– We’re almost ready to try and extract the Pokemon out of their shell. (screams) Oh no, no! – [Jinger] Oh no! (boys laughing) (upbeat music) – Okay it is the moment of truth. (laughs) You got a hammer out already? (laughs) It’s time to break open the
Pokemon and see what’s inside. First we gotta check out
our little silicone molds because we did Batman chocolates, we got, had enough gummy for one Superman. We have Star Wars gummies and Frozen Elsa. Let’s try the little, should
we do the little Superman one? Yeah, let’s do that. Does it come out very easy? – (laughs) No, wait, maybe. – [Carl] No? You can get it. – [Jinger] It worked! – [Carl] Look, it totally
looks like the Superman logo. That’s cool. Okay, Luke’s gonna try it. Taste like a gummy? – Mm-hmm.
– Can I try? – [Carl] Really? Yeah what one do you want,
a Star Wars or an Elsa one? – Star Wars gummy. – [Carl] Try a Star Wars. – [Kyle] Okay. – [Carl] Can you get it out of there? – [Jinger] See he did
the same thing as me. – [Carl] Oh yeah he tried to flip it over. – [Jinger] Just pull it out right there. – [Carl] There. Let’s see what it looks like. – That’s Darth Vader. – [Carl] Hold it up. (laughs) Woah, it totally looks like a see-though, golden Darth Vader Helmet, that’s cool. – Can I see it? – [Carl] See what it tastes like. – Okay.
– Woah. – [Carl] Does it taste like a gummy? – Mm-hmm. – [Carl] Like a Gummy Bear? – Mm-hmm. – [Carl] Cool, I think those are pineapple flavored actually. Which one are you doing there? – [Jinger] Gage gets an Olaf. – [Carl] An Olaf, frozen Elsa Olaf. – Mmm! – Good?
– Mmm, it’s really good. – [Carl] Does it taste like pineapple? Like a pineapple Gummy Bear kind of? – Mm-hmm. – [Carl] A little bit? – [Kyle] That’s the, these
are the Star Wars ones and these are the Frozen ones. – [Carl] Yeah look, these
look like Storm Troopers. That looks like Boba Fett,
other Storm Troopers. That’s really cool, Darth Vader. You’ve got Olaf from the Elsa movie and all these little snowflakes. I think they turned out pretty cool. – Tastes gummy. – Tastes like a Gummy Bear. – [Kyle] Here comes the Batmans. – Will mom break all the bats?
– Yes. – [Carl] I think they’re a
little bit hard to get out. The chocolate is a lot more stiff. Can you do it? Nah just go for it. It doesn’t matter, hey you got one, look! – [Kyle] I wanna try it. – [Carl] There it is, wait,
let’s see what it looks like. – [Kyle] Woah! – [Carl] Wow that totally
looks like the bat symbol. That’s funny. – [Kyle] Let’s try it. – [Carl] Everybody can have
one, you guys can all have one. Is it good? – Mmm! – [Carl] It should taste
like milk chocolate. – Oh yeah. – It’s way more chocolaty. It actually is really chocolaty. – That’s cause the only thing
in it is milk chocolate. It’s solid milk chocolate. Which is what the Eevee is too. He’s completely full of just
milk chocolate, all the way. I wonder when, if Batman
gets trick-or-treaters if this is what he gives them. – Chocolate bats. – Chocolate bats. – Ooh, those are way good. Everybody gets one more of
something that they want. Oh look at them all go
for the Batman symbols. – That is really good chocolate. – [Carl] It is good chocolate, right? – Mm-hmm. – [Carl] Good? – It’s so good. – [Jinger] Good treats. – [Carl] We’re almost ready to try and extract the Pokemon
out of their shell. But we first have some leftover wax that I filled up this Spiderman head with, and I even put a wick in there to see if we can make a Spiderman candle. Can you get it out of there? – What’s the plan to get it out? – [Carl] I think you go like this. (hand banging on mold) That’s usually my strategy. (surprised yells)
It totally worked, right? (laughs) Look at that! – [Jinger] You can see the wick. I think if you maybe went (squishing) – [Carl] Yeah that’s
the idea, is I just had to set it down in there. I could probably dig that wick out, and we totally have a Spiderman candle. – [Jinger] Light that candle babe. – [Carl] There we go. – [Kyle] Okay. – [Jinger] Spiderman candle! – [Carl] Hang on I’m going
to turn off the lights. – [Everyone] Woah! – [Carl] Spiderman candle. – [Jinger And Carl] That is cool. – [Jinger] Look at that. (laughs) – [Carl] It actually works, that’s crazy. – We’re breaking the Pikachu. – Time for Pikachu. – Bye-Bye Pikachu. – Look it’s totally filled
