Hey cruisers welcome to our live stream
it’s so wonderful to be back with all of you here thank you so much to those of
you who jumped in the chat early loved catching up a little bit and seeing
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today on our livestream we are going to start with an update on Hurricane Emma
and we are then going to discuss our cruise on the Grand Princess we’re going
to give you guys a post cruise update wanted to say hello to those of you who
are here in the chat early it’s great to see so many familiar faces and some new
ones as well of course they have Cheryl and Sharon and the Katy Sexton Rachel
Adler is here rachel is actually a casino dealer on board a cruise ship and
is on a cruise ship right now they have outrun the storm and
I don’t know exactly where rachel is but welcome Rachel I’m so glad that you
could make it and I’m so glad that your cruise line is providing you with a
complimentary Internet during this very difficult situation Mike and Cheryl
great to see you guys wonderful to have you
shrim 79 is here thank you guys so much for spending the middle of your Saturday
with us depending on where you live we’re in California and this is the
middle of our Saturday so it’s still really really hot in California we had
when we were on our cruise where we live in Central California was experiencing a
massive heat wave when I got Internet service on Grand Princess I would look
at the weather for where we live and it was a hundred and seven degrees now with
that said know that where we live a lot of people do not have air conditioning
we have air conditioning and it works okay it’s not a fabulous air conditioner
it’s like one unit a good unit but when we came home from our cruise in the
middle of the day last last week our house was 85 degrees just standing still
so we’re really glad that some of that heat has passed and we are very much
looking forward to fall I can’t say fall is in the air yet but we’re very much
looking forward to it so wanted to say hello to all of you who are coming into
the chat looks like we have a lot of new people coming in probably will not get
to say hello to all of you today but I do see Gayle Lee Jack hi Steven Eddy
cruising with wheels Kristina lots of you just popped in so hello everyone
just to reiterate we’re gonna do a quick hurricane Irma update and we’re then
going to discuss our cruise and the Grand Princess talk to you guys all
about our experience why we chose that cruise what we did on the cruise and
even some of the highlights and kind of a pro’s and con’s type of approach to
the cruise and you are welcome to ask any questions mr. cruisetipstv is going
to be keeping an eye on the chat for any questions that you may have and I will
try to catch all of your questions we’re gonna try to give priority to questions
about Alaska or Grand Princess today or princess cruises to Alaska if we can
since that’s our topic but you’re certainly welcome to ask any and all
questions so most of you have been following the news and know what’s going
on with hurricane Irma and my understanding right now is that
hurricane Irma is sort of passing over Cuba unfortunately it has devastated the
island of Barbuda there’s been extensive damage to Saint Maarten and it looks
like st. Thomas and st. John were hit too I have not been able to find out
information about how things are looking for Turks and Caicos if anyone has any
idea how that island fared please do let us know but first and foremost our
hearts go out to everyone affected by this and to those of you who are in
Florida and in the path of the storm who are waiting and really just don’t know
what’s going to happen we’re thinking about you I think everyone’s thinking
about you is all we can really think about right now and just want everyone
to know that we care and if there’s anything that we can do here with our
family or our little cruising community here at cruisetipstv please do let us
know also very much a sad story out of Texas we’ve been thinking of everyone
who is affected by Harvey we were on the cruise and didn’t really get very many
good updates about that until we got back and we’re just
so saddened by the devastation there in that Houston area I know that many
places outside of Houston are affected as well there’s a nonprofit organization
who in our area here in California that’s traveled all the way out there to
help people and we’ve really been enjoying watching their Facebook page
and all of the work that they’re doing in some of the more rural outlying areas
of Houston to help people out with providing food shelter and cleanup so
thank you all so much I know this is a serious difficult topic but it’s
important and it affects the cruise industry greatly and you know without
knowing at how Miami and Fort Lauderdale especially in South Florida are going to
be affected by this and how all of your cruise itineraries are going to be
affected we think it’s very important to talk about it
I saw something yesterday that I thought was really critical to share with
everybody and that was a post on Instagram from Allianz travel they are a
travel insurance organization and they posted an update on what to do if you
are in the path of this hurricane and you are insured by Allianz so this is
Allianz Travel us on Instagram and what they said they were talking
acknowledging the fact that hurricane Irma is a very dangerous storm and they
said that hurricane Irma became a known event on August 30th customers who
purchased their travel insurance policy before that date may be eligible for
coverage under their trip cancellation or interruption or travel delay benefits
but they want you to read your travel policy very carefully to see what’s
covered some important tips from a travel insurance company that I thought
were very worthy of sharing on today’s livestream are number one you should
contact your travel suppliers before you cancel your trip some travel suppliers
may allow you to change your trip without penalty now they’re not just
talking necessarily about cruise passengers they’re talking about people
who are traveling in general they are not necessarily just targeting cruise
passengers here but I think that’s an excellent tip the first thing we should
do if we’re affected our cruise is affected is get on the phone and call
the cruise line to find out what’s going on mm-hmm
then they go on to say that if you are able to alter the dates of your trip
they will change the dates of your travel insurance
policy to correspond to your new days of travel and you just need to visit that
whatever travel insurance website and of course you should always take your
travel insurance card with you when you travel so I wanted to share that with
everyone in case anyone is affected with a with a an upcoming cruise that if you
do have travel insurance definitely get in touch with your travel insurance
company for guidance now I think that’s a very good idea and I know this has
been a total iOpener for me that you know I’m constantly getting the question
should I buy travel insurance and a lot of times I tell people you should if
this and if that but I really have never mentioned to people you should buy
travel insurance if you’re traveling during peak hurricane season in the
Atlantic or the Caribbean and that is something that I think we’ve been
