. They’re in a little baggie. These are so cute. Check out this guys. These are awesome. Pour those into your hand. I hope there is a pirate princess. There is a little guy with a bow and arrow. An evil man in a cape. Pirate with a sword. This will be fun. So I clearly didn’t look at this carefully
enough because it is not pirates at all. It’s Hobbits. We’re playing with Hobbits Sam. Yeah but okay these hobbits kind of look more
like warriors. Hahaha. Oh man. So what are you making over there? Well I think we’ve encountered a little bit
of a dilemma because I decided to follow instructions to build my hobbit cave and Sam is just stealing
my pieces and being creative over there. I’m making a spaceship. Now I don’t have what I need. Well, you can. Why don’t you improvise and make something
creative. I guess so. So what are you actually trying to make here? Um, I’m building the hobbit cave. The hobbit house. Yeah. It is going to be luxurious. Hahahaha. So Sam here is quite proud of his creation. Tell us what have you made? This is my spacecraft. A hobbit spacecraft. And I basically said forget about making anything
related to hobbits or pirates. This is my spacecraft. Wow. So those are your astronauts with swords and
capes. Yeah, this is the supreme commander and these
are his two lieutenants. So yeah, they’re on a pretty serious mission
over here. And they’re using bows and arrows in space. Bows and arrows and these are the two guns
on the ship. Oh wow. Yeah. I’d like to see them in battle. You would not want to mess with this ship. Put it that way. And Audrey being the competitive person that
she is required an extra 15 minutes to make hers. No. Yeah. Like an extra five minutes. No way! Anyways, what did you make? Show us yours. So it is kind of like a fortress and it is
not very stable because I didn’t have enough pieces since Sam stole them to build his spaceship. You know what, yours is more complicated than
mine. I don’t know if my spacecraft could takeout
your fortress. Yeah? I don’t know. It is my hobbit fortress. Pretty impressive. Hi! Okay, so time for overall impressions from
the Lego Cafe (레고 카페). Well, sadly it is time to go and overall impressions
were I really liked it here. It has a really chill and quiet vibe. Like they’re playing nice soft music and it
is not too busy or crowded here. So it was really relaxing compared to some
other quirky cafes we’ve visited in Seoul. And it was fun to play with Lego (레고)
again. I mean that is one toy that even as an adult
you can still enjoy. Yeah, I’ve seen other people here, as adults
playing with Lego (레고). Yeah, that is true. There are no kids here. It is all adults. Yeah, it is all adults playing with Lego Lego
(레고). Which is a bit of a surprise for me. Maybe on other days there is a lot of kids. I mean it is a quiet. Is it Tuesday or Monday today? Tuesday. Tuesday. It is a quiet Tuesday in the early afternoon
but I guess that is one thing that really surprised it was mostly adults playing. But I suppose we fit into that category too. But yeah, if you’re in Seoul (서울) definitely
check out this place. I do like it. And they have a huge selection of Lego (레고). So you can live out your Lego fantasy. Lego story time with Sam. Hahaha. So one of my friends growing up he swallowed
quiet a big piece of Lego and he ended up pooping it out. So, just thought I’d share that. New videos from South Korea every week. Click here!