with that gummy stuff inside. I don’t know exactly how to approach this. I wanna be really careful, and try and get his ears maybe last. So should we start with the rear-end? – [Boys] Yeah. – [Carl] Right here we
give him a good smack here. (mold cracking) There we go. (laughter) Now if we do it like this,
we’re going to have to be careful and really wash
it and rinse it off and check it so that we don’t
have any ceramic fragments. (mold cracking) (upbeat music) Ooooh! – [Gage] Wah! – [Luke] Here it comes! – [Carl] He doesn’t want
to come out of there! It looks perfect. It looks almost perfect inside. I gotta smack it again here. (mold cracking) (boy laughing) There we go, there’s his bottom chunk. – [Boys] Oh! – [Carl] There we go. – [Boys] Wow! – [Carl] Cool. Totally
yellow, just like Pikachu. Poor Pikachu. (mold cracking) – [Boy] Bye. (mold cracking) There we go. Oh he’s all shattered. – [Boy] It’s okay Pikachu. – [Carl] We’re trying to free
you into your final form. (laughter) I think that was actually
a really good break, because I think I can get
the ears out with this one. – [Kyle] Woah! – [Carl] It’s like doing crazy reconstructive transformation. The ears are gonna be a challenge I think. – [Jinger] That is awesome. – Okay, I’m gonna try and
get his ears cracked here. (mold cracking) He’s so wobbly, look at that. (laughter) It might help if I get
all this Duck Tape off. – [Kyle] Okay the ear’s
coming off, one of the ears. – [Jinger] Don’t break off little ear! I wonder if Pikachu will have Pik-eechu. – [Carl] Pikeechu, what? – [Jinger] I wonder if Pikachu will have floppy ears if they’re gummy. – [Carl] I think he will. – [Jinger] Oh come on, you can do it. Oh no, oh, that was the– – [Carl] Look it’s the, oh, it is tearing. I better crack it clear up the side. (mold cracking) See they’re much smaller on the inside. (upbeat music) – Come on, don’t break! – That one’s almost falling off though. It’s all torn in half. – Look at the ear, it’s tearing off. – [Jinger] Oh no! – [Carl] The one ear didn’t quite work, but this one, this one’s
comin’ out just fine. – [Kyle] Yay! – [Carl] Yay, they’re still floppy though. (laughter) – [Jinger] Floppy Pikachu ears. – [Everyone] Oh! – [Carl] We lost an ear! Oh no! (hissing quietly) (Carl groans) We did it. (boys agreeing) – [Jinger] Our little– – I’m really sad– – [Jinger] One-eared Pikachu. – His other ear didn’t work. (boys laughing) That is funny though. – [Jinger] That’s funny. – Let’s get him washed up. Both ears, that one’s, look,
it’s falling off right now. – [Jinger] Oh! – [Kyle] And it came off. – [Carl] Oh look he’s sad, he’s like, oh! – [Jinger] He’s like, oh man! – He’s got little horns! – He does, we’ll have to,
let’s try and get toothpicks or something and see if we
can just rig ’em on there. – We’re doing the Eevee now. – ‘Kay, I don’t know how to approach doing the ears on this thing. Cause it’s so brittle, this chocolate. I guess if it gets smashed,
it gets smashed, right? – [Jinger] I guess so. – I guess so. The ear might just, completely break off. (mold cracking) Yep! (laughs) It immediately broke off. – [Jinger] Yeah and off it. – Here goes the other one. – Alright. – [Jinger] Tap gently Carl, tap gently! – [Carl] Look I’ll even hold
it in my tender little hand. And it just–
(chocolate breaking) (screams) What the heck? (laughter) Man! (laughter) We’ll do surgery on him too. – [Luke] All right let’s do it. – [Jinger] Alright, now. – The whole thing is so brittle. It’s like, how do you crack the shell? (mold cracking) – [Jinger] Good job Carl. – [Carl] You’ve got a good crack on there. You like this little
rotational hammering skill? There we go. – [Luke] It’s a little tap-tap. (all gasping) – [Gage] Ooh, here we go. – [Jinger] Come on now. (nervously muttering) – [Kyle] Woah the completely
whole half came off! – [Carl] That’s crazy looking. – [Jinger] That’s really crazy. – [Carl] Oh we got an air bubble in there. – [Jinger] That is so much chocolate. – [Carl] It is solid chocolate in there. – No way. – [Jinger] That’s a little creepy. – [Carl] That doesn’t quite
look like Eevee anymore. Oh here comes the whole
body part, there we go. – [Kyle] And the foot fell off. – It just looks like a
weird alien, look at that. – [Jinger] Chocolate blob. – Little chocolate blob
Eevee, ah there we go. – [Luke] This is something you’d find in a nightmare it looks like.
