– It is such a cool feeling to pull a tray of homemade treats out of the oven and then look down at your feet and see all your little guys just kinda jumping up and
down doing a little dance. It’s really like they know
you are baking for them. After nearly two years of
writing and recipe testing, I am so excited to be
sharing my cook book. It’s called Proud Dog Chef:
Tail-Wagging Good Treat Recipes, and that is my little guy right there. Proud dog mom right here. Inside are 60 gluten-free, grain-free, and dog approved recipes ranging from fruit and
veggie-filled biscuits to all-natural jerky, chips, and chews. I’ve included a whole chapter on frozen snacks which I call pupsicles and then there are pupcakes which are basically the canine version of a cupcake, and I’ve even put some holiday
themed treats and icings. There are crunchy snacks and soft chews which are perfect for the senior canines who may not have all of their teeth left. Since launching my blog prouddogmom.com, I have had a lot of people
email me asking for safe treats because, to be honest, I
think people are really sick of hearing about all of the
dog food and treat recalls. There are far too many
today, and it’s scary. What we feed our dogs and the nutrients that are going into their bodies, it affects their overall
health and wellbeing. Nutrition is not only
important for us humans but also for our canine
companions as well. That’s why when I decided I was going to write a dog treat cookbook, I was extremely careful about
what ingredients I used. I stick with all-natural, fresh foods. There are no preservatives,
no artificial coloring, or fake flavors. I also avoid any controversial ingredients because guess what. There are far too many superfoods and wonderful ingredients out there than to settle for
something controversial. Along with delicious
and nutritious recipes that are bound to make even
the pickiest pup’s tail wag, I make sure to answer some of
your big nutrition questions like why I use turmeric, or what type of coconut
oil is the best to buy and include in my homemade dog treats? I wanna make sure that I
am answering your questions and serving you in the kitchen. Plus, I have not only included a list of quote human foods
that dogs can and can’t eat, but I also give a detailed explanation for why each is beneficial or harmful because that’s really important to know. I’ve also included plenty of baking tips to help make your time
in the kitchen a breeze. Trust me, after flipping
through this cookbook you are going to be a
proud dog chef in no time. (upbeat music)