My son is a bit shy. “laughing” You can just relax, It’s just a camera. Ok…no? You don’t want? Ok can you say hi to them? Say hi, say hi everyone “laughing” Hello, welcome to the Saudi cooking channel my name is eman. Hello everybody welcome to another
episode Saudi food with Eman. Today i’ll be making a very popular dish it’s called… what are we making today Fahad? You don’t have to run away wait wait
wait wait, i want you to say hi to my friends. So today we’re going to be
making lugimat. Lugimat is like sweet dumplings. Now the thing with Lugimat it’s not a Saudi dish, its popular across the Middle East and popular across all the Arab Countries. But we eat it all the time in Ramadan it has become part of our culture. So today I’m going to show you how to
make it. Are you ready to do it the Saudi stye? Say “Yallaa.” They’re waiting! “Yallaa” “Yallaaa” “Giggling” Add 1 cup of flour, 1 tablespoon
of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon salt 1 tbsp yeast. A little bit less than 1 cup of
water. We add little by little till we get the consistency we are looking for. You need to make sure you mix it really
well, in order to get rid of all the lumps in the dough. When you start seeing
these bubbles on top that’s when you know it’s almost ready.
Mix it for another five minutes. Now when you stick your finger, it sticks
to your finger and it hangs. Now it’s not too dry and it’s not too liquidy. It’s kind of a slimy gooey type of dough
that we’re looking for. That’s a consistency we want. Now get a
plastic bag and cover it and leave it to rest for one hour on the side. Add a pot on medium high heat, add half
a cup of water and one cup of sugar. Squeeze one whole lemon. Cut the lemon
into pieces and add it to the pot. Mix well for around 10 to 15 minutes. When
the mixture starts bubbling up, that’s when you know it’s ready. Remove it and
add it in the fridge. You want to make sure it is cold when you dip the Lugimat in it. After one hour, bring the dough mixture, as you can see
it has doubled in size and it has started bubbling up on top. You want to make sure that you get a very sticky consistency and this is what we are looking for. Start mixing it really well and you want to get rid of all those bubbles. Now on medium-high heat we have the hot oil ready. In a cup, add water and a little bit of oil and a small spoon. A clean serving plate. You have your dough mixture, you have your syrup mixture that has been chilled in the fridge. Remove the lemon from the syrup. Make sure you have a separate spoon for the syrup and a separate spoon for the oil. Now there are three ways to do this. The
first way which is the very messy way… Is you use your hand to make balls and
lumps. You bring the spoon that’s been dipped in water and oil and you scoop it
out of your hand and you dip it in the oil. This is a very messy way to make this
dish if you want to get messy then you can go ahead. The second way to do this is you can bring a small scoop, just like this one. So you take a scoop out of the dough and you bring the spoon that has been dipped in water & oil and you scoop the dough out, and you add it to the oil. Now the third way which is my
favorite way is to bring a plastic bag, I open it up I take a spoon and I start scooping the dough inside the
plastic bag. I would start squeezing all the air outside
and i would turn it and I would bring a scissor and cut the tip off and i
started squeezing little by little to make sure that the opening is enough. If
the opening is too small I would cut a little bit again. To test
it out dip your finger in the water and oil and start squeezing a little bit and
then pressing it and seeing if it falls out easily and it does not stick to the
hand. Now we are ready to start frying. try to make as many balls as possible
and be careful not to have the oil splash on you when you’re doing this. Once the Lugimat have started browning from the bottom start turning it with a spoon. The color
we are looking for is golden brown it all has to be brown from all sides. So
keep turning it until you get one color and it’s all consistent. Now it all has turned golden brown,
remove it while it’s hot and with the dip in the syrup. Now you
mix the Lugimat in the syrup from a few seconds to a maximum of three
minutes. The longer you leave it in the syrup the
sweeter it gets. I usually like to mix this for a few
seconds and then remove it. Lugimat is ready, Fahad is going to be my assistant today to try the Lugimat that mommy made. How is it? Good. Thumbs up thumbs down? Tthumbs up! Now it’s my turn. Come come. You can stay with me. Now mommy wants to also try it. So i’m going to keep one and usually I like
to eat this by hand because it just makes it more messier and more fun. hmm Can you hear that crunch? You want another one? huh You don’t want another one? Maybe he does’nt like it. No I like it. Really! Ii’m
going to take another one if you can just I don’t know if you can hear this
but the sound of this crunch. This is something, i don’t know if you
can hear it. You hear that? Crunchy all over the place. I think this is good stuff. Reminds me of
Ramada. Sorry but I can’t stop eating. My mouth is so stuffed right now. Licking my fingers. Ok mmm got really messy here, I hope you
enjoy the dish I made today. If you really like what I made and you want to
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