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Storino from Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill and in this video, I’m going to show you what
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pork mac and cheese in Dutchess County…and WHY you should care. You’ll get some tips and tricks that YOU
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clicking on the link below this video. Ah, mac and cheese. It’s great comfort food no matter how hot
or cold the weather gets. When you make it great, it’s worth the wait! But why wait? And why make it if you don’t have to? That’s what WE’RE here for! And why not take your mac and cheese game
up another notch? That’s right! It’s time for pulled pork mac and cheese! Done the JDB way, no less. Which means we’re going over the top in
terms of flavor notes, folks! So WHY is our pulled pork mac and cheese the
best in Dutchess County, let alone ALL of the Hudson Valley in New York State? There’s actually a FEW reasons! And how can you duplicate this yumminess at
home? Stay tuned! STEP 1: Pork Prep We start from scratch with FRESH pork shoulder,
delivered to us on site. We’re not opening up any Cryovac® pre-prepared
stuff here, folks! It’ll take 30 minutes to prepare this baby
once we’ve got it settled into the pan. Just so you know, an entire pork shoulder
weighs between 12 to 16 pounds…so this involves some culinary heavy lifting. And—consumer tip if you’re going to try
to do this at home, you want to get the Boston butt or upper portion of the pork shoulder,
since that’s got a higher ratio of meat to bone. Now wait… I realize you may be like—but where’s
the skin? Keep in mind, pork shoulder that’s due to
be pulled should always be skinless so that the flavors can permeate or seep through the
meat. Mmmmmm-mmmm. STEP 2: Savory Seasoning So while I don’t want to give away ALL of
our secrets, keep in mind that we will be browning up this baby with a combination of
spices, including but not limited to, sea salt, sugar and smoked paprika. We’ll leave some skin intact so that they
can get all crispy and tasty. That’s pulled pork perfection! STEP 3: Cooking Craftiness Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill staff then cooks
this baby so that it renders down nicely enough to be pulled and shredded to add to our macaroni
and cheese, which we’ll prep on campus, too! They’ll cook it to about 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Total cooking time will be between 2 to 4
hours and we’ll let the meat rest for 15 to 20 minutes, tented loosely with tinfoil. Then we’ll be pulling it while it’s still
nearly too hot to handle. So if you’re going to do this at home, hopefully
these tips will help you! But if you’ve decided this is way too much
messy work for you and takes too much time, well…that’s what Joe’s Dairy Bar and
Grill is here for, right? STEP 4: Master Mix Once the pork is pulled, we then mix it into
our melty, tasty, fresh-made macaroni and cheese. You folks at home can use a box, can or sack
to make your mac, but we make ours fresh! In the interests of full disclosure, we don’t
make the pasta from scratch but otherwise…oh, my heavens, will you look at that? And you know we don’t just stop at pulled
pork mac and cheese, right? Bonus Tip: Culinary Creativity If you’re making this treat at home, you
should definitely go beyond the culinary pale. Go out on a limb! Need an example? So say we haven’t sold out on our fresh-made
pulled pork by the time YOU visit us, we can slather one of our fresh, hand-formed beef
burgers and make it a Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Burger. We also can make a pulled pork sandwich for
you, sans burger or mac and cheese. We’re all about being flexible. And you should be flexible with your taste
buds, too! Lighten up and live on the foodie wild side! We listen to our customers and always are
willing to experiment. When you’re at home, you should do it, too! Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill have to take when making our mouthwatering pulled pork mac and cheese,
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