reminded season after season that that’s the case but I think that’s very
important that we do ensure our trips especially during these more high-risk
months of you know August October which we know are very common commonly
dangerous times for cruisers and people who live in that area so if anyone has
any questions please do let me know I’d like to jump in and see what kind of
questions are coming in from the chat Bonnie I’m very glad to know that you’re
here you guys Bonnie Bergstein who’s here in the chat I don’t think she’ll
mind me saying that she lives in Florida and we are
certainly thinking about her and tracking her progress
she and her fur babies Bonnie glad you’re here glad you’re safe so far
please do keep us posted and we’re going to kind of switch gears a little bit and
talk about Alaska now and our crews on Grand Princess we have so much to talk
about you guys so before I do that do you see any questions that have come in
so far mister cruisetipstv that I should
address before we talk about it right okay so what if your port or destination
for your cruise gets damaged now most of the time the cruise line what what
they’ll try to do rather than just canceling your cruise out right although
they have canceled many cruises this last week completely because the
embarkation ports are in a state of uncertainty so that can happen but
usually what they will do is after after the storm has passed
and they determine the effects that it’s had on those particular ports they will
probably try to change your port stops to accommodate keeping the cruise going
but to give you fresh new port stops and they may or may not give you the option
to cancel for a full refund based on those changes your cruise contract
stipulates that they can make changes at any time to any port so you want to be
sure to catch that early if you are dissatisfied with the port that they
reassign you in the event of damage you definitely need to get on the horn
immediately call the cruise company find out what your options are Bobby Nelson
said are you guys travel agents if not why not Bobby no we’re not travel agents
why not because I have a full-time corporate job and I couldn’t possibly
take on anything more I think I actually I would have loved to have been a travel
agent that is not the path that I chose but I think it would have been really
fun and it would have been a great career path for me so you know maybe in
another life you never know right I see lots of questions coming in here so I’m
gonna try to get to some of those I saw someone asking why excursions in
Alaska are so expensive that is a very complex question I’m going to answer it
to the best of my ability but I can say that from my knowledge they’re expensive
for a number of reasons number one there is a high demand for it so the law of
supply and demand would dictate that if a lot of people want to go that there’s
and there’s a lot of demand for it that you can charge more however in talking
with tour providers in Alaska one of the main reasons is because they have to be
insured and that insurance is extremely expensive can you even imagine what it
would cost if you were a zipline operator or a tour boat operator
operating in the United States to ensure that business it must be very expensive
and it is in the United States many of us are used to sailing to foreign
countries Mexico the Caribbean where they’re right there there’s less
regulation and there’s less requirements for insurance and things like that and
it just costs less for them to do business so that’s my understanding of
why that is so yeah oh hi Brady and Val great to see
you guys here guys Brady and Val have a wonderful lularoe shop on Facebook I try
to share it the other night when you guys had the the live shot the box but
it doesn’t let me share to my page but many of the clothes that you’ve seen me
wear on my carnival miracle cruise and you’re going to be seeing on our Alaska
cruise are from Val and Brady and I’ve fallen in love with their lularoe shop
over the last year so hi guys glad to have you here cruising with wheels is
seconding my answer insurance and supply and demand LOL yes that’s pretty much
pretty much the truth Alessandra Andres is asking how does your camera work out
on this cruise looking forward to seeing your pictures Alice that is such a good
question um what’s that which one I think you’re talking about the Lumix
right the new lumix that we bought that was supposed to be our vlogging camera
we did a review of it on our cruisegear channel before we sailed it’s a
fantastic camera that has two major flaws the biggest flaw and we knew about
this going in but it was a problem on our cruise is it has no external mic
input output so we can’t vlog with a microphone so as you guys know we always
have a mic when we’re vlogging or doing live streams or whatever because we want
to give you good sound quality well this one you have to use a secondary
microphone so something that’s not connected to the camera meaning that
when my husband edits he then has to sync the audio to the video and his
extra step the quality of the images and the video is spectacular so we didn’t
use it as much as we wanted to for vlogging because I am an extremely
impatient person just gonna put it right out there folks
I want to pick up that camera I want to hold it out in front of me I want to
press and go because I’m in the moment I have something to say I don’t want to
take out the microphone start the microphone power it up hook it to my
belt and then get the camera out I’m just too impatient so I didn’t use it
very much but we love it we’ve just got to figure this out and we’re going to
stay with it okay so great camera though if you’re doing stills spectacular our
son used the Lumix to film the bears on was it the Lumix was he using
the Lumix to film the bears in Ketchikan on our voyage there so that was really
awesome so anyhow cruise week TV here is says insurance is so cheap it’s worth it
yes thank you guys welcome by the way glad to have you here you know it really
is you got to do it you got to have it it’s a must a must a must
any other questions that you see coming in that I can answer before we jump over
good Michael Skidmore wants to know how is the White Pass railway Michael happy
almost birthday to you the White Pass railway was an absolute highlight of our
trip we had contacted the White Pass railway beforehand because we wanted
permission to film while we were onboard the railway and they treated us like
gold I cannot wait for you guys to see the blog from our day in Skagway I’m
also I’m almost getting choked up thinking about it because the White
House rail is the trip of a lifetime it’s beautiful it’s scenic but that’s
not what makes it special what makes it special is the people on that train you
guys the conductor the brake men the tour operators that organization is very
special and it is a must do in Skagway I cannot recommend it highly enough our
our whole family had just the most magical time the care that they put into
those trains and their safety record and and just the way the private they take
in their operation is pretty amazing so we’re really excited to show you that
vlog it’s gonna be a while probably gonna be a good I don’t know do you
