– Someone would pursue their baking and pastry
food service management degree to put to use… They learn the hands on skills of baking and
pastry, the side that is hands on and expressive. Now to be able to be successful in the industry
you need your people skills, your soft skills, and the managerial skills that the online
FSM degree will give you the opportunity to gain experience in. If it’s human resources, accounting, some
of the arts and science electives, those sorts of things. I think one of the things that sets Johnson
and Wales apart on the online degree platform is that our faculty for the most part are
actually business owners, have been in the industry, have maybe left for a little bit,
go back into the industry, so we keep current with trends, skills, and knowledges, instead
of in universities where faculty members have been teaching for 20, 30 years, and have lost
touch with the industry. I like to bring what’s going on current in
the industry back into the online classroom with current even articles, things that are
going with the industry, trends. I like to have the students talk about their
current jobs that they work in and the experiences. So as a class community appears everyone can
share in the discussions to kind of… It’d be like we’re working in the same kitchen
although we never see each other. So the online coursework is rigorous, but
we give you enough time through the academic schedule to plan accordingly. Most of the time several weeks are open at
a time so you can kind of plan ahead, read ahead, so that you can plan your life accordingly
because we know that you have friends, family, work, and anything that happens in life and
trying to balance that with your online education sometimes can be difficult. But we try to give you every opportunity to
look ahead, balance your life, your work, ask questions. And with our online platform, you don’t have
to be online at a certain time. You can do it on your free time just as long
as you’re meeting the deadlines. One of the things I always like to see for
the online student is that they bring to the classroom their life experiences, and more
specifically, the work experiences. As an online student, sometimes as the instructor
or another student, it’s hard to get know your classmates. So we ask as faculty, and I’m sure you as
a classmate would ask your other classmates, share your experiences, especially in the
discussion boards and your introduction, share everything that you think is valuable about
you and your success in the future with your classmates, and hopefully they do the same
because the classmate that you meet today in your online class could be a boss of yours
one day, or you may be managing that student because we’re in a very small industry so
it’s great to network even in an online class.