(laughter) – [Carl] I don’t know, that does not look like Eevee at all. That didn’t quite work, did it? – No. – [Jinger] That’s where we
are at this very moment. – Earless abominations,
Pokemon abomination, that’s what we created here. Frankenstein Pokemon. (laughter) – [Jinger] ‘Kay, now we
gotta get the ears out. (Carl groans) Come on Carl, gentle taps. – I tried. – [Jinger] Gentle taps. – I’m tryin’! (laughter) (hammer tapping) See they’re so taught,
and then you touch ’em and they just go… (laughter) Just sittin’ there smackin’ it, see? Nothin’! (hammer tapping) (ceramic clinking against counter) Woah! – [Jinger] Sorry, I yelled in the camera. – It’s okay. – [Jinger] I’m sorry everyone. (Carl gasps) Oh my goodness you did it. – [Carl] I got the tip. – [Jinger] Carl. – [Carl] I got that part,
oh it’s not quite out. Almost got it. – [Jinger] Don’t break it. There, you got it, oh my
goodness, it’s working. – [Carl] Come on! Release! (grunts) Not quite, oh my gosh! (Carl groaning) – [Jinger] Pop! (laughter) – [Jinger] It just pooped
right out of there. – Shhh. (laughter) There’s an ear. (cheering) – [Jinger] A little eerie
ear for the little Eevee. – [Carl] Gonna try and close
caption this and be like, “What the heck, Jinger?” – [Jinger] Gage, quit making fun of me. (laughs) Ear for the little Eevee. – Whoever does the
closed-captioning on this is gonna have a heck of
a time, thanks to Jinger. (hammer tapping) – [Jinger] Hey, that was a good one. – [Carl] Getting a little bit
more aggressive this time. Yeah, see it, just can’t be afraid of it. Show the ear who’s boss. – [Jinger] Right after you
broke it off the Pikachu I mean the, I don’t– – See, you don’t know, Jinger doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time. Have you noticed? Just makin’ it up as she goes. Makin’ up words and everything. – [Jinger] Can Carl do
it, that’s the question. (grunts) – [Carl] Yeah, I got it. I got all of the ears
extracted, I don’t know how we’re going to re-attach them,
we’ll figure it out though. Now the problem with the
Charmander is his feet. We’re gonna break his feet off, I know it. It happens. – [Jinger] Don’t be defeated
Carl, you can do it. (groans) – He’s had the worst night’s sleep ever. (laughter) Look at him he’s like I
want help with a haircut, I don’t even remember where
I went, getting a haircut. Here’s your haircut. (grunts) (laughter) Why did we get the extra strong tape? (grunts) – [Jinger] Everyone likes
to watch dad struggle. (grunts) – I’m gonna pull my teeth out. Just gotta do it like a Band-Aid really. – [Jinger] Right off. (grunts) (laughter) Pull! (grunts) – [Carl] There ya go,
there’s the hot glue. Oh look there’s his little candle wick. – [Jinger] Okay, I really
thought that hot glue wasn’t going to work. – I’m gonna celebrate
right now because I’m gonna bust his feet off and be a
failure again in a second. (laughter) – [Jinger] Carl, you’re the
best DIY person I’ve ever met. (hammer taps) Should we sing a song? (Jinger sings) – [Carl] Woah, no. – [Jinger] No? – No. (laughter) You should not be singing right now. (laughter) – [Jinger] You know what? – Look. (upbeat music) (gasps) – [Jinger] Oh my goodness! – [Carl] Wow, that’s cool. Look at that. – [Jinger] Oh man. – [Carl] Let’s get the rest of him out. Watch the head just fall off. – [Jinger] Oh hey. – That was intentional. (laughs) – [Jinger] Sure it was, go with it Carl. – [Carl] Oh yeah look at this. Perfect. Charmander un-masking. – [Everyone] Oh! – [Carl] Oh cute! – [Jinger] He’s the cutest little. – [Carl] Oh, he’s the cutest Pokemon ever. – Pet him. – [Carl] Aww. – [Jinger] Don’t break
him, don’t break him. (hammer tapping) – [Carl] Quit singin’ songs, gosh dang it! I don’t know what to do about the feet! I’m a little bit scared. – [Jinger] I bet everybody
watching this video has a good idea. But by the time they see
it, it will be too late. – I will have already
busted them clean off. (hammer tapping) I’m trying really hard just to get this, all these back pieces off. Oh yeah, that’s a good one.