think it’ll take a month maybe to get that one out my poor husband it’s a lot
of editing so we’ve got a lot of vlogs coming to you guys I’m ready for another
question we buy our insurance through our travel agent through a different
company the last company that we used was I believe travel guard it’s much
cheaper not to buy it through the cruise line so that’s what I would recommend
and there’s different levels of insurance that you could buy you know
you can buy very premium levels or you can buy lesser levels of it we tend to we tend to buy more of a mid level for
ourselves but my mom will buy the most premium level because she’s a bit older
she’s in her 70s and there’s more at stake for her more chances that she may
cancel and more things that come could come up for her so she will buy more of
the premium type of insurance yeah I’m ready okay okay does anyone know if
Galveston is back up and running and ready for cruising for I would assume
embarkation and demarcation as a port for harvey actually don’t know and i
would love to hear the answer to that thank you my understanding is that you
can but it has to be done within a very limited period of time after final
payment I want to say it’s something like a week or two after so hopefully
someone can jump into the chat and answer that for her specifically but I
think it’s I think you can but it has to be pretty quickly after final payment
yeah hi Vicki hi Duffy oh I need to ask him what it was Oh
Duffy jumping in Duffy yeah my husband just said it his one of his favorite
activities was jumping in puddles and guess who didn’t pack him enough shoes
so he had these like little Nike sneakers and they’re really like well
ventilated I think I talked about this a little bit in the vlog last week too and
his feet were really wet and it wasn’t it wasn’t our son that was upset it was
us because we felt bad because we knew that he was going to be getting wet
early in the day and cold our weather Duffy was super duper rainy on this
cruise so I think he liked that okay you wanted to know if you went to the kids
club we checked it out probably 10 times and he never actually went in he stood
in front of the door he checked it out and he was kind of like you know he
sometimes he’s not playing video games and he thought it was cool but there was
this little incident that happened where there were two kind of bigger kids he’s
eight and he would be he would be scheduled to go in with 8 to 12 year
olds but he’s relatively short so he was a little intimidated I think by the
older kids but the first time we went he was standing there Duffy at the door and
he saw kids playing video games and one of the kids backed the other kid in the
head he gave him a smack and it upset my son he’s like mom I you know the kid hit
the other kid and I he didn’t want to go in after that I don’t really think that
kid hate the other kid we think they were really comfortable with each other
maybe brothers and it was my husband thought and he said I think it was an
accident but we’re gonna just let him do it when he’s ready I will say Duffy this
is the closest he’s ever got and the kids club was super cool you guys on
Grand Princess it’s totally renovated so they did a discovery at see theme and
they’re beautiful and the kids clubs enter they sort of they join together
even though they’re separate in the back if that makes sense so I think he if he
could have been with the littler kids he would have been really happy he would
have probably loved to have been in with like the three to seven year olds that
would have made him really happy but anyway we tried Zachary you’re not that
late we’ve only been rolling for about 20 minutes have we already been rolling
for 20 minutes oh my gosh okay you guys one of our subscribers on a question
that I want to throw out there pull the floor on Facebook wants to know if
anybody knows of any all-inclusive in Grand Cayman 4-day pass so please let me
know in the comments and mr. cruisetipstv if you see anything coming
in let me know bonnie is asking if we saw puppies in the Piazza Bonnie my
heart is broken a little tiny bit because we missed it so after we went on
the White Pass Trail we went on the White Pass Trail at 12:45 when we got
back at like I don’t know 4:30 I didn’t realize that puppies in the Piazza was
at five o’clock that day and we missed it because guess who wanted to go buy a
beer me I had to have a beer someone told me about this great beer at in ski
that way and I went for it and we totally missed it and I saw the pictures
of people holding the puppies they took pictures of people and they put him in
the photo gallery and the puppies were so scrumptious not scrumptious adorable
I’m not going to eat puppies but anyway oh my gosh they looked so adorable
everyone was had them right up to their faces – they odd then let you hold them
so I really want to do that next time and I know my son would have liked it
my son was pretty cool with it he didn’t freak out I thought for sure he was
gonna be really bummed about missing it but he was okay
it was so cute though you guys so anyway Oh Roberto what a great question when
you sail to Alaska on Carnaval or the water slides open I feel like it’s
pointless to sail on a ship with multiple slides if they’re all closed I
don’t know I’ve never sailed on Carnival to Alaska but I think that they probably
do open them at some point but they probably closed them down during sea
days when it gets really windy cold and rainy because they know nobody’s gonna
be on them are you nodding mr. old okay mr. cruisetipstv sounds like he has
a bit of information on this he said if it’s cold they’ll keep them open but if
it’s cold and windy they may not so Duffy wants to know if we saw any whales
Duffy we did we went on a whale watching excursion in Juneau and we saw whales we
wanted to see them a little closer up than we did but that’s just the way that
it goes so we did we saw a gorgeous beautiful wonderful whales it was rainy
and foggy that day so our pictures aren’t gonna be spectacular but Duffy
you might want to watch our vlog from the Juneau day when it comes out if you
want to see the whales I think that mr. cruisetipstv got some decent video of
them would you say you got some decent video pal yeah okay great
awesome excellent question well you guys are already kind of you’re already
covering some of the things we’re gonna cover today so I’m glad that we’ve got
rolling on this Rachel said since you were on a mid-level line what sort of
special activities did they have during sea days that’s a great question Rachel
and I actually have all of the patters from the entire cruise right here and
we’ll get those scanned in but they had so many different activities let me give
you an idea of some of them real quick okay all right some sample activities
from sea days would be let’s see we can start in the morning we would nine
o’clock was I mean there was hundreds of activities
9:00 a.m. was the knitters and Natters get together then a morning ping-pong
channel they had encounters with discovery a naturalist view of Alaska
free fitness classes country line dance classes a GoPro seminar by the way most
of the stuff I’m reading out you guys is actually free included with your cruise
they had a casino introduction to blackjack Rachel go figure
