Hello, my YouTube friends and happy holidays.
I am very excited today because not only is it the holiday season and I know tons of underwear
and socks are well on their way to my house, but I’m collaborating with two other epic
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For my Italian inspired dessert, I’m going to make a classic tiramisu and infuse some
of those American holiday flavors and make it a pumpkin spice tiramisu. As you know,
pumpkin spice has a cult following. Better off, it’s a no bake dessert. You know anytime
I don’t have to pop open that oven and actually bake something, I’m all for it. Let’s make
this because it’s super easy and takes no time to make.
Considering that tiramisu literally means pick me up, it’s only appropriate that we
start with a coffee. In the bowl I have two cups of brewed coffee. To that I’m going to
add one teaspoon of pumpkin spice. That’s laced with a quarter teaspoon of ground cardamom.
Pumpkin spice is just equal parts cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. You can either make it yourself
or buy the pre-made. I just add that cardamom in there because I love those warming winter
flavors. Next step, I have two ounces of booze. I’m
using amaretto liqueur or you can use anything you want. Hey, everything’s better with a
little bit of liquor. I’m just going to mix that up and put it on the side.
Our next step, we’re going to make the mascarpone mixture and it doesn’t get any easier than
this. In the bowl I have two egg yolks. To that we’re going to add two tablespoons of
powdered sugar. Beat that vigorously for about two minutes until it’s really light, velvety
and creamy. I’m using powdered sugar. That way it incorporates into the egg yolks a lot
easier than granulated. That’s about all we’re looking for there. Anytime I use raw eggs
I make sure they’re organic and farm fresh. If you don’t want to use that, you can substitute
heavy whipping cream. Beat it up and then later on fold it into your mixture.
To that we’re going to add eight ounces of mascarpone cheese. Have you ever noticed that
all the chefs on TV call that “marscarpone”? Last time I checked there was an “s” there,
mascarpone. Every time you pronounce it wrong Giada De Laurentiis sheds a tear. Mascarpone
is just the Italian version of cream cheese. Next up, I have three quarters of a cup of
pumpkin puree. Make sure you use the puree and not the pumpkin pie mixture. That already
has seasonings and sugar in it. Next up, I have one and a half teaspoons of pumpkin spice
along with a quarter teaspoon of cardamom. To make sure our mascarpone mixture is light
and fluffy, I’m going to beat two egg whites with two tablespoons of powdered sugar until
they reach stiff peaks. We’re going to grab our egg whites and fold them in. You don’t
have to be too gentle here but try to fold it in instead of stirring it and deflating
all those beautiful egg whites. Now comes the time you can taste it and see if you want
to add any more pumpkin spice, any more powdered sugar but I think it’s point on.
Let’s make our little tiramisu cups. Now for assembling this, I’m going to use these cute
little trifle glasses because hey, it’s the holidays. I want to go a little fancy. Maybe
not serve that two buck chuck and serve a fancy bottle of wine and give your guests
something to remember. First up, grab your lady fingers and maybe
stop messing around. Now all you want to do is dunk on one side and dunk on the other.
You don’t want to keep them submerged in there too long, otherwise they’re going to get soft
and mushy. Now, because I’m using these little trifle cups here, I’m just going to make sure
they fit perfectly. I’m just going to break off the end here like that. Keep the sugar
side up and layer it on the bottom there. I’m just going to keep repeating. Dunk on
one side. Dunk on the other. Just keep stacking the lady fingers next to each other until
you have one full row on the bottom of the cup. I’m going to take a nice dollop of our
pumpkin spice mascarpone, spread it out, cover all the lady fingers. Try to get to the edge
of the glass. Now that that layer’s done, I’m going to grab
some cocoa powder that I mixed with pumpkin spice and ground cardamom. As you can see,
I’m trying to reinforce that pumpkin spice wherever I can. Think like an Irish chef.
Really get those flavors deep down into the recipe. Just spoon some into a sifter or strainer.
Then use that spoon to gently tap over the top of the mascarpone cream mixture. Now we
have one more layer for this Italian American masterpiece here.
I mean this is fun for the holidays because you can get the kids in the kitchen. They
can be dunking the cookies. There’s no heat source involved. I think this is a great holiday
recipe. I have a few spaces here that are empty. That’s where I’m going to use my leftover
pieces here because we don’t want to waste anything at all. Then back to the mascarpone
cream mixture, I’m going to take a hefty dollop there. Then grab our cocoa mixture again.
Perfect. To garnish I have some amaretto cookies here
that I crushed up in a bag because remember we used an amaretto liqueur in the coffee
mixture and I want to reinforce that flavor. I told you we’re thinking like an Irish chef
today. We’re getting those flavors down in there. All we have to do is grab some of these
smashed up amaretto cookies. It just adds a little bit of texture because this is a
very creamy dessert, very soft. I like a little contrasting texture in there.
Check out those beautiful layers. I love being able to see that. You can see the mascarpone.
You can see the cocoa. You can see the lady fingers in there. As tempting as this is to
stick a spoon in there right now and just go to town, we have to wait at least three
hours so those lady fingers can soak up all the moisture and they get nice and soft. If
I do it now they’re going to be crunchy so our patience is going to be tested just a
little bit. Well, that’s it for today. I hope you guys
have a great holiday season. If you try this recipe, hey, leave a comment below or let
me know what recipes you make around the holiday. In just a few seconds check out the other
videos from my collaboration partners. They’re going to have awesome dessert videos. Now,
if you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone with my tiramisu and I’ll see you next time. Cheers,