Hi, everyone. I’m Noreen and welcome to my kitchen and another episode of the holidays are coming today We’re going to show you how to make pumpkin roll a long time ago I did a pumpkin roll video, but it was probably 5 years ago at least It’s time to update it redo it and share it again. So let’s go see how we make delicious festive thanksgiving pumpkin roll So what’s gonna go in here? Yeah is a cup of sugar a cup of flour 4 eggs, a cup of pumpkin puree so you’re not gonna use a whole can you’re just out of half of one and Then you’re going to need a half a teaspoon each baking powder and salt and a tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice and Then the filling is comprised of 1 8 ounce brick of cream cheese 4 tablespoons of butter a cup of powdered sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla extract So we’re gonna get started. I’m gonna move all of this stuff out of the way So that we can just concentrate on making the cake Before you start making your cake batter though get yourself a sheet pan. This is a half sheet pan It’s 18 by 13 you can use one that is 11 by 15 It’s all fine youth if you use the smaller one, it’ll just be a little bit thicker So you’ll have to be a bit more careful because your cake could crap, but what I’ve done is I’ve sprayed this with vegetable oil spray I put my parchment sheet down and I made sure that it’s stuck there were no air bubbles And I sprayed the parchment sheet on top as well So this is very very important because this is how you get it out of the pan without breaking it so I’m gonna set this aside and Pre-Heat your oven to 375 degrees Now I’m gonna get started by cracking my eggs into my bowl then our sugar and I’m just gonna use the hand mixer today because this is super easy Beat these together until they are well Combined and a little bit foamy Then we’re gonna go ahead and add a pumpkin in here And our baking powder and our salt and our spices Then we’re gonna go ahead. We’re gonna add our flour and Stir it. I Don’t want to over beat it. Just until you can see that the flour is thoroughly mixed in there And then I’m going to take my spatula and give it a good turn just to get any unincorporated bits of flour off the sides of the Bowl and Then what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna pour this right into your pan Now I’m gonna take your spatula. You’re gonna spread this evenly from corner to corner Then go ahead and give it a shake and tap it this serves two purposes This is Gonna help it level a little more And it’s gonna bring any air bubbles up that may be trapped in the batter that will leave a hole in your cake and that could cause it to crack Okay Now we go to the oven We’re bake this at 375 for 15 to 18 minutes Or until it just starts to brown around the edges and it springs back when you touch it in the center So we’ll be back when it’s time to pull this from the oven okay while your cake is baking go get yourself a Lint-free towel and Spread it out on your counter. Make sure it’s big enough that The cake will fit on it because we’re gonna turn the cake out onto this okay What you want to do is you want to sprinkle? Sorry honey? I can’t do this any other way you want to sprinkle powdered sugar about a quarter of a cup across This towel hey our pumpkin cake for our pumpkin roll is done now You can see when I touch it it springs back And you can see how it’s just starting to brown around the edges in the Corners That is exactly how you want it in follow it, and it’s starting to pull away, so we’re gonna set it over here We’re Gonna Okay, you’re gonna take your pan. You’re gonna make sure that your cloth is rolled out, and you’ve got the powdered sugar on it I’m gonna make a giant cloud of powdered sugar now if you’ve loosened it and Everything should come out just like that That’s a beautiful thing then you can take off your parchment Just gently so you don’t tear the cake because this cake is thin don’t want to tear it okay, and if you Are real sensitive to the hot part or if you’re a new cook and you haven’t obtained? What nanny used to call Asbestos fingers then just be super careful, okay? Use a potholder or pair of tongs and just do that now what you’re gonna do Is I’m Gonna take the end of take the short end and you have to do this when it’s warm and Gently start to roll it up in the towel. I promise I know what I’m doing okay now take this and Put it on a cooling rack and let it cool completely. I’m Gonna just Move this out of the way pick up my cake roll, and we’re just gonna let that hang out It’s gonna take 45 minutes to an hour for that to cool completely And then we’ll be back and we’ll put the best part of the pumpkin roll in the pump you roll the delicious creamy filling It’s time to make the filling for the pumpkin roll We’re gonna take our softened butter and cream cheese and we’re going to beat them together until they are light and Fluffy and fully incorporated and submissive and yes beat them into submission All right now. We’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna add some vanilla extract about a tablespoon there you go And then we’re gonna add one cup of powdered sugar Is a little humid today, okay? We’re gonna beat this slowly at first so we don’t have a powdered sugar snow cloud in our kitchen And then we’re going to beat it and whip it just a little bit All right, our filling is done now optionally you can add 1/2 a cup of finely chopped pecans or walnuts to this filling That’s entirely up to you I think that we prefer it without the nuts in the filling I like the filling to be fairly smooth all right we’re Gonna go grab the Cake and we’re Gonna unroll it we’re Gonna unroll our cake and You don’t want to wait too long to do this it may still be a little bit warm And that is okay if you wait too long The chances of your cake cracking are greater. Yeah go in the Ruger. Huh, it will absolutely Okay, now just get all this filling all right, let’s take your spatula and Spread this on, but leave about an inch border all the way around okay, I? Have my I’m just you know my little placemat on here, and now I’m just gonna roll this up Just like that now. I’m just gonna grab a bread knife here. I Had a lot of people asking me about this knife when I used it and it’s a rata bread knife. I absolutely love it He doesn’t mean so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cut about an inch off each end Just to pretty it up Okay, Cook street now Go ahead and transfer this to whatever plate. You’re gonna serve it from So I’m gonna cover this with plastic wrap I’m going to stick it in my fridge where I have made plenty of room for it And then I’m gonna go ahead and bring it back later when it’s time to serve this up for dessert There you have it our finished pumpkin roll, and I don’t know about you, but I think it turned out Beautiful, it’s so so so important that you allow this to Chill for at least an hour this has been in the refrigerator for a couple of hours And it’s just beautiful and I’m sure that it’s delicious. I want to try it if I have to Let’s see It’s really good Make another one hmm. Well because this is all yours ha ha. I think you’ll have to fight the girls for it role You gotta love it. Oh Really cake is perfect. It’s dense, but it’s it’s spongy Just like it should be and it’s got the perfect look at that that spiral is perfect You have got to try this pumpkin roll. It’s super easy you can do it at least a day ahead You could even do it two days ahead. I hope you try this I hope you love it and Most of all I hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving You for joining me in my kitchen today? I hope you liked what you watch today And I hope that you try it and I hope that you love it if you like what you saw Please consider getting to eat thumbs up button and giving me a positive rating and also Make sure that you need to subscribe me if you’re not a subscriber, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun We have here in our kitchen every single day. I hope that you enjoyed it. I’m really glad that you’re here Thank you for stopping by don’t forget to come by tomorrow and until next time happy