they had movies they had Lego the Lego Batman movie how cool is that under the
stars on the sea day this is all before 10 a.m. by the way look at this I mean
it’s crazy they have so much stuff you guys
they had a trivia chant challenge Harry Potter trivia acupuncture introduction a
north to Alaska gold nugget bracelet making class an egg drop challenge
snowball jackpot bingo the British pub lunch yum we did that that was amazing
and that is where we met our new friends Jen and Scott who are from California as
well they’re truck drivers and we got to see them there it was awesome they had a
ballroom blitz dance class they had a bridge at mahjong players get together
they had piano classics and this is again this is still before lunch you
guys they had an art auction and improve your posture class they had this really
cool thing called north to Alaska loggerheads it was like a presentation
on what it means to be a logger in Alaska they had let’s see more movies
happy hour in the wheelhouse bar from three to four buy one drink get the same
for $1 and let me tell you that is an amazing deal you guys and the drinks on
princess are so reasonable so why did that too late in the cruise I I couldn’t
get there for some reason on sea days but this is everyday buy a drink get
another one for a dollar and their drinks are only like nine bucks so it
was a really good deal so many things to do there were just I can’t even begin to
tell you and look at this it’s like an amazing amount so sorry about that honey
hope I didn’t mess up the white balance just now when I held that up so very
cool um yeah making you want to go on a Princess cruise again it’s awesome you
guys Zachary wants to know what my favorite meal was during the cruise I
was gonna get to that you guys are you’re getting all my topics this is so
great Zachary my favorite meal on the cruise
was on the second to last night in the main
dining room they served crab legs not just frozen gross crab legs from the
freezer section at your grocery store we’re talking high quality crab leg
perfection and to save my husband from getting crab flung in his hair while I
enjoyed my crab which is a kind of a mild word for how I felt about that crab
they split the crab legs for you down the middle so they’re literally like
these little half dome crab things you take your fork and you just lift the
crab out and dip it in the butter oh my gosh Zachery
best crab I’ve ever had in my entire life and they asked him to bring me a
double portion I didn’t even touch any of the food that was under it so they
brought it in this giant bowl and it had like potatoes and corn and the potatoes
and corn just sat there they got no love and I just completely massacred that
crab and the waiter was like do you want more I’m like no no really it’s okay the
double portion already was enough but I could have had another bowl of it and
had no shame it was so good the other thing I wanted to let you know is that
great if you like crab is that they had only one day on the cruise and I think
it was one of the sea days where I met Joan our quilting friend who we met on
this cruise they had Tracey’s king crab cakes at the trident Bar and Grill which
is known as the Lido deck burger joint which is sort of out on one of the open
decks phenomenal they were so good that my son ate the crab cakes and he’s not a
big seafood lover he’ll dabble in seafood but he was literally grabbing it
and dipping in the sauce and just mowing it they’re deep fat fried mm-hmm but
they’re not Gracie and they were just exceptional so that would be a tip all
right Mary I’m sorry I’m making you hungry for crab it was so good DeeAnn I
I don’t think I don’t think that was Alaskan king crab it might have been
snow crab but it was so delicate and beautiful I didn’t buy any crab on shore
because we we had spent a lot of money on this cruise already and I really had
to budget once we got going on the cruise I had to really
so I couldn’t just go drop 30 bucks on a crab leg without kind of feeling guilty
about it and I knew it was gonna be something they offered on the ship so I
just enjoyed it that way Zachary I did not have a single stake on
this cruise I just didn’t feel like meat I had seafood almost every single day it
was really weird and not like me my husband did have a did have a steak one
night and he said it was really good okay so I want to make sure I’m not
missing anything you guys a couple of things about what’s going on with us and
what’s coming so you guys probably saw our last couple of videos right we did
our vlog from the sea and no I was not wearing a robe that blue thing isn’t is
a kimono dress sorry I really it did look like a robe and I wore the same
thing in our inside cabin organizational video but it is a dress and when you see
our outfit of the day or what I wore videos coming later when I wear it with
proper evening shoes you will see that it is a dress and not a robe but anyway
that was pretty funny on our cruisegear channel we did the review of the new
lumix camera and we also talked about our outerwear before we went to Alaska
and I can’t wait to tell you how it fared it was great by the way
also wanted to let you guys know that for those of you who follow the Cruz
dudes their next Seawind mag issue is coming out very soon so if you don’t
already have the app make sure you download it you can buy one issue or you
can buy an annual one I have the annual one it’s gonna be a good one so look for
that coming up very soon also you guys were dreaming up something really
special in October that we’re gonna try something we’ve never done before I’m
not gonna tell you what it is yet because it’s a big commitment and we
have to make the commitment before we do it but I think you guys are gonna love
it and have a lot of fun with it so stay tuned for October we’re hoping to – wow
you in October our next cruise just so everyone knows
is on Princess Cruises we’re going to the Panama Canal in November so that’s
gonna be really exciting I’m sorry I’ve got a little itchy eye my mom is joining
us on that cruise we are so excited to spend some quality time with her and to
explore the ports there so we have got to talk about Grand Princess and give
you guys the skinny we’re already a half an hour in and I really need to tell you
more you’re gonna be able to see all of the the stuff that we did because we
have vlogs on vlogs on vlog coming to you guys we did do daily
vlogging on this cruise and there’s a lot coming so where do we go we went to
Alaska on a 10 night cruise on Grand Princess round-trip from San Francisco
we drove to San Francisco we parked in the lot called 80 Francisco Street which
is basically your only option it is incredibly expensive at sixteen dollars
per day and they parked us on the top meaning our car was exposed the whole
time to the elements which really kind of irked me because we had hoped that
for that amount of money that at least would be in covered parking so whatever
nothing we can do about it we were in an inside cabin which you guys know it’s a
big no-no to book an inside cabin to Alaska you really need a balcony if you
can get a balcony you should save for it however for us because we have done this
before and if we had to book a balcony we just simply would not have been able
to afford to go we opted to book inside cabin e cayuga
