What the school teach you about money nothing and that’s not a mistake that’s not an accident The way to keep the poor middle class working hard is never teach them what the rich know What the rich teach our kids about money the poor middle class do not If you read Rich Dad Poor Dad rich dad’s lesson number one The rich don’t work for money Don’t you touch that stuff if I pay you you think like an employee your brain will change? If you learn never to work for money, you’ll be a rich man The people that are being screwed today are the poor little class because they work for money You know the bank repairs they’re not working for money they have money working for them. Yeah very big difference in mentality What is financial education? It’s not get a job work hard save money and invest in a well-diversified portfolio stocks bonds mutual funds and ETFs That’s not it the financial industry is two things debt and taxes Debt and taxes and we still tell kids to go to school get a job Work hard save money and get out of debt Now who tells them to do that. That’s the most ridiculous thing There is the book starts and it says line number one Saving money will make you rich and never will you know that all taught that is kids. Yeah Because they can print it. Why would you save it? And why would you work for it if they can print it? And faster than you can work for it and Number two is they keep dropping the interest rates on it, you know, Japan still has dessert zero interest rate policy And the Japanese are the biggest savers in the world and I’m Japanese and fourth generation. They’re not too bright, right? Why do you keep saving when they’re printing it? You know everyone I’m in Japan And that’s what I mean by fear They’re so afraid Because of Japanese good culture, but they do as you’re told It’s very conformist. Very conformist America first so they just do us are told and Then they just save money and their government the sky obey abenomics it’s just printing trillions of it and buying ETFs with it and And they don’t know what to do They’re afraid they might make a mistake a good little students in school. Go to school get a job Don’t make mistakes So what happens to the average person in a financial crash? They don’t know what to do. And right now as you know for the middle class of the world, we’re in a crash the you know, the the purchasing power of the yen the Euro the rupiah all going down and people are working harder and harder and harder and the Central banks of the world are printing more money And so if someone’s listening to us that’s stuck in that poor middle class trap and they hear it’s their fear that ultimately is keeping them from that That’s a hard thing to hear Robert But you’re going to give them the information about what they can do if they can get out of that fear well, every time I and I do a lot of speaking to the masses out there, you know Lehman doesn’t invite me up because we’re gone, but they go what what you know, it’s so risky what you’re saying is risky I said What I do isn’t risky for me. What’s risky for you? And when somebody says what is risk guess the look in the mirror Jen I mean for me to fly in Vietnam that was high risk, but the higher the risk the more you have to study you know that I know that So if you’re not gonna study, you’re not gonna practice and all that then you should do what Wall Street tells you to do buy 401ks mutual funds ETFs And all that, but that’s where they’re fake assets because he’ll they make Wall Street or the City of London rich Just watch where the cash is flowing follow the money the reason The rich don’t work for money is number one expensive tax See, there’s three kinds of income earned portfolio passive So earned income is if I get a job, that’s earning If I’m a doctor or a programmer, that’s earning because I’m working for If I buy US by pilots at Apple for $10, I sent up a 20 that’s portfolio income capital gains. Yeah But passive income which is cash flow It’s never taxed So it’s not in the soul of these guys are screaming right now in America tax too. Rich as a good luck Because most of the guys complaining they don’t know those three kinds of income and the rich don’t have jobs. Anyway, they have assets And so the average small on there a poor guy, you know sent the kid to school. They don’t learn this So that’s why in fake as he were talking about it there’s a newspaper article about Jared Kushner and He explains how the trumps and the Kushner’s don’t pay taxes and make millions of dollars and the reporter couldn’t understand him because they’re not our schools will never teach you the Three types of income and they judged him and say they’re wrong and it’s cheating and we see that over and over again Amazon not paying taxes. What do you say to people when they come up to you and say Robert? It’s not fair It’s not fair. They’re not paying taxes. Well, there’s always three sides to a coin, you know heads tails into edge You know some would say the coin a yuan from my side. It’s fair But this is the difference. Everybody can do the same thing. I do because the tax laws are for everybody You know, they don’t say well the tax also only for the rich no, the tax laws are for everybody to use if you have the right financial education and There is that I’m an advocate of financial education without that education. You’ll have to pay taxes you See very few people will buy what I do Make a million dollars and pay zero tax That takes and my rich dad taught me that playing Monopoly. That’s how it started, you know for green houses one red hotel Or the McDonald’s for me. I write about it. Yeah McDonald’s Ray Kroc. Yeah McDonald’s is in the real estate business. So they sell hamburgers, but they buy real estate. They pay no taxes You know this guy Bezos, but he’s sixteen billion dollars how much tax did append a 16 billion? Sir and that’s all legal anyone can do it. Everybody could to put everyone most people lack the education Carl jerod learned about money when he was a kid by watching his father there watching these people vest in real estate and said wow Not only do you get to make the money you get to keep the money. That’s a big problem A lot of people don’t understand they look how much money I made but how much did you keep because that could be half That’s what you pay. Right? What tax did you pay? And so you always say this is the law The law is true for every citizen you can do it, but most people just don’t do it Sometimes like you said, they don’t have the education but you need to have a plan if you’re gonna go do risky things Well, that’s not risky. I mean to me what’s what’s risk is having a job and paying taxes and saving money because they’re printing it You know that’s the worst thing of all and that’s why there’s fake money Fake teachers the teachers will never they don’t know it and fake assets because Wall Street of the City of London or Lehman Brothers or Goldman above they’re not going to tell you this. Yeah, how are their billionaire bankers today? I’ve been supposed to be watching your money. You know, you said in here also The greatest asset you have is your mind What does that mean? If you really want to be a rich take a class on real estate once you understand real estate is based on debt Learn how to use debt as money. So once you learn how to use debt as money, you can never say I can’t afford it Because the banks will give you so the banks after the crash of 2008 The banks gave me three hundred million dollars tax-free to buy real estate that the idiots had lost Heythis, and that every idiot is because the prices were so high Why would you buy it at the top of a market don’t you know, that’s gonna crash they all now know this is the other was the subprime wasn’t derivatives market MBS and all that stuff had driven the price of real estate so high and the rest of us were just waiting and then when the whole thing came crashing down All this real estate was now available and they needed, you know, the Fed and those guys in the Treasury needed guys I gots to go in there So Wall Street gave us hundreds of millions of dollars to mop up all that real estate These guys had lost now, it’s fair because everybody could do it So, you know when I ask the average guys that can you why not used it. They can’t even get a loan Because there are scores their FICO scores won’t let me have them your are so bad Right, so that that’s what’s going on in the world today. It’s fake money fake teachers fake asses The schoolteachers will never tell you that because they don’t know it my poor dad Never knew that and he thinks they think the rich are crooks The risks just played by different laws The rules are the same But you have to do what the government wants you to do Never say I can’t afford it ask yourself How can I the reason I have so much money is because I don’t say I can’t do it. I just go How can I do it? And I guess go into it. I make a lot of mistakes But that’s how I learn, how can I it’s just a matter of personal well power which is spiritual just saying If they can do it I can do it And how can I how can I and I think it’s you once said words become flesh. Yep