Whatever happens in this world, Nicky and
Chloe continue the prank war. Do you want to find out who got the most today? Keep watching! But at first, subscribe to the channel, click
on the bell and write which prank you want to see next. Let’s go! How cute! Chloe made dessert for Nicky. Did friends finally declare a truce? Like fun! Take a deep plate, pastry topping, a balloon,
glaze and a brush. Fill the balloon with water, tie at the end
and put it on the plate. Cover the balloon with glaze, hide it completely. Add sprinkles for beauty. It turned out very believable! And here is Nicky! Wow, Chloe! Did you make this yourself? Can I try this? Sure! Nicky, help yourself. Mmm … how it smells! Ha ha ha Nicky got caught again! This prank is my favorite. Write in the comments if you have already
made fun of your friends. Waiting for a girlfriend it is so nice to
swing. Oh, and here she is … Eating something sweet. These are your favorite sweets, Chloe! And Nicky is always happy to share for no
reason, isn’t she? or? … Take candy, an onion, a skewer, a sponge,
a plate, a chocolate and a knife. Melt some chocolate in the microwave. Take the candy out of the wrapper. Do not throw away the wrapper, it will still
be needed. Cut a ball the size of a candy from a sponge. Put the ball on the skewer. Chop the garlic very finely. When the chocolate melts, drop the ball into
it and completely cover it with chocolate. Add the garlic on the top and cover with chocolate
again. Oh, no, Chloe, don’t do this … Ugh .. (pause)
It seems you will never love these sweets again. Не laughs best who laughs last, Nicky. The game is not over. Commendable, Nicky. Studying comes first. But it seems Chloe thinks otherwise. Wow, how it smells! What is it? Is it a strawberry in chocolate? Take champignons, candy sticks. Cut the legs from the mushrooms, stick the
mushrooms. Then dip them in glaze or chocolate and decorate
with a sprinkle. Let the
chocolate freeze. Done! Yummy! Wait a minute! Is this definitely not your joke? Come on! Ohhh .. Chloe managed to play on your love
of chocolate again, Nicky. Oops … It’s raining outside, but that’s no reason
to deny a picnic. The girls decided to arrange it right in the
middle of the living room. Hello! How are you? Yes, it seems like a long time. But it seems Nicky has already come up with
an occupation. Take a fluffy keychain, scissors, thread. Cut the thread of the required size, tie it
around the keychain. Sorry Nicky, the call was incredibly important
.. -What is it near you? Is it alive? Is that a mouse? Ahhhhh! Just look at this sleeping angel .. Oh no,
Chloe, what are you up to? Why do you need powder? BUT? What happened? … Chlooooyayayaya! Run, Chloe, run! Did Nicky decide to make breakfast? But why does she need a dye? Take food coloring, milk, mix them in a glass
and pour them back into the milk package. Shake the packaging. After a fun prank you can have a delicious
breakfast. My favorite flakes! I will pour the cereal and some milk. What’s that? Why is milk colored? Maybe has it gone off? Or Did my friend pranker try? I have to give that round to you, but the
next one will definitely be after me. Chloe can’t resist a glass of ice cream. Аnd who can resist? Wow, Chloe .. And do you really eat two whole
glasses of ice cream? Or do you need help with these? Hmm .. Well, if you promise not to make fun
of me anymore .. Never! I promise. Then take It seems the friendship of the girls has strengthened. But isn’t there a trick? Take an ice cream, shaving foam, a clean container,
a knife. Pull the ice cream out of the cup and shift
it to a clean container. Fill an empty glass with foam. Cut off the top layer of the ice cream and
cover the foam with the ice cream like a lid. You can decorate the ice cream topping. Dare, Nicky, have a bigger bite. Ohhh .. it seems foam with the ice cream. It is not the best combination. Wow, this new movie with Kristen Stewart is
super! It’s great that Chloe brought a snack! But she seems not really in the mood to share. Nicky, have you any ideas how to make her
do this? Do you want a trick, Chloe? Do your hands like that. And like that. Now you can’t move them, and I am getting
the chips! Nothing to be greedy, Chloe. What do we have here? Sponge and … glaze? What an unusual combination. Chloe must have decided to recoup. Cover the sponge with glaze and sprinkles. Let the glaze harden. Would you like а dessert for tea, Nicky? Wow, did you cook it yourself? Thank you, my friend! Fe … It is not chewed at all ..
Is that a sponge in the glaze? hmm … Neither eat nor wash. Well, which prank did you like the most? And what do you want to see in the next video? Write in the comments, subscribe to the channel
and click on the bell.