what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel hi how are you guys no today I am so excited because first of all
actually show you guys what time it is it’s 8:45 in the morning
hi oh my god okay so Good Morning America excuse me I’m sorry y’all no
makeup on except some lip gloss but I’m excited because we’re off to Grand
Rapids Michigan me Nathan his brother Zach who also films for our channel with
Christian hi we have all five dogs going with us and we are so hungry we’re
famished we’re dying so we thought why not do a mukbang eating show we haven’t
done one in a while literally I I always usually do them
with Trisha but we haven’t seen each other in a while the bitches on tour so
I’m like Nate let’s do an eating show now Zach’s vegetarian and he goes you
guys burger king has what is it Christian
impossible oh the impossible burger impossible cut me okay so um we’re gonna
order a bunch of food we’re gonna eat on the plane and we’re gonna try to get all
five dogs on the jet as calmly as possible but you know it’s a circus in
this family so we have a lot going on when we’re in Michigan we have a huge
meet-and-greet at Alta to celebrate my morphe collab and we’re there to visit
our house you guys know that we invest in a lot of real estate and hi Michigan
we’re coming for you so I’m really hungry so let’s get the hell outta here
and get to eating it is on the verge of dying so we took a leg it in oh my god
so this is the charging station come on Electric and if you’ve never seen a
Tesla car just hidden in here and you can let me in there we go alright so
we’re gonna let it charge where it’s not to take another car
Burger King don’t try me we’re on the way oh my god there’s a little bit of
traffic right now I’m so hungry I think last night we got a little too stone
and Oh Christian we’re about to die I haven’t been to Burger King in a minute
I’m obsessed with you know me you guys cheeseburger playing french fries blah
blah blah I love the Hershey pies there they have Wario Cheesecake we have so
many good pies bitch I love a good pie so could you all hurry up bitches hungry
so we’re just gonna have to order as much food as possible obviously we’ve
got some vegetarian Christian yes I don’t know why I asked that so you and
Zach are so we’re just gonna get you guys some food we’re gonna get me an
eight some food and yeah we’ll be back a little bit oh wow this is a really nice
one you better get it Burger King I think we just pull up Christian is there
valet mmm maybe not this early oh okay okay oh look it frozen coke oh my god
that’s like a drug dealers drinking okay frozen Fanta sign me up
oh my god you guys they have free Wi-Fi here that is so special okay Oh they have use at a lot of places now I
have to actually talk to a human being so let’s go try that they make it weird
I’ll try it hi there how are you all right so what
is the best thing you have for vegetarians you have the impossible
burger yeah okay can I get it how many Christian two of
us go crazy angry buh let’s get three basic is that who lives
for it yeah it’s a great possible record Emil oh they’re just a sandwiches and
then let’s get some ham bacon sausage platter one of those that’s so amazing
like watching to make our plans and then let me get the French toast sticks with
extra stare at three yeah yeah right anywhere else let’s do the sausage
waffle sandwich it wise meal I’m no just sandwich sounds so good with the
cinnamony they’re back thank you like God okay bye let me get to that to her
she one twigs okay and then let me get a small frozen coast
or that of theory yes I’d like McDonald’s and this shit actually works
here yeah I got a five pack okay that doesn’t mean let’s get a medium
hashbrown yeah one beggin egg cheese croissant now I get to go free oh right
what was our total our total was fifty nine dollars and fifty two fans you
better work that’s not bad for Burger King like five dollars let me be really
honest usually get like a cheeseburger and a Hershey pie that’s it but they
have so many new things here so I get so excited for like food and snacks alright
so once we get the food we’re gonna go back to the house really quickly while
the food’s still hot grab all the dogs get into a sprinter head to the Chet and
get to eating so we’ll see you all a little bit alright Burger King thank you
so much all right we are here at the airport and
the dogs are all ready to get on I suppose go are you guys we’re in the
jet and everyone is secure we have our Burger King over here
get some desserts even cupcakes everything so as soon as we are up in
the air and it’s safe we will begin eating
she was living alright we’re about to take off little
