MATT: Hi, everybody. Thank you for joining us on
our Facebook Live out of state question and answer. We are some Bradley students
that are from out of state. So we’re here to answer any
questions you might have. If you have questions,
feel free to comment them and we will answer them for you. So we’ll go around and
introduce ourselves first so you can get to know us. My name’s Matt Friedhoff. I’m a organizational
communication major, a sophomore from
Wooster, Ohio, which is about an hour south of
Cleveland, a few states over. And my drive to Bradley
is about 7 and 1/2 hours. So we can keep on going. JENNY: Awesome. Well, hey. I’m Jenny. I’m a senior advertising
major with minors in professional selling
and management leadership. I’m from a small town
Wisconsin called Neenah. And for me, it’s about a 4 and
1/2 to 5 hour drive to Bradley. MELISSA: Hi, guys. I’m Melissa and I’m a
freshman communications and political
science double major and I’m from St.
Louis, Missouri, kind outside of the city. It’s about a 3 and 1/2
hour drive from me. NATALIE: I’ll go. My name’s Natalie. I’m a sports communications
and Spanish double major with a minor in
social media marketing and I’m from Dalton, Georgia. So for me, it’s about a
9 and 1/2 hour drive here to the Hilltop. TONY: Hi, everybody. My name’s Tony Briones. And I’m a freshman student,
music and entertainment industries major. I’m from Dallas, Texas. So that’s about an
hour and a half flight and about 12 hours driving. KELSEY: Hey, I’m Kelsey. I’m a freshman marketing
major with a concentration in professional selling. And I’m from San
Diego, California. It’s about 2,000 miles
away or a six hour flight and I have no idea how
long the drive is because I hope I never have to make it. But yeah, what was the biggest
change for you guys coming back to the Hilltop? MATT: Great question. KELSEY: For me, it
was the weather. MATT: Yeah, the
weather wasn’t too different from Western Ohio. It’s kind of a similar
Midwestern feel. But it’s always nice
to come back to campus, kind of get away from home. I like having some space
away from where I grew up, which, part of the reason I
chose an out of state school was to have an independent
college experience. JENNY: Yeah, for me, I think
the biggest change was, from going from a city
with 25,000 people to coming to a metropolitan
area with 300,000 people, I think there’s so much more
stuff to do here that in little Neenah, Wisconsin. But I still love my hometown. But here, there’s just so much
stuff to do within the city and within campus. I just really love
that everything Bradley has to offer and the
Peoria area as well. So I think it’s really
cool that you can also get involved in the city
and that’s something that drew me to this area. MELISSA: I think it’s kind
of similar for me too. There’s definitely
a size difference, but part of the
reason that I chose to go out of state to Bradley
specifically in Peoria is that, like, I call
it my Goldilocks school. So it’s like 3 and
1/2 hours away. It’s like, far enough
where, like, I’m out of the reach of my
parents and kind of have that little bit of freedom. But it’s not too far where
I’d have to take a plane ride or something like that. So it’s kind of the happy
golden medium for me. NATALIE: For me
personally, you know, I drive or I fly back home. So for me, I’m usually
here on campus. So really, Bradley is
my home away from home. But it’s nice to
be here on campus and you never had
that urging moment where it’s like, dang it,
I’m not two hours away form home because everything that
you would need is so close by. It’s either on campus town
or it’s in downtown Peoria. And then all your
friends are close by. So then you get to
go home with them. And then for me, I have gone
to Chicago and St. Louis and just stay with friends. So it’s always nice to have
that close group of friends here on campus for you to also
do adventures with at local– well, not local,
but other cities are, like, not too far away. TONY: I think for
me personally, it was just more of
wanting to experience something new, new location, new
people, new faces, new culture. And being from Texas, there
is definitely a lot of that. But a lot of it’s real
different, which, I wanted. It fit everything I wanted
in a university and the town around it. So it was just a
perfect fit for me, as it spoke to me
after my first visit. KELSEY: Yeah, like I said, the
biggest change coming back here was the weather. I kind of got used to it, but
it was getting cold around me. But now that I’m here again,
after being back home where December is still 70 degrees,
I’m back in, like, the parkas. Everyone is like, oh, it’s
finally starting to warm up. You know, 50, 40. I can wear that light jacket. I’m freezing. But everyone’s willing to help
me with those cold weather tips, so that’s a plus. MELISSA: Now, why did you decide
to come here from California? Because I think for all of us,
it’s a lot shorter of a trek. But why specifically
Bradley from California? KELSEY: You know,
Bradley was never, like, a school I was aware of. And then when I began my college
search, they sent me some mail. So I kind of knew
what they were, but I was like,
Illinois is really far. I’ve never really
heard of Peoria. So [INAUDIBLE]. But I knew I wanted
to go up state. I had a couple schools in mind. So I was talking
to my mom about it. She was like, you
know, Kelsey, we’re not going to just send