cabin I was blending a word cabin a balcony right a 7/32 which was an aft
inside cabin on the Aloha deck one of the reasons why we did that was because
it was very close to a door that led to the back pool deck to the terrace pool
which is a lovely pool so we basically had a little escape route so rather than
having to go up one level and out to the pool deck or something like that we
would literally open our cabin door and about 20 feet from our cabin was this
instant door out to the terrace pool which is a very quiet pool it’s an adult
pool so we could go out there we could film little spots I could show you my
outfit of the day we could get some fresh air after dinner I could catch the
sunrise in the morning and have my coffee fantastic if you have to get an
inside cabin do it on a loja deck you’re only one deck below the buffet there’s
really no noise issues and it was fantastic
so that’s a little bit of information about our cabin I want to just check and
see if anybody else has any questions about that let’s see here some people
talking about crab excursions that you did oh yes you did a crab excursion in
Ketchikan that sounds really good all-you-can-eat crab lunch Bonnie count
me and that sounds wonderful alright so we
what we did on our cruise was pretty extensive I’m so thankful that we had so
many CE days on this voyage because we wore ourselves out in ports you guys I
cannot even tell you how much we had planned it was crazy so I’m gonna go
port by port and tell you all about it in Ketchikan we connected with spirit of
Alaska tours and they hooked us up with an awesome bear country and wildlife
tour so what we did is we went out to herring cove which is about a 20 minute
drive eight miles coastal from the cruise terminal they include the
transportation and we got to walk along a kind of an elevated boardwalk that is
right in the middle of a beautiful Foresti area and look for bears and we
saw loads of bears we saw a bear right underneath the boardwalk just feet from
us you guys feet from us eating a salmon and it was actually you know you see
these things on TV you watch National Geographic you see the Bears cramming
the salmon in their mouth and everything right but this was like a graphic and
almost disturbingly close-up view of a bear gutting the salmon with its nail
and eating the fish eggs apparently the Bears only eat about 30
percent of the entire fish they kind of do what they may with the fish and then
they leave it for the other wildlife and then you see like gold coming and you
know snacking on the rest of it so it’s it was fascinating I would highly
recommend the bear country and wildlife tour with spirit of Alaska it’s a very
short but beautiful scenic and pleasant ride from the crews pair there are other
cruise passengers that went we did not booked through the cruise line we booked
directly through them we then had lunch when we go back to Ketchikan we were
starving because we’d had a very long day we were supposed to go ziplining in
herring cove before we went but unfortunately you’ll see in the vlogs
our son was too little and again here in America we’re not in Mexico they were
concerned the harness wouldn’t fit he was too low weight even though we
thought we had kind of settled that before the cruise he couldn’t go so we
just hung out and went on the earlier bear country and wild
they got us earlier transportation back and we had lunch at Annabelle’s and
catch-can didn’t love it wasn’t that great I’m not gonna recommend that
restaurant I’m sorry my husband ordered salmon tacos and they literally put like
all the toppings in the taco and then they sprinkled a little bit of salmon on
top it was the weirdest thing so I you know I don’t like to speak negatively
about anything but I I just was really disappointed and those were 17 dollar
tacos so that was kind of bummer so moving on to something happier Juna was
amazing so our goal in Juneau you guys we had a mission and our mission was to
see how much her family could do in one day in Juneau because I think Juneau is
an awesome family destination so we had kind of set out to say okay how can we
do this so we reached out to travel Juneau which is kind of the Visitors
Bureau there and they have so much information on their website so we’ve
kind of got to looking and got some advice from them on how we could
maximize that trip and they connected us with this tour called the best of Juneau
and it is really cool you guys you get to go you start your day off at
Mendenhall Glacier and you have about an hour there so you can take little hikes
and see the visitor center but you probably shouldn’t go all the way to now
get falls and then from there you take a little bus or more like a van a nice van
with a wonderful tour guide and you go over to Oktay for a whale watching
excursion and that was really fun very cool we had bad weather that day so it
was a little bit difficult to see the whales because a lot of times we had to
be inside the boat so that’s rough but that’s okay so then after the whale
watching they take you to the Gold Creek salmon bake which is so delicious if any
of you have ever been to Gold Creek salmon bake you know what I mean the
food is fantastic you’re gonna love the vlogs now that was the end of the tour
but we were going gangbusters that day we had a really long day in Port in
Juneau and we were not done yet so we went and bought the tram tickets so we
took the tram up to mount Roberts it was a cloudy day and it was there was rain
on occasion but it wasn’t clouded or fogged in where you couldn’t see down so
it made for kind of a misty cool sort of look I guess you could say we ended up
going up there and kind of getting outside immediately and enjoying the
hiking in the immediate vicinity of the mount
roberts area we went and saw lady baltimore the eagle but that was kind of
depressing and the the woman who was explaining the the the eagle to us was
it hard selling for donations and it was kind of it was actually kind of
uncomfortable so we got out of there pretty quickly didn’t really spend any
time in the gift shop or anything up at mount roberts and just hiked and stopped
and just soaked up that beauty and that the drama of being up so high with those
beautiful views so that was spectacular and then we still a little time after
that we did a little shopping there’s great shopping right outside of the
ships in some of these places and we got some good souvenirs there so that was
Juno then came Skagway in Skagway we had made arrangements to do the White Pass
and Yukon route and we did the standard trip where you just do the the excursion
to the summit and I cannot say enough about it you guys got to do this it’s a
once-in-a-lifetime trip for all ages it’s very comfortable there is a
restroom in every single train car they also have little viewing platforms on
the back of every train car where you can step outside get some fresh air take
some really dramatic photos of some of the points of interest so you’re gonna
love the vlogs from Skagway we had a blast
and we’re also doing most likely a standalone video on the White Pass rail
experience just because we they gave us such an incredible opportunity to film
that we took it and my husband had three and four cameras going we were really