man e-mini all right you guys well we’re here yep
all right da Vinci’s it needs a lab he doesn’t
he’s a little nervous all the other dogs are just chilling but we have all of our
food here we got a lot of stuff locked back we got you the impossible uh uh
actually matches your hair by the way the crazy all right so let’s just pull
out all the food Nate oh we got napkins jumbo whoppers the pancake okay
now normally you guys we have dog etiquette our dogs were never allowed on
our laps while we eat Finch is a little nervous so we’re gonna let up today
sorry I do will let it slide what is this sunglow whipped butter Wow
okay work interesting interesting all right and you guys we got some
dessert there’s anyone shocked that I got a Hershey by not shocked at all
maybe I got you a Twix all right check it out in other issue
bye okay oh my god I was crazy look at this
shit I went in all right we even got the
I don’t know that is these fucking french toast sticks yeah oh my god I
need to eat this shit right now okay let’s try them and we got a little scare
Todd’s I tatertot it’s like childhood boo
those are probably one of my favorite things ever yeah it’s been so long there’s so good look at the cinema news
I’m dying oh where are those oh wow where is the glaze where is the frosting
y’all oh my god imagine there’s not a stain Oh bitch I wouldn’t lend you this
flight right now right so the impossible burger is vegetarian I don’t even know
what’s in it does anyone know Christian you’ve had it once right
I don’t know what’s sort of felt like I get impossible burger all right so
you’ve never had it no obviously Zach’s a real vegetarian you know they don’t do
pickles me neither well we’re sitting here guys I’m gonna start on the Hershey
by we all know I like desserts first it’s like ripping open a FedEx package
good or bad Ziza is it basic as are you living for
it how many tastes like an impossible
burger so I mean oh yeah come on whopper I have a real
whopper here for you to case you need a reminder I mean it doesn’t please taste
like it until you hit the impossible burger and then obviously it don’t taste
like meat so right but is it a good like you know I’ve had vegetarian food I’ve
had no my god I’m gonna say this so wrong I’m into both so I don’t it
doesn’t like yeah we know you’re into both maybe okay it’s actually get it
right here it’s gave me the camera right like you should have someone who’s
actually vegetarian right is actually the real vegetarian look at that just
we’re like really on brand where’s that sponsorship
all right first impressions yeah is it better than their breakfast one
that’s pretty good that’s very related okay all right you into it nate? you
want some real me I mean don’t matter to me I’m down for any time yeah I’ll try
the meat it’s not the real one how are you guys I’m gonna get it fist
into my belly huh good morning and by the way this frozen coke everything all
right the frozen coke a plus I will say that yeah should I try that you know
I’ve learned to like sweets at breakfast food but let me do one fight come on
give that shit on there though oh just a pickle me oh my god just looking at
pickles make me sick let me just do this no everyone watching this knows I like
everything plain I can I couldn’t eat that we should’ve got a plane one for me
I flopped Oh oh my god all right that will now
absolutely not look it’s so good take the corner bite
oh my god no ketchup I’ll try this I just wanna taste the Patti Oh literally hey hot less damage I like
grilled meat I really just want whipped cream so you thought it was okay that
was pretty good yeah okay okay name we have set of minis you want to try those
I don’t know if I can do all that sweets that I got you a fish sandwich I guess I
don’t remember ordering that do you guys I know order that you did that’s someone
else’s food you just know I’m good we got stead of minis we have another
possible Berber Christians new whopper that’s a croissant that’s a croissant is
that what you want that one I mean I love a croissant oh man oh whoa whoa
whoa look at this I’ve never seen a patty like this before it’s like a
waffle it’s like a Gucci wicker basket oh this is crazy
it smells mom I’m not gonna mind yeah yep Oh I’m not mad at it as me I was gonna say
try this never mind interesting Christian did you want to
try anything on the table I’ll try some – insults oh they’re a
little cold though that’s fine like my heart but give it away yeah you might
want to heat him up I tried one if I wanna eat it up
I’m pretty good best supporting role in a meal babe look I smell everything
before you did I’ve been waiting this whole flight for
one bite of this mother mine but we all know I’m the slowest eater if you
