Everyone needs a sweet indulgence every once
in a while. There’s nothing wrong with a piece of chocolate cake or a cookie now and then,
and having a little sweet after a meal is a habit that can be hard to break. It seems
no matter how full someone is from their dinner, there’s always room for a bite of dessert.
But where you can get into tricky territory is ordering dessert when you’re out at a restaurant.
These dessert dishes might even be more gut-busting than the entire meal you had before them. Chili’s Skillet chocolate chip cookie This Chili’s treat is just one cookie baked
in a skillet, topped with a little ice cream. How bad could it be? Bad – shockingly bad.
Of its 1,420 calories, 640 are calories from fat, which means nearly half of the calories
in the whole thing come from the eye-popping 71 grams of fat. Add to that 116 grams of
sugar, and it may be more beneficial to eat the skillet the cookie is baked in. At least
it’s got iron. “You need you a skillet!” Perkins’ Peanut butter silk pie Oh, Perkins. Their pies look so innocent,
just a little filling, some whipped cream, nothing at all, right? Wrong. One slice of
peanut butter silk pie not only has 930 calories and 65 grams of fat, but that one measly slice
has 145 milligrams of cholesterol! That’s nearly half the daily average. So basically
you can have a slice of pie and then very little the rest of the day. If you’re still
not willing to avoid the pie, there are 12 grams of protein per slice so, you know, silver-lining. T.G.I. Friday’s Brownie Obsession Nothing good ever came from an obsession.
Even if it’s a warm brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and pecans, like
the one from T.G.I. Friday’s. “Don’t care how, I want it now.” If you need something to obsess over, how
about the fact that if you eat this sundae you’ll have consumed 153 grams of carbohydrates
and more than double the amount of saturated fat recommended in one day. Honestly, just
do yourself a favor and don’t get too obsessed with this dessert. The Cheesecake Factory’s double threat The chocolate truffle tower cake is by far
the worst non-cheesecake dessert to get at The Cheesecake Factory. Seven layers of cake,
seven layers of alternating Chocolate Truffle Cream and Chocolate Mousse, some frosting,
and a few mounds of whipped cream, just because. It has nearly 1,700 calories per serving.
It also serves up 206 grams of carbohydrates, nearly two-thirds of the daily recommended
amount. Unless you’re carbo-loading for a big race, do yourself a favor and skip this. [Crowd cheering] But it’s certainly not the only thing to avoid
while you’re at the Cheesecake Factory. Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake
really takes the cake. It contains 200 percent of your daily allowance of saturated fat,
topped off with Butterfingers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, as well as caramel and
peanut butter. P. F. Chang’s Great Wall of Chocolate You probably don’t typically think “healthy”
when you think of chain Asian restaurants, but the Great Wall of Chocolate from P. F.
Chang’s is working on a whole new level. With 1,700 calories and 71 grams of fat, this is
one dessert that should serve as a meal itself. Oh, and you think because it’s a dessert,
you’re free from a lot of sodium? Think again! This massive slice of cake is loaded with
1,410 milligrams of sodium! Who knew a dessert so sweet could be so salty? Olive Garden’s zeppoli This offering of fried pillows of dough dusted
in powdered sugar from the Olive Garden is actually one of the least horrible-for-you
desserts on our list, but its 810 calories, 28 grams of fat, and 119 grams of carbohydrates
still make it one to avoid. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in the dipping sauces! “What’s in the sauce?” The raspberry sauce tacks on an additional
210 calories and 51 grams of carbohydrates, while the chocolate sauce adds an additional
220 calories, 3 grams of fat and 48 grams of carbohydrates. That makes it more than
twice the amount of carbohydrates in the tiramisu. And let’s be honest, didn’t you have enough
carbohydrates at dinner? California Pizza Kitchen’s butter cake There’s no way something called butter cake
wasn’t going to be a dessert to avoid! California Pizza Kitchen considers this dessert one of
its signature dishes. It has 73 grams of fat, 315 milligrams of cholesterol, and an astonishing
45 grams of saturated fat. And that’s all before you add the serving of vanilla Häagen-Dazs.
The ice cream brings the total fat to a mind-boggling 92 grams. To put it into perspective, that’s the same
amount of fat in almost three of California Pizza Kitchen’s Original BBQ chicken pizzas
with bacon, but the butter cake still has more saturated fat and cholesterol. That’s
almost impressive.