trying to capture all the beauty of that so you’re gonna love seeing all of that
our last stop was in Victoria Victoria was a little hit and miss because we
actually didn’t know if we were gonna be able to get off the ship that day
because it some business that we had on board however we found out we were able
to get off we had booked a tea high tea at the Gatsby mansion and we made it to
tea and that was an exceptionally beautiful experience it’s much smaller
than the Empress and Tia the Empress is lovely but it’s also a lot less
expensive they had a special menu for our son they made sure that his
allergies were accommodated we each had a different tea and it was just lovely
and then to close out our day there we took a pedicab back to our ship we
were so close to being at the end of the time that we had in Victoria that we
were a little worried we weren’t gonna get back in time and lo and behold we
made it but boy did we hit a huge line to get back on that ship and you will
laugh when you see our vlogs we kind of had to make light of it it was you guys
it was insane the line stretched the length of the
ship it was crazy but the weather was so amazing got back on the ship in Victoria
and it was like 85 degrees we went up on the upper deck for sail away and my
husband and son played a game of those giant out outdoor chess and outdoor
chess game and they had happy hour two-for-one cocktails I got a couple
cocktails we were in summer clothes I took my son’s shirt off it was so hot
just to get him some vitamin D for a while and we had the time of our lives
it was a great trip the sea days were spectacular so some of the highlights of
the trip I just wanted to share with you and then I’ll switch back over entirely
to the chat after I can kind of give you guys guys the highlights and then the
cons of the trip I promise I’ll be back in the chat highlights were meeting the
tour guides and all the ports so many of the seasonal workers have interesting
stories we love talking to all of them the renovations on Grand Princess were
awesome new carpet everywhere the beautiful new princess beds the coffee
and cones area and more you’ll see a lot of those inner ship tourists that was
great we also got great souvenirs on this trip without breaking the bank
awesome awesome awesome souvenirs so that was cool and we’re gonna do an
episode on our crews gear channel probably just showing you guys all the
souvenirs little things like blackberry honey and stuff like that that we really
enjoyed this time for one reason or another we’re not souvenir people we
became souvenir people that was cool I gotta say to you guys the drink prices
on princess are great they had specials every day new drinks for 850 and they
were they were really good high-quality drinks I I just really have noticed that
they’re cheaper than any other line I’ve been on lately
and I’m impressed with that this service on Grand Princess was exceptional there
were no exceptions to that every single person we encountered was happy smiling
engaged in their work they were fast our stateroom steward it almost made us feel
guilty how good he was and how attentive he was our dining staff treated our son
like a king you guys he cut his food for him that is just I was I was even
comfortable with that it was too much so precious so wonderful just exceptional
and the crab cakes in the crab in the dining room unbelievable
did you yeah when we were leaving the dining room there was a secret exit like
a you know like a service door they would run from our table to the door to
open it for us who has time for that and we’re just normal people we we don’t
we don’t deserve any of this that’s how they treat everyone you guys it was
really really special we’ve had that experience with princess most times it’s
not unusual and on our Alaska cruises we’ve had excellent service on star
princess last year same thing out-of-this-world
service so that was a highlight they felt like family by the end of the
cruise in the horizon court the buffet on Grand Princess you know how a lot of
times buffets closed down and there’s nothing in the buffet during meals I
mean excuse me I’m sorry in between meals so let’s just say they closed at
3:00 and they don’t reopen for dinner until 5:30 I hate that sometimes I get
snacky and I need a snack what they do on Princess on this ship is that they
open this little snack bar in the buffet so like between 3:30 and 5:30 you can go
you can make your own like little nachos they have waffles they have a salad bar
and they have sandwiches they’ve changed it up every day it was so nice we had
dinner late their dinner was at 7:00 so we would get hungry between lunch and
dinner sometimes and we were so active that we all needed fuel a lot of time so
that was really great highlight also love that secret door on deck 12 we had
heard about that from Scott singer you guys will hear more about that when you
get in there and the excursions were just amazing every excursion we did was
fantastic and we’d do it again and would recommend right recommend it
thoroughly and lastly highlights embarkation and disembarkation were so
smooth so smooth the traffic was terrible in San Francisco when we got
there but other than that fantastic so now some of the not-so-great things
and cons which really had nothing to do ever with the ship it was more just
things that weren’t perfect about our trip that I want to share with you and
one of those is me tapping my nose right now and that is that I still cannot seem
to shake whatever thing I have going on I don’t know if it’s allergies I don’t
know if I have a respiratory problem I don’t know if it’s the fires in our area
but I have not felt good for about a month I actually don’t feel sick I just
feel symptomatic all the time and unfortunately I had a pretty bad cough
the whole cruise um a pretty severe at times too to the point where on
embarkation day I had to go to the drugstore before we left because I
couldn’t stop coughing it was it was terrible and I was on cough medicine the
whole time but I am not sick I can exercise I have been exercised
exercising sleeping well eating well I don’t know what it is but it’s probably
time to go to the doctor and see if we can label this thing so that’s stunk but
that’s just life and it happens the other thing that was kind of a bummer is
that it was rainy it was cold I don’t mind the cold but the rain was a downer
and I don’t think I’ll ever book a cruise to Alaska in August again we’ve
been four for four on our May cruises being sunny and fabulous and I think
we’re gonna stick with that you guys and we’re really bummed about Traci arm we
could not approach the glacier and this is probably the fourth third or fourth
time this has happened and I feel like I’m just I’m really turned off by
cruises that go to Traci arm anymore because even though I’ve seen that
glacier there were thousands of people on that ship who went to Alaska to see a
glacier and they said it was too icy and we couldn’t get back they need to stop
going to trace the arm and go somewhere else Glacier Bay go somewhere else
people were heartbroken you guys much grumbling my husband said and he noticed
it a lot because he was out filming and kind of noticing it when the captain
made the announcement but you guys you’re only in Tracy arm from 6:00 a.m.
