Hi, This is the recipe number… what number is it?? It is the 20th, Mariano! This is a really special recipe, because, it is for all the people that was asking me an alternative to those desserts that are not healthy at all. That are full of chocolate, sugar, dairy products, eggs.. chemical products, preservatives and coloring agents… A lot of people are looking for healthy desserts, They are looking for delicious desserts, and sweet, but that are healthy, And at the same time, that are easy to make. that you can make really fast, and that you don’t need really weird kitchen tools, or really estrange ingredients. Again, he is going to teach us a healthy recipe, Careful, don’t listen to him! and it is really healthy, and you won’t spend a lot of time making it, It is awesome! Don’t miss this recipe. I’m Mariano, this is MacrobioticaZen and this is the 20th recipe. The recipes are great, delicious!! I practice this recipe for a long time. I found it in this book by Michio Kushi I ti s a macrobiotic recipe and healthy. But I changed it. I didn’t want to use syrups or apple concentrates. I changed it to something simpler. With more simple ingredients. And from that day, he doesn’t give me a chocolate, a dessert with sugar, a tiramisu!!! Ingredients and steps. We need 8 small peaches and two apples, or just 1 kilo and 200 grams of fruits one cup of couscous, half cup of raisins, One cup and 1/4 of oat or rice milk without sugar, a pinch of sea salt, one tea spoon of cinnamon. We peal and cut in small pieces the fruits, We cook the fruits, at minimum heat, with the lid on during 40 minutes, with the raisins and the sea salt. We boil the milk. We add the couscous, we low the heat to the minimum, we put the lid on and cook for 2-3 minutes. We put it aside and we leave it for 5 minutes. In a container we spread the couscous. We smash the couscous with a wet wooden spoon. and we wet the spoon when the couscous gets stuck to the spoon. We leave this base compact and uniform. Optional step, we dilute a little bit of couscous with a cold water, and we add it to the fruit when it is finished. We add the fruit to the couscous base. We put it in the fridge when it is cold. I do have more sweet recipes in my YouTube channel, don’t miss them. and if you liked this video, please, share it! Remember that balanced food makes a balanced body. and a balanced mind and a happy life! Don’t forget it! A lot of people are asking me how to make healthy changes and how to get started, How to do to have a better life and feel better. how to get started. In my opinion is better to start with small changes gradually. But always in the same direction. For example, that you learn how to make
fruit compote, as you can see in this video. So, at night when we need something sweet, if we were tense during the day, Because work, or whatever. We need food that opens our body. Usually, at night a lot of people drink alcohol, or they eat sweets, because they look for that opening and relax moment. Since that is not really healthy, eating a fruit compote, will help you to get relaxed, because, cooked fruit, relaxes you. So eating every night a little bit of fruit compote, will help you avoid eating toxic foods. and have a healthier life. You will be more relaxed, and it is a small change!! And after one or two months you will say “wow, I don’t need to drink wine at night to get relaxed” or those chocolates or sweets that you needed them. Thanks of eating fruit compote. And then the best you can do is looking for the reason that makes you be so tense during the day. and that also makes you need to open your body during the night. Finally tell you that I would like to receive testimonials of the people that watch this channel. Record your self for 10 seconds and tell me in what ways this channel is helping you. How is it changing you, what things are you doing now that you didn’t do. or things that are useful to you. So I can include it in the next videos. and that it helps to motivate others. Hi, Mariano, I love your YouTube channel, Since I know you, I don’t eat ice creams, I don’t eat sugar, I don’t even eat tomatoes. I don’t watch TV. Is this happiness?? This is a sect!! I would like you to share your testimonial. You can share it in my facebook, in my facebook page of Macrobiotica Zen In my facebook group; Amigos de MacrobioticaZen or in my personal facebook. In any place where I can watch it, take it and include it on my next video. However, I can’t live without your channel, I can’t!!