don’t know I had a soffit of surgery was it this year or last year oh my god I
mean early this year yeah maybe well so I chew very slow you want to
know why I’ll put the link down below I know you nurses first a baby but Nate’s trainer is gonna try and kill me
I don’t watches they’ll watch is 8 please oh my god he still watches oh so
good I don’t really get enough of these a scientist I look at Nate killing me
just a nostalgia I can’t like from what what is that honey chicken this no this
french toast 600 what Christian I do have one of those as a kid you’re
missing out all right I’m gonna finish off this last
french toast bite my Bobby look at the Vinci I know blood all right I think the
dogs need something they’re not having to BK right now they’re DaVinci one tree
and let’s treat and once a little treat to my babies want a treat look it drum a
little to do Street delicious delicious drama oh it took it
we’ll then meet in my lap it’d be but you’re a big boy you’re ten years of
spin or yeah go quietly hi baby he’s ready for one more drama gets another
one let’s just see one that one do okay all jokes aside a lot of people ask what
we feed our dogs when treats we used Stella and Chewy’s is such a good brand
all organic ingredients are the best no filler and weirdness because our dogs do
not eat that smoothie no bad stuff on the market did you do need one more dude
oh I’m carnivore crunches all right I’m definitely still a little hungry the
flight attendant said that she has some snacks and stuff for us let’s check it
out watermelon juice cupcakes basically my favorite thing I mean that sounds
delicious okay so let’s get rid of his Burger King
and be right back all right we’re back we’re in Hawaii no we’re not we want a
little more food a little bit maybe on the healthier side yeah so we got
cupcakes and some crazy colored fruit appear cupcakes
yellow Carol you guys liked I have never seen a yellow carrot before purple the
cauliflower whoa do we try it right now yes we do whoa it tastes healthier than like a
basic vigil orange carry on that really does I don’t know long experience with
many bitches no no wow that’s rare what a melon juice
Itzik surveyance so fresh Wow super fresh amazing
watermelon juice is one of my favorite things on the planet it’s basil smells
Sonia wash it down so yeah I mean Oh Lord look at the
dragon fruit though this looks so yummy yeah that’s right I got it I got it I
had it I was gonna try the Kiwi it’s about the same the Kiwi looks really
yummy oh it’s so fresh oh my god
pretty damn good oh yeah chill Kiwi are you gonna try the edible flowers name I
have to so alleged that you can eat these
I don’t know what they are why are they edible I say my supermarkets
I have to go with the yellow one for obvious reasons for very obvious reasons
I’m so sorry who’s this hopes that cream cheese I love cream
cheese my stomach is like what are you doing to me she loves me she loves me the days for real meeting flowers no big
deal it’s Cho it’s all better
I have not heating the flowers it’s a little bitter don’t do that I don’t know
about all that I do Oh the strawberry looks heaven well I’m gonna sit over here and eat my
flowers oh yeah I’m eating so fresh it’s time to spend the time with the dogs we’re gonna
go play with them and do a little jet tour and then we can’t wait to be in
Grand Rapids dude he’s so cute you guys divas ten years old he is such a warrior
hug thank you look he’s looking at the camera like excuse me I will say this
though it’s really crazy this is the first trip that we’ve taken with all the
dogs retirement isn’t here with us so definitely mr. law me too not to be all
sad it’s kind of crazy here yes it is
definitely they sing her a lot recipes it’s crazy and we’re not being in my lap
I know she’ll always be able to big brothers to keep it all the little
ones ruin he’s on guard that’s right nothing bad she’s doing a lot better now
he was a little nervous when we first started the the flight but I think he’s
doing good I good drama she’s still care for ages like I’m bored do we get to my
house now she’s like I wanna run around the woods dad yeah drama loves the woods
we’re gonna have so much fun in Michigan maybe my favorite time of the day and
all the babies are sleeping now it’s time for me to just sit back take a
little nap before we land because bitch you know I work a lot way too much over
here on the camera cute all right good night everyone see all right you guys we are about to land
it’s time to sign up and go enjoy some time with our family we having crazy
week ahead of us of filming content and so thank you so much for watching
today’s video and we’ll see you on the next one bye guys