to 10:00 a.m. everybody got up early to see the
glacier and then like oh no sorry had this been the first time it’d be a
little more forgiving about it but I’m sorry it was bad people were really
frustrated so safety first but if you are dead set on seeing a glacier do not
book a cruise to Tracy Arm it may not happen and you may see zero clashers so
that was a downer the parking was too expensive in San Francisco and it’s a
traffic hot mess to get into the port there there’s nothing they can do
because the port is right on that waterfront area it was a Saturday
morning but every day we’ve ever cruise it’s you think you’re all you think
you’re all hot and you’re there right you’re like oh my gosh we’ve made this
long drive from wherever we’re coming from and then you just grind to a halt a
mile before you get to Pier 27 and you’re like oh literally takes an hour
to go about two miles and we were so ready to get on that ship so those are
really the only cons from the whole trip I gotta tell you we nailed it with the
packing game you guys made a couple of mistakes like not taking waterproof
shoes for my son or a couple of extra Tenney’s for my son but our outerwear
was amazing we did not over pack it might have
looked like we did and we said we did but our bags were light and what you
were so impressed when we get got everything back in the bags yeah then
he’s teasing me was um anyways no we nailed our packing game I’m just gonna
say I think we were great now with that said I think we’re gonna try something
crazy for Panama Canal and I’m such a big talker so I don’t know if this will
happen but on our long five six hour drive home from San Francisco we decided
we’re gonna try to go carry-on only to Panama Canal it’s a ten nighter but the
laundry facilities are so great on Princess that I think that we can do it
so I want to say really quickly too before I turn my attention back to the
chat next live stream alert alert next live stream is two weeks from today
Sunday Saturday 9 23 so Saturday September 23rd at noon pacific time so
that’s all the housekeeping i have that’s all the yapping i have to do
today now I want to see what you guys are up to
and maybe you can tell me what questions I missed the Gus just diagnosing me
sagasta you came back from Alaska with a sinus infection and bronchitis
it started in Skagway after ziplining yep we’ve had it happen a lot after
we’ve been to Alaska and I don’t know if it happens before the cruise or on the
cruise who knows right it’s really hard to say oh my gosh yeah Jen you didn’t
get to see the the glacier oh you’re Jen Jen oh hi oh my gosh I didn’t recognize
your name yeah that’s it wasn’t a huge bummer
you guys Jen was on the cruise with us Jen and Scott are the ones I was telling
you that I met at the public we all met them by the way they they were in line
with us for the pub lunch which I thought was really good Jen did you guys
like it I thought it was really good I we ordered everything on the menu who
wouldn’t like split it because the menu was only this long but it was great it
was really it was really good ginger you said I look so happy I am happy I’m
feeling well rested ginger I think I really needed that vacation I was really
depressed when I first got home because I had post cruise depression you know
who doesn’t but I think I’ve sort of settled into really enjoying the
memories and looking forward to seeing all of our own vlogs I know that sounds
silly because we were there but I actually really look forward to the
vlogs too because you forget all the details you know so anyway um Russell
Sawyer says how do you do formal from a carry-on Wow Russell that’s a good
question okay here’s what I’m thinking Russell I’m thinking what I’m going to
do is I’m going to pack one pair of shoes for dinner for all ten nights
because I don’t think I need two pair so that’s probably gonna be the only way to
do it rachel says I’m making a mistake doing carry-on only for 10 days off to
buy clothes Rachel we do laundry on board we will have three carry-on bags
there’s three of us so I think it can be done with some self-discipline and we’re
not gonna pack sodas or anything on that cruise but you never know I might change
my mind let’s see Jen said yeah pub lunch was
really good did you go the second time they changed up the menu they change the
menu no I didn’t go the second time I didn’t know that are you serious
do you remember what was different you’ll have to
um let me know that’s crazy oh my gosh well happy birthday Michael to you again
you got to join us for your post cruise yeah let’s see what else Mike said
Cheryl has post cruise depression every time and you have to book another cruise
when she has that you know that Mike it’s critical that’s how you that’s how
you deal mine key photo says switching itineraries how our taxis in part of
IATA they’re fine they’re great we never hesitate to take the taxis one thing I
suggest is if you can walk out of the cruise terminal a little bit you might
save money so get yourself out of that roundabout and onto the street and walk
a little bit and then grab a taxi you might save yourself ten bucks or so but
again maybe not such a big deal Bonnie said for Panama Canal lightweight formal
wear yeah that’s kind of what I’m doing Bonnie it’s not I mean I always wear
dresses to dinner anyway so I’ll just dress it up with jewelry and go with
more lightweight yeah that’s a good that’s pretty simple and very good Matt
barter says 20 days to their wedding cruise Wow congratulations hope you guys
are doing okay not stressing too much but I guess if you’re getting married on
a cruise they’re taking care of a lot of that for you so that’s wonderful Jenn
said the second day on public that Scotch eggs and prawns and chips okay I
miss prawns and chips that sounds so good YUM
wonderful Alisa said I work retail and can teach you how to pack all right
bring some tips Alisa Meghan’s buck says anything fun to do in Cozumel or Grand
Cayman oh my gosh there’s so many things Megan this comes up a lot on our live
stream so you can go back and look at some of the comments from before but
there’s a in Cozumel there’s a lot of great beach clubs there’s mr. San Jose
we like not chica come you can go to Playa Mia chunka knob is another one
there that’s actually kind of a waterpark type of a thing so Sharon has
faith in me guys and she says I can so do carry-on you’re doing that for your
next two mainly because of flying yeah we’re flying and that’s why – Gail says
I need to do a parking cruise in San Francisco Erik yeah so Gail what we do
is we just drive to Gilroy and we stayed there and then we drive the remaining
two hours up because the hotels are cheaper in Gilroy really cheap under 100
bucks by the way mmm Tiffany wants to know how our taxis
in Cozumel and Costa Maya they’re fine you’re fine there – Tiffany don’t worry
too much um cruising with wheels says do you know
what the weather is like in June in Alaska it’s good June May and June I’ve
been talking with Scott singer about this and we both are May and June Alaska
fans out it tends to be sunnier in June as well I think what I would do is do