you somewhere halfway across the country that
you’ve no idea what it’s like. So you have to go to them. So I was really
fortunate that I got to go and tour a bunch of
the schools I was looking at. And we actually had
an extra day where we were in Indianapolis, which
is about three hours away from Peoria. And she was like,
again, Kelsey, we are halfway across the country. We’re not here to do nothing. You have to think of another
school you want to look at. I was like, well,
I’ve been getting mail from a school called Bradley. I guess I’ll check it out. And I just fell in love. And I’m so grateful that we
couldn’t have gotten an earlier flight and that I got to
come and visit the Hilltop. MELISSA: Sounds awesome. KELSEY: What about you? Texas is also pretty far. TONY: Yes, it is. I always guess from people I
know, they’re, why Illinois? Why Peoria? Usually when I
reference Bradley, I say Illinois because Peoria is
not relevant at all down south. A few people know it just out
of, I believe, a few movies or so that Peoria was filmed in. But other than that, like
I mentioned previously, it just fit me perfectly– excuse me– specifically for
the music entertainment industry major. Out of all the schools I applied
to and also got accepted to, it was the only one that had it. There was one school
in Texas that had it. I’m sure you all know
about UT Austin and then another university in Miami. But I did not apply to those. I was more focusing in the
midwest area, west coast. So ultimately,
Bradley was a fit. After visiting another
university in New York City, I came over here
a few weeks later and the campus just spoke to me. Luckily, I was able to meet
with my advisor within my major, within my program,
and just seeing what he had done in
his field of expertise and seeing what was available
to me regarding my interest was just amazing. It was a no brainer
for my decision. So, flighty back to Dallas,
I decided Bradley would be it and put down my
deposit that same day. KELSEY: My story is kind of
the same as yours too, Tony. I went on a college
happy tour pretty much. I toured 13 different colleges. I know, wowie. I had a bunch of free stuff. So that was awesome. But I actually found Bradley
through a simple internet search. And I was like, oh. I knew I wanted to not be in
Wisconsin and I was like, well, we’re gonna look in Illinois. I knew I loved advertising just
from watching those Super Bowl commercials and
reading magazines. And I was like, wow,
this is my passion. So I did a simple search of
advertising schools in Illinois and Bradley came up. So I toured here
three times, actually. The first time, I was a
sophomore in high school. So I was a little young
to make a decision then. But I was like,
well, I just want to see what’s out
there, see potentially where my future would be going. Then I toured again
my senior year. And then I had a tough decision
because I had three schools that I really liked and I
wanted to narrow it down. So I toured again
that spring semester of my senior year and
that’s when I was like, yes, this is my school
because our communications department offers so many
amazing opportunities. They have a Hollywood Semester. They get you in contact
with professionals. I’ve actually had clients
that are professionals in actual real companies
in the Peoria area and nationally that I
was able to work with. So I think that was what really
drew me at the end of the day here into– like you said,
it’s the perfect size. It was just amazing campus. I kind of put myself here too
because I didn’t know anybody. So I was like, oh, can I
survive not knowing anybody? And of course her
e, I have friends. I’m doing just fine
here on campus. I think it’s just an amazing
campus too to get involved. So all those things
at the end of the day really drew me here to Bradley. MATT: You have a question. SPEAKER 7: We actually
have a couple questions. So, the first one
is, what made Bradley different than other schools? NATALIE: For me personally, I
think it was– first of all, I’m a sports [INAUDIBLE] major. So whenever I was
applying for schools, there’s only 13 schools
in the country that offered that major at the time. And then from
there, I was looking at job placement rates and
internships and just networking opportunities. Because I knew at
the end of the day, I needed to get a
job potentially. And that was the goal that
me and my parents both had in mind. And so we were
looking at schools. My mom was like, stay in state. Stay in state, you know? But then we finally made
the trip up here and then that’s when I realized Bradley
had the package, that I wasn’t going to be just another
number in a classroom, and I didn’t have to
fit a certain mold. I was going to be able
to make my own path. And yes, our paths might cross
similarly as other students. But we are each individuals. And you have– you get to put
in what you really want out of your college
experience and what you want to do with your career. So that’s what helped me
make the ultimate decision to come out to the midwest. Like she said, I didn’t
know a single person here. My friends, when everybody
asked me where I was going, I was like, Bradley
University in Illinois. Like, there’s little things like
that because we didn’t know. So that was ultimately
the reason for me to accept and to decide to come
out to a city I didn’t know and just kind of– my parents
