Hey, it’s J-Wro on the J-Wro show bringing
you guys another funktastic fancy-free vegan dessert recipe here today,
and before I begin you may wonder why I always wear V-neck T-shirts.
Well to answer that question, it’s because the mic placement. It’s just
more convenient that way. Moving on, today I’m going to be addressing an ingredient
that of course for this season is all too common. We’re talking about
pumpkin. Now you usually see pumpkin pie or pumpkin crisp or pumpkin fruit
logs or pumpkiny eggnog. There’s all kinds of crazy concoctions with
pumpkin, ’tis the season. But how about pumpkin gelato? Ooh, aah. Pumpkin
gelato, yes. A fresh take on pumpkin for this holiday season and it’s super
easy. All you need is a blender and an ice cream maker. I know, don’t
get scared now. Ice cream maker, very easy, very inexpensive to purchase.
I’ll talk more about that later. But get your taste buds and your minds
ready to wrap around the gorgeous glory that is pumpkin gelato. So
the first thing that I like to do is start with my base, which you could use
any non-dairy milk of your choosing; however, I like coconut milk. We’re
going to add two cups right to our blender mug. Next up, we got to do the pumpkin. Fifteen
ounces right to the Blendtec. Now next up, I have a half cup of young Thai
coconut meat. So ahead and add it right to the blender. We’re going to be
adding some sweetness in the form of grade B organic maple syrup. Let’s
do a quarter cup of our maple syrup to our blender. Then for that rich,
creamy texture in our gelato we’ve got to add a little bit of extra-virgin
raw coconut oil in the form of a quarter cup. Maple syrup can’t really
handle the truth by itself so it’s got to call in the cavalry. What is the
cavalry? It’s organic coconut palm sugar. So let’s add right around a half
cup of this great, really caramelly low-glycemic sweetener. We’re going to keep rolling on the flavor
train here for our gelato, and that comes in the form of one tablespoon of
organic vanilla alcohol-free extract. And here’s where I start cheating
a little bit as a chef. We’ve got some pre-ground pumpkin pie spice. So
we’re going to add four teaspoons of our pumpkin pie spice. I like my gelato
a little bit spicy. I know it might sound crazy, spicy pumpkin gelato but
when I’m saying spicy what I mean is cinnamony. Cinnamony. So I like to
add a little bit extra in the form of a half teaspoon. Now of course to
bring all the glorious flavors together we have to add a little bit of salt,
so let’s do two pinches or so. Now last, but certainly not least, we’re going
to bump up the protein content in our pumpkin gelato with some Sunwarrior
classic protein. This is a bio-fermented sprouted brown rice vegan
super-food protein that blends so easily, has a creamy vanilla taste, and it
has a 98.2 percent assimilation rate. What does that mean? That means most
of the protein per scoop your body can actually use as opposed to a whey
protein or any other synthetic protein. So if you guys want to a little more
of this, you’ve got to get with the Sunwarrior classic protein. So let’s
throw in a nice heaping scoop to our gelato mix. All right, and now it’s
time to blend for 50 because it’s nifty, and because we have to get all
the ingredients really nice and smooth and creamy like a proper gelato. Let’s
fire it up. Okay. All right, so 50 seconds later I think,
oh yeah, I think I know we have a rockin’ base for our gelato here. If
you need your sweetness SWAT team, who you going to call? Stevia. So let’s
go ahead and add maybe 15 drops to the mix and then we will pour it
into our ice cream maker. So this is what the bad mamma jamma looks like. It’s
a two quart frozen bowl with a mixer attachment. In between batches of ice
cream or gelato I like to toss it back in the freezer. It takes about an
hour and a half to two hours to really crystallize and get cold but then it
allows you to create magic. So you can take it and lower it right into your
ice cream maker, and then pour this perfect pumpkin gelato mix right in.
Oh yeah. You’ve got to do the long pour. All right, so now what we want to do is put
the lid on our ice cream maker and let this puppy do this thing for about
40 to 45 minutes. You will notice as it goes it’s going to start thickening
up and gain that thick, rich, delicious, super-dank gelato consistency.
So you must be patient now, Grasshopper. Go read a book, take a walk,
do something, meditate. It will be worth the wait. So 45 minutes later, you
come back to glory. That’s looking good because it’s got some hold. This
is definitely good enough to start plating it and take it to the face.
So just a teensy bit of pumpkin seed oil on top, just a drizzle. And then
I have some sprouted pumpkin seeds or “pepitas” depending on who you ask.
All right, here we go. We’ve got our cute little eco-friendly serving bowl
here. It’s been turned into an ice cream dish. Let’s get the pumpkin gelato,
pumpkin seeds, pumpkin oil. Oh sweet mother of gourds. So if you guys dug my pumpkin gelato give
this video a thumbs up and let me know what’s your absolute favorite all-time
pumpkin recipe. Do you guys have something cool back-pocket? Maybe it’s
something traditional that mom and dad or grandma used to make. Let me know
in the comments below. What’s your number one all-time favorite pumpkin
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series too. Stay tuned for that. I’m going to go take a private moment,
snuggling up with Charlie Brown. Maybe that’s what he meant, like the
Great Pumpkin. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Maybe secretly, the
Great Pumpkin could just have a soft serve dispenser coming out of his mouth.
I don’t know. Charlie Brown never tells me. I’m going to go hang with
him. I’ll see you guys soon. Peaches and pumpkins. I found out that my
cousin who lives in Detroit, she shows her videos to coworkers and they have
a nickname for me now. They walk into her office and go, “Hey, how is
Peaches doing?” That’s a perfectly good nickname for me, right? Peaches?
Perfectly masculine.