[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, guys. It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And today, we’re going
to be showing you guys our favorite fall treat. And this is called
Pumpkin Ice Cream Dessert, and it is pretty delicious. Our grandma made it for my mom. -It’s really delicious. -And my mom made it for us. And Bailey makes it
for us all the time. -It’s a generation recipe. -Yes, and now we’re going to
show you guys how to make it. So we’re super excited. -To start off our
pumpkin treat, we’re going to begin by making
the graham cracker crust. So the ingredients we’re using
here are 1 tablespoon of flour, 3/4 teaspoon of cinnamon,
a 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 cups of mashed
up graham crackers, and then a 1/2 cup of butter. So we’re going to begin by
adding all these together and then stirring it. Once you’ve finished mixing all
of your ingredients together, go ahead and dump your crust in. It is going to be a
little bit crumbly. Just make sure that you get all
the ingredients mixed together as well as possible. And then go ahead and
dump it into your pan. And we’re dumping it
into a 9×13 glass pan. We decided to use
glass so you could see the edges of the
pumpkin ice cream really nicely when
we’re finished. And so after we dump it
into the bottom of our pan, go ahead and press it down. -So it’s a thin layer
of crust on the bottom. And if you have extra, you
can push it up on the sides as well. -But make sure you get the
bottom thoroughly covered before you start
covering the sides. -And be sure to wash your
hands so your dessert is nice and clean, and not bleh. -All handsy. Ebola. Bleh. -So just start pressing it
down on the bottom of the pan. -Now, we’re going to put our
crust into the over at 325 for 5 minutes. The ingredients that you will
need for your pumpkin ice cream are a 1/2 teaspoon of salt,
1/8 teaspoon of ground cloves, 1/2 teaspoon of ginger, and
2 teaspoons of cinnamon. -1/2 a gallon of vanilla ice
cream, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1 and 3/4 cup of canned
pumpkin, and your leftover crumbs from your
graham crackers. -Now, we’ll begin to dump in
our ingredients into our Bosch. So let’s start with our pumpkin. And then last but
not least, we’ll do our ice cream
because we wanted it to be a little bit
thawed a little bit melty so it could go in a
little bit better. Just a suggestion, but if
you don’t want any spillage, go ahead and cut your 1/2 gallon
of vanilla ice cream in half. That way, it can go
into your Bosch easier. And then once you finish
adding all your ingredients, we added a lid so it didn’t
spill over when we mixed. So now that we’ve
finished, let’s go ahead and mix all
of our ingredients. -Now, you’re going to take your
Bosch full of your pumpkin ice cream treat and dump it over
your thin layer of crust. And after you’ve got
your pumpkin ice cream spread over the layer
of crust evenly, you want to take the extra
crumbs of your graham crackers, and just sprinkle
it lightly on top. -After you have completely
finished your pumpkin ice cream dessert, go ahead and put it
in the freezer for two hours or more, however long it takes
for it to completely freeze. And then it’s finished. -And now, we have completed
our pumpkin ice cream dessert. And we are going to
take our first bite. Yum, yum. Peeta, Peeta, pumpkin-eeata. That’s so good. -Oh my gosh, speaking of Peeta,
have you seen that video yet? -The Stu– Wait. You guys should
check this video out. It’s pretty hilarious. -It’s so funny. -Bailey and I watch these
people all the time. They’re called Studio C, and
they have these hilarious videos, literally– -And there’s this one that just
came out about “Hunger Games.” -Yeah. -And it’s all about Team Peeta. Go Team Peeta. We are Team Peeta, by the way. -What is it called? Parody? Like, where they’re singing the
song about how Katniss should go for Peeta cause he’s got the
bread, and he’s got the goods, and she can eat
all the yummy food. -Team Peeta. -Team Peeta. If you guys want to
check out that video, the link will be up
here and down below in the description
box, as well as the recipe for this
pumpkin ice cream dessert. You guys can eat
your pumpkin dessert while watching that
really funny video. And it’ll be just
happy times all around. -Team Peeta. -Team Peeta. Yes. And I believe that
is all for today. So we’ll see you guys next week. -Bye. -Bye. Bootiful. Bootiful. -So bootiful. Purple Capri leggings. And these ones, I
actually like because they have this fold-down waist,
and it’s really flattering. And I love it. And I love the color. -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. -Let’s just repeat pumpkins
fives times and just call it a wrap. -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. Pumpkins. -No, no. Let’s be an infomercial. Ready? -Pumpkins. -Ready? Set, ready, turn around. -Why are we– OK. -Pu– you didn’t even do it. -Nice, guys. -Why are you so bad at this? -She can’t even do it. -She can’t even. Let me talk. -OK. -Just don’t bust out laughing. Ready? OK, now I can’t do it. -OK, I’ll do it. Pu– oh god, let’s
do it this way. Last time, last time. OK. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. -Need we say more? -About pumpkins? -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins. -Pumpkins.