just plopped me down here and then left. But it was nice that I’ve been
able to grow over the 2 and 1/2 years and see where my
career is going and knowing that my professors, they
treat you like students. But at the same time, if you
ever need them for anything, they’re willing to step
out of their comfort zone and do anything to help
you just to be safe and to be comfortable
on campus as well. MATT: And kind of going
off that, there was– Bradley’s size was
really made it for me. It was the perfect
size to still give me that personalized attention
that I was looking for. I was looking at all small
liberal arts schools. Bradley was actually the
biggest school I looked at, which is kind of unusual. But I really wanted that
personalized attention. And then Bradley
offered everything beyond that, all the
resources that you find in a bigger city school
and also a lot of activities. We have division one sports. We have great programs across
the disciplines– nursing engineering, all
across the board. And I got involved in the
speech team, which was really a great opportunity for me. So yeah, just kind of the size
and the diversity on campus was really what made
Bradley different. SPEAKER 7: It looks like
we have another question. Questions are coming in, so– this is a two parter. So, first part is how did you
make the most of your visit to Bradley and also,
what tips do you have for traveling from farther away? So, restaurants, places
to eat, et cetera. KELSEY: OK, Peoria has some
amazing restaurants around here, by the water. I love food I love to
eat and when my friends– when I came up here
with my mom to visit, we were driving, as I said,
down from Indianapolis. And our hotel was
actually in Indianapolis. So we had to do
six hours in a day. And coming to the visit, I
think actually registering for a tour is a very important
part of seeing the campus. Sometimes, you think you
can walk around a school and see everything. But going on the actual
tour, listening to my guide, that sort of made
the community for me. And then my mom
and I actually had one of those triple-A books. That’s the automobile club. I don’t know if
you guys have this. But we have one of
those as a guide book. And I think they give them out
for free, free [INAUDIBLE]. But that has like a bunch
of different restaurants and stuff. You can also just Google it. But all the places
by the water, it just really seemed like
there’s a greater city outside of the campus
which I was really drawn. Because obviously, San
Diego is a little bit bigger than Peoria. JENNY: Even to my mom and
I when we visited, right across from campus,
that One World Cafe, that’s a really popular
place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner there. But even just to check
out what’s near campus is awesome because that’s where
you’ll be eating someday too. So obviously, the
riverfront is awesome too, but there’s also plenty of
restaurants and shopping right near campus too. So– MELISSA: I’ve– MATT: Yeah, go ahead. MELISSA: I’m sorry. Just kind of right by,
just a couple blocks down from Bradley’s campus,
there is a hidden gym and is my favorite. I am a dessert person. Anything sweet. And there’s this, like,
little Hispanic ice cream shop called Las Delicias. And they have the best
ice cream flavors ever. Like, avocado ice cream and
cheese flavored ice cream– and it sounds really
weird, but I promise you. Go in and try a
scoop of ice cream. It is really good. It will convince you
to come to Bradley. I promise. MATT: Another question? SPEAKER 7: How long did it
take you to make friends? MATT: Great question. Usually, you get pretty
integrated pretty quickly on Bradley’s campus
because there are so many– I mean, have so many activities
and organizations on campus that you can get
involved in right away. We have an activities
fair on welcome week after you move in
before classes start. So you just walk
around the quad, sign up for different
organizations, and you get to meet people
then during all the activities. So it really, at least for me,
it took me very, very few hours to make friends on
Bradley’s campus. Especially to– at
welcome week, they had so many activities for you. You’re literally busy from
8:00 AM until, like, 8:00 PM. There’s so much fun stuff. I actually remember being at
B Glow which is the concert that they spray paint at you. And that was on the
quad that happened. And I just remember somebody
shouting, who’s from Wisconsin? I was like, wait, me! I am! I am! And actually to this day,
my friend [INAUDIBLE] and I are friends. And we used to drive
back home together. Now we both have cars. But ever since that
day, [INAUDIBLE] and I have become best friends and
traveled to and from Wisconsin together. Actually, funny story, too. We literally live in a 25
mile radius of each other. So, funny that I
met somebody that was that close to my
hometown this far away. So, that’s kind of a
funny, little story. KELSEY: I actually
met someone that went to one of my
rival high school and she literally lives next
door to me in [INAUDIBLE]. So that’s kind of crazy. But I think the thing about
making friends in college is that everyone you meet is
there to make friends also. Whether they’re in
state or out of state, have their million best
friends around them, everyone wants to make friends. And everyone I’ve
ever met at Bradley has been, like, the
nicest person ever and just super friendly. NATALIE: Especially