(gasps) – [Jinger] Oh man. – [Carl] That’s a good one. – [Jinger] Oh my goodness. (screams angrily)
– Oh no! – [Jinger] Oh no! (laughter) (Carl mumbles) – [Jinger] So close. – So close. Do you wanna see how sad this is? Watch. Whole foot is already comin’ off I bet. Is it? Yes. Freaking crap, look there’s not even a foot hole in the mold. He’s just got little stumpy legs. – [Jinger] Oh great! – But look, Charmander candle,
we’re gonna go with it, look. Yay! – [Jinger] Yay! (clapping) – Let’s light it! – [Jinger] There’s no
actual mold of the feet. This is not the feet, yeah. – [Carl] There’s not even
anywhere for the wax to go. – [Jinger] Yeah, it just is… (sighs) What are you gonna do now, Carl? – Light his head on fire! – [Jinger] Carl’s gonna fix the ears. – Like this, like this watch, ready? Like… (upbeat music) Did you, can you hear me? – [Jinger] Oh my goodness it worked! – It’s got an ear! (screams) We did it! (laughter) I’m not entirely sure that we put the correct ear on the correct side. I think we did. – [Jinger] Roll with it. – Okay. Yeah we did it! (cheers) Now we gotta get Eevee, oh my gosh! – [Jinger] I will consider
you a professional DIY guy, – There’s no way. – [Jinger] If you can actually do this. – We’re gonna have to like,
shorten the toothpicks, and do it tiny sized. Oh, not workin’ very well. Now I don’t know what to do! I’m not a Pinterest person! (laughter) We’re doing some surgery on an Eevee ear. See we had to use these
pushpins, and we melted more chocolate to fill in these gaps, and we’re gonna make it work. In the meantime, everyone is
excited to go to Rogue One, the new Star Wars prequel
movie, tomorrow night. Sneak peak. – [Jinger] What happened
to your lightsaber? – [Carl] Where is yours? – I broke it. (screams) (laughter) – [Carl] Quiet! – Darth Vader. (laughter) – [Carl] See we got one
ear on the Eevee already, and the other one’s just
in the freezer coolin’ off, and then we should get it to work. – [Jinger] Okie dokie. – Here we go. – [Jinger] Come on little Eevee. – So I gotta heat up this pushpin. There we go. Put it in position, melt it in. – [Jinger] Come on! – Ever so gently. – [Jinger] Ever so gently. – Here we go. You can do it, you can do it. – [Jinger] Come on. Yay, she looks so cute! – Is it a she? – [Kyle] Yeah. – Or is it a boy? – It’s a she. – [Jinger] Eevee’s a girl’s name. – She’s got her ears back. (laughter) We did it! High five! Oh, chocolate hands. (laughter) Sorry! – I didn’t get any chocolate. – [Carl] Oh, there ya go. – Thank you! – [Jinger] She looks so cute! – [Carl] Yay! – [Jinger] Yay! – Yay, now you can take a bite of her. – [Carl] There they are. We got a chocolate, solid
chocolate Eevee, with the ears. – Yum yum. – [Carl] Gummy Pokemon,
a Pikachu, gummy Pikachu, and a candle Charmander. Should we see if candle Charmander works? – Yeah! – [Carl] Let’s light him. – It’s going! (cheers) – Charmander! – [Jinger] Awesome! – [Carl] Look at that! – [Jinger] That looks so cool! – [Carl] Candle Charmander. Woah! – [Jinger] I can’t believe
you made a Pokemon candle. – I know, a giant Charmander
Pokemon candle even, right? – [Boys] Yeah! – And look, the bottom of the
wick, where the wick comes out ended up right on his nose,
right there, little metal piece. – [Jinger] So looks like
he’s has a little nose. – [Carl] He’s got a little nose. – [Kyle] It’s melting! – [Carl] Look at that. That’s crazy. Well, we finally did it. We did the Pokemon molding,
we did the chocolate. Eevee, the gummy Pikachu,
and the Charmander candle, and look, he even works like a real candle except for he’s like drippin’
off the back of his head (laughs) Well guys, thanks for watching
the Carl and Jinger Channel, we appreciate you guys so much for watching our videos and subscribing. Click anywhere on the screen to subscribe and to watch more videos and family vlogs. And more experiments, we’ve
got some great stuff comin’ up, so thanks so much, we love you, and we’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!