hey hey guys what’s up I’m on my way to a supplement store for the first time in my life I’m gonna buy some supplements I need some some protein powder because this week I’ll go in vacation with my family and we’re going to a place where I won’t have access to a supermarket nearby and restaurants and stuff like that we’re going to the Daniels Delta which is a unique place in the world apparently and yeah I want I don’t I don’t to interfere with everyone because I need to eat a pound of meat every day you know so I’m gonna buy some protein powder now I’ve never you have never used supplements before because I don’t need it I don’t need them I can get all my protein from from food and my mind my diet is very nutritious so I don’t have a problem with micronutrients as well so another reason why I didn’t why I don’t do supplements because when you’re a public figure I mean when you have a YouTube channel of side the blog you are the people that the people that’s all of you look at what you’re doing and you influence them and I don’t want to promote supplement use I want Fitness to become a way of a lifestyle all right and yeah what I’m what I’m going to buy is I want some some caffeine I’m going to buy some cash in that way because for two reasons number one calcium is is a slow digesting protein meaning that when I’m on vacation I’ll be able to have a protein shake with a piece of fruit and not be hungry right after it because way is very insulin organic meaning it spikes up your insulin and then you’ll be very hungry right a few hours later and we catch him that doesn’t happen and the second reason is because I wanted to I want to be able to make protein fluff which is the recipe that I picked up from Martin Belkin when he when he wrote on lean gains this is a snack basically that’s all protein and I want to try it out so here we are both 1 1 kilogram 2.2 pounds I wanted a smaller package because I only need it for one week but this is all they had so I got a full package I chose my protein the brand my protein because friend of mine Bogdan he has a website muscle boom doctor oh he is actually an affiliate of my protein and he uses it and recommend it and I thought hey I might as well get that too so yeah I’m heading home now and in a few hours I’m gonna make that protein fluff and I’m gonna show it to you guys so see you then alright guys so I’m going to show you how to make the protein class this is my first time making it my brother Andres behind the camera thank you for filming it ok so these are the ingredients we have 30 grams of casein protein we have 125 grams of frozen berries and we have some skim milk that we’re going to mix together so first of all we’re gonna add the frozen berries here and then we have to add only about 125 milliliters of milk which is about 120 grams so let’s see okay okay let’s so all right guys look how much that is it’s really thick and this whole part is only about 200 calories so it’s a perfect dessert for dieting it’s really light and it has a lot of volume which makes it a perfect dessert I’m going to split up evenly two bowls spoon of honey straw cheese it so beautifully ah no protein is she mmm for boom super Gianelli mm-hmm you can agree with this a stir this is my curve Tata kisi hasta in mitrice examity way austere ganodi lock dish she goes again with fruit the conscious part actually yeah you