definitely do a rain layer though you guys should definitely Kevin and Frank
take rain jackets really good Columbia or North Face with hoods and I also
recommend a baseball cap underneath your rain layer so that you can keep the
jacket off your face and away from it’s kind of hard to explain it but I just
think you need a baseball cap under your rain layer just trust me on that and
then maybe a puffy jacket layer is also good
so definitely Gayle wants to know do we use up all our soda Gayle I I left to
lock rows in the fridge behind I only drink six of them the whole crews and my
husband didn’t pack soda he got this soda package I forgot to mention that
you guys eight dollars a day approximately and you could get all the
soda you wanted fresh juices not fresh squeezed but juices and mocktails for
eight dollars a day I think we got our money’s worth and we kept our packing
game a little lighter so that’s good yeah
all right I know I had to have missed a bunch of questions mr. cruisetipstv
bring it that’s wonderful Royal Caribbean Shannon said Royal Caribbean
has dispatched Royal Caribbean and norwegian have dispatched a relief
efforts on their ships to st. Maarten awesome I love to hear how the cruise
lines are stepping up right now and making it happen for people it’s
wonderful okay so a storm update you guys my husband is watching live updates
and the storm is shifting west as it goes through Cuba isn’t over Cuba right
now still it looks like it’s over Cuba right now yeah yeah
so I know Bonnie you are absolutely in our thoughts and our prayers my son said
a little prayer for you last night before bed when we were you know talking
about this and thinking about this as a family and we certainly hope that you do
opt to evacuate if you determine that you need to Bonnie do you have a storm
shelter or you just weathering this in your home I want to make sure you’re
okay okay Julian you want to know if you should reboot Jolene I recommend you
wait to rebook give the cruise line another week or so to let you know what
their plan B is for your cruise I recommend you try to wait it out I don’t
know when your cruise is so that may not be the best advice but if you have a
little time let them take a moment to determine the damage and to give you
options before you rebook I think it’s best to wait in these situations where
you can to communicate with the cruise line and see where options are okay yeah
stay safe Michael Skidmore my goodness sakes that’s crazy oh my gosh and
Zachary I’m glad your parents got out of Fort Lauderdale in there and there they
went to Vegas that’s a long trip I’m glad I hope they didn’t have to pay too
much in airfare to get that done yeah yep definitely Bonnie you do need to
keep us posted Gail wants to know what were our formal nights Gail do you mean
like which nights okay they were they were the second C day in the beginning
of the cruise so the third night of the cruise and then they were the it was the
eighth day so the second and the eighth I believe were the formal nights on this
cruise and I do want to tell you guys I also mentioned this in the vlog when
we’re talking about dress code for Alaska even on princess it’s super duper
casual people wore t-shirts and jeans to dinner every night now when I say that I
don’t mean I’ve been on cruise lines that are more casual for such as
carnival wear when I say t-shirts and jeans I mean it in a different way
people looked nice but they would wear sweaters
jeans close toed shoes generally no one looked sloppy but they also were not
wearing dress clothes every night did you want to say something mr. gross
gypsy you had a look no okay so those were the two formal nights let’s see
here want to catch up a little bit okay David
we know says should I be booked for February as I’m going to st. Maarten
David let’s hold tight and wait just a wee bit okay you have some time you
probably haven’t made your final payment yet let’s see what your Cruise Lines
says and at what port that they proposed as an alternative or perhaps st. Maarten
will be a possibility I don’t think it will be but I think that you should wait
and just see what the Cruise Line proposes as an alternate port okay don’t
do anything just yet and the other thing to think about the cruise lines are
inundated right now with dealing with helping passengers who are in the middle
of all of this and I think you’re going to get better service if you give it
some time Andrew Wang wants to know how do you
bring water on a Carnival cruise you would take it in your carry-on luggage
only but you cannot take plastic so my recommendation is that you don’t Andrew
just buy the cheap water that they offer buy it beforehand
they have they have water for sale so we have about five minutes left you guys
we’re going to start wrapping it up Bonnie said give your little man a kiss
on the forehead from his aunty Bonnie I definitely will Bonnie he knows who you
are and he knows your four babies – we’re definitely keeping you and
everyone in Florida and the Caribbean and Texas and everywhere that is
affected by this very close to our hearts and we’re following it and we’re
we’re really hoping for the best for everyone it’s a very difficult time
let’s see here hope that I answered your question there Andrew about the carnival
water now I want to see if anybody had any other questions here that I’ve
missed can you if you if I have missed your questions folks please go ahead and
leave it again here for me I would really appreciate that anything okay
okay sounds good we’re gonna wrap up you guys okay
again next livestream is two weeks from today I believe that that is Saturday
September 23rd at noon pacific time we’re gonna be getting vlogs out to you
guys as fast as we possibly can at least one a week maybe more you’ll love our
embarkation Day vlog we had a great time going under the Golden Gate Bridge as
you have seen from following me on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter yes
Rachel thank you I will take myself to the doctor really really appreciate your
care and concern all of you guys been really sweet about looking after my
health I definitely don’t feel like myself cruising with wheels shoot your
question fast we have a couple more minutes go for it okay alright guys
let’s see here okay Baked Alaska for dessert yep they
sure did on the very last night yes yes yes great
I’m so glad Bonnie that you can breathe in Portland Oregon from the fire right
the winds have shifted to the west oh my gosh I’m so sorry that you guys have
been dealing with that we know that the struggles of the fire it’s awful
terrible all right you guys thank you all so very much
if you have a question that we missed wait now at this point until this
livestream is saved to a replay leave your question below we’ll be sure to get
to you praying for all of you in earnest path praying for all of you who were
affected by Harvey there’s anything you need from us do not hesitate to ask what
you’re here for for you we love all you guys and we’ll we’ll see you in two
weeks but until next time we’ll see on the high seas bye Hey click me to subscribe