Hello! Today we are making amanita mushrooms, also know as fly amanita One of the deadliest mushrooms on Earth And also one of the prettiest. It’s a beautiful red mushroom that has been used in art for many years. And will be used for many years to come. Probably one of the biggest inspiration in Alice in Wonderland. Hence why it’s so popular. But I’m just rambling and babbling… Let’s go back to the tutorial, shall we? So, we started with a red ball of clay, and flatten it out on the bottom, put it on a tile, and now we are adding tiny bits of white clay on top of it. We are simply using a toothpick, to grab tiny bits of white clay, and stick them to the red clay. As the red clay is still unbaked, you do not need to add any liquid clay on top of it. As it will naturally stick. Pretty easy. The beauty of this mushroom is that you can use any color you wish. You do not need to use red and white. Although it looks the prettiest because we are so used to that form. BUt you can also imagine all kinds of colors. As usual, your imagination is really the limit here. And just go on, adding bit by bit on top of the mushroom cap. Be sure to fill all gaps and holes. You want something that is fairly regular. And once you’re happy, bake the cap. Unless you want to make many mushrooms. Then make all the caps at once. After baking and cooling off, just add some liquid clay beneath, And use a brush to smear it evenly. Then take a small ball of white clay and put it on top of it. Or beneath the cap. Then flatten all around. For the stem, roll out a piece of tubular clay, cut the ends, and add on top. And then using a sculpting tool, any tool will do, a silicone tool or toothpick works as well. Smooth out the edges, so the stem sticks nicely to the mushroom cap. You also can use your fingers. So that’s always an option. Never refrain from sculpting just because you think you don’t have enough tools. And then we are going to add a sort of skirt. I’m sure there’s a specific terminology for that (edit: it’s actually called “annulus”=”ring”, TY Tessa Rosina) Just above the stem. So you just cut out a piece of white clay, one side of the strip is a little bit fringy, and that is on purpose so it looks more organic. Smooth it all out, so it sticks nicely together. Pull the skirts a little bit up. So you can see a bit underneath. That sounded a little bit perverted… but hey! Context is everything. And now add the gills. Yes! I know now, what the scientific term for those lines is (edit : not are, as it’s referring to the term… oops) Thanks to a lovely commentator on my last video! (edit : it’s Tessa Rosina!) Thank you very much! Add the gills using spatula tools. There are the same tools I used before. And I’m linking them below, in the description box, because I absolutely love those tools. I’m not getting paid for that… I did pay for the tools myself. They are simply just great! So go on and make all the gills. Take your time to make them look good. Go over them again and again. I always go over them at least twice. Then, we are adding some texture to the stem. I use an embossing tool, but a toothpick would do the work as well. Once you’re happy, bake. After baking and cooling off, we are doing the base. Add some liquid clay and white clay all around, and give it some texture. This way, you ensure that your base is nice and flat. So you can use it better in your artwork. It all depends what you want to do with your mushrooms. Maybe you have a polymer clay base, so I’d suggest you put the mushroom right on top of it. I personally used these mushrooms in a sculptural painting, so it was a bit different. You can add more details and textures on the stems, by simply adding some bits of clay on the stem. This is something you could have done before baking the stems, but I decided to add more details after. So no rules here. And just go on and add as much as you wish. Once you’re happy with all your mushrooms, bake again. After cooling off, we are adding some acrylic paints, some dark brown or black acrylic paint, so you can see the details better. Because white is white and without some dark paint, you can hardly see the details. Which is kinda sad. And which defeats the purpose of sculpture. Or art, for that matter. So just go over all the details you want to enhance. The gills are the most important things to enhance. Because otherwise you just don’t see them that much. Besides, adding some dark brown gives the illusion of dirt, and mushrooms usually are always a bit dirty. So it just adds to the realism. And just go, over every tiny detail you want to show off. And once you’re done, you can varnish, if necessary. I very much hope you enjoyed this video. And maybe, if you liked it, give it a thumbs up… maybe… just maybe! And I really hope to see you in my next video! Bye! (other video : and obviously you can use different colors) (but I strongly suggest you get some good alcohol inks) (I’ve been using Pinata, because that’s the only brand I really know) (and that’s what I find the easiest here in France) (but I suppose you can find different brands)