Good morning. How you doing? This is Dave DuBose the PA coach. And I’m just. I’m thankful, overwhelmed and happy at the same time this morning. Yesterday was historic for me, and my
team. We did something yesterday we’ve been talking about for a little while
and you guys know, we had a project that we announce called
Project 250. We change the name to PAU and
you find out about that once I gave you the page to go to visit but, the whole concept was for my team and I
to help 250 applicants to get into PA school this cycle and next
cycle. 250 people and all this is going to be
done in a private, online university private all line
location when you get to work directly with me and my team on a daily basis to answer
all your questions, fulfill all your needs, help you with your essays, help you with your interviews, coach you, train you, impart with you everything that we know about getting
into PA school. And the response was overwhelming, the
response was great. We launched yesterday, and those of who new who jumped right in and supported us right away, I appreciate you, I got you, we got your
back, we’ll gonna help you all the way in, to PA school because you showed us you
believe in us. And you believed in me, in my concept and what I’ve done over the years, to help a ton of students to get into PA school. And I thank you for that. The doors are
still open, for those of you who thinking about joining PAU formerly
known as Project 250, I say jump in! Come join us the group is
already forming. There’s already bonding taking place.
We’re helping one another. Students asking great questions, we’re gonna started here shortly, bombarding them, giving them a ton of information, And material to help you rise above the
competition and get into PA school. If there’s something you like to do, and you want to join this unique special group, then I say check it out.
I’ll put the link below this video so you can go and check it out and take a
look and see if something you like to do but we’re excited. We are really wrap it up in a second and get started, working behind the scenes right now to close the gap for some admin things that we’re working on, but be ready. Team is standing by
I’m standing by I got a ton materials to teach that’s never been taught before and all of my free videos because I won’t be doing the free stuff
that I put up on YouTube. There’s gonna be so much more that I
put inside this University. It’s called PAU
Physician Assistant University. And we’re going to be on fire. There’s gonna be new material, taught by myself and my staff. Right now I have guys who are helping me out that got into my program that I personally
coached in the past. One gentleman applied to five PA schools got accepted to interview to all five. Another gentleman now who I help
get into PA school a while back, he’s now PA. He’s also going to help me to teach and
coach and train you all the things that he’s learned. We got
fashion experts, we have editors for essays, we have
admissions committee members on the team. Oh my God! I mean so many people on a team to help you. I’m excited and I’m ready to amp up. So those of you who joined, thank you so much. Those of you who’s on the fence, what are you waiting on? Let’s get started. We’re going to close the door soon, and you probably won’t get in. Unless somebody decides to drop out or graduate from PAU. So come and check us out the website is
I’ll put a link to that on website in the Description box below. But
hey man we’re excited, we’re waiting for you. If you hadn’t jumped in yet, you better go
ahead and do so. You gonna miss out? You don’t want to
miss out. I’m putting to you this way. You do not want to be going up against, for spotting PA school. Somebody who’s in PAU, you don’t want that to be competition. I’m just gonna be honest with you. Cause I’m about to give these students, my faculty and staff are about to give these students every tip, trick and technique that we know of. To
help them rise above the competition. Don’t let that competition be you. Work
with these people, work with us so you can be one of the elites. Alright. Once again this is Dave DuBose, The PA
Coach, asking you if you haven’t already jumped in PAU, you want to give it a shot. Take a look
at it and let’s get started. Once again Dave DuBose, The PA coach.
You know I have one mission and that is to help you get into PA school. Have a great day.