as a freshman too, you have a lot of
floor programs. So there’s a lot
of things that you can do just to get some
of the girls or guys that you lived with. So what we did– I remember we have, like,
whipped cream fights on the quad. And then we have movie nights
and just little things, like, sporadically spread
out around the week. So if you couldn’t
attend one, there’s always other
opportunities for you to meet people on your floor. And then we also team up with
other floors in our building. That way, you get
to know more people. And I lived in university hall,
which is an all-freshmen dorm. So it was nice to be able
to meet other people. And then when you’re
hanging out with them, you see that there’s recurring,
like, similar questions. That’s like, how do I do this? How do I do laundry? Like, little things like that. And so you kind of get
to help your friends out. That’s kind of where my
friendships kind of started off was a lot through
the floor programs that your residential advisors
have planned out for you guys. JENNY: Even too, right in that
first few weeks of school, they have Greek recruitments
for fraternities and sororities. And that’s where I
met a ton of girls because you get to tour and
meet every single house. So I met over 300
girls in one day. So I knew I was going
to be making friends from there on out. And you also too get a group of
girls too with the recruitment counselor. So I became really also
with those 15 girls that I was in a group with. And it didn’t matter, at
the end of the day, what house you were in because
we knew that we were all still going to be friends. So I think it’s great too to
also go through [INAUDIBLE] and get to know other girls
and maybe find a house that’s right for you, which I did. So– SPEAKER 7: Oh, it looks like
we have another question. This is also a two-parter. How comfortable is the
environment at Bradley and was it a comfortable transition
from high school to college? MATT: Yeah, I’d say it was a
pretty comfortable– that’s part of why a lot of us
probably chose Bradley. When you visit campus,
it really feels like a home, a second home. And to kind of go back to
advice about visiting too, it’s really beneficial to
stay overnight if you can. Because then, you
kind of get a feel for that comfortability
on campus and it makes that transition
a little smoother. But college is different
than high school, right? Classes are formatted
a little different. They’re not every day. They’re every other day
or things like that. So it’s an adjustment,
but it’s one that you can easily
make comfortably and there’s so that
people on campus from your fellow
students to professors to faculty and staff
that really help make that transition a smooth one. And Bradley definitely
does a good job of doing that because of
our nice, medium size. We have personalized attention. That helps out with that. JENNY: For sure. My biggest thing too
coming to this campus was walking down the
sidewalk in the high school. And you sometimes
walk past people and they don’t
necessarily say hi. And even if you don’t know
someone here, they say hi. It was like, wow,
people say hi to me when I’m walking
down the sidewalk. So I think everyone here
is just really friendly and they actually want
to get to know you. So I think that that was
a really cool thing that drew me to this canvas and made
me know that I was at home. Because this is like my family. Everyone says hi. You get to meet new
people and see– it’s familiar faces
every single day. So I think that was just
a really neat feature how friendly our campus is. KELSEY: I think the
transition is definitely big. Because for me, it’s
like, I’m kind of without that safety net of I
could go home for the weekend if I really needed to. So there’s that. But there’s also a ton of
technological resources like Skype, FaceTime, texting. There’s so many ways
to keep in contact with people from home or you r. Like, my sister and I, we
actually write letters to each, which– it’s really fun because that
way, it’s, like, a brief update and I don’t have to constantly
think about calling my sister or anything. And then as far as the
transition between high school and college, I
think that Bradley has the time and
resources that make especially the academic side
very easy because there’s upper classmen in your
major that want to help you. Like, for me, my RA is
actually my same major. So whenever I have a question
about a class or professor. She’s been there before. And then the tutoring
and the library, it’s all here to help you succeed. Yeah? MATT: Awesome. Yeah, so I think the
kind of point being, there’s a lot of
resources on campus to help make that transition. And like everyone’s
saying, there are other people on campus
that are in your same– that have been where
you’ve been before. That’s what, again,
what’s so nice about– even the campus
itself is small enough that you see everyone
that attends Bradley. There’s not people that are off
at different branches or living super far away from campus. So you get to interact with
a lot of different people that are in your
major or your club or organization
or your fraternity or sorority that you can
really kind of be mentored by through that
transition process. MELISSA: And you can, I think
it’s really the opportunity to visit one of our out of
state overnight programs. Kind of like you
mentioned, I came and I visited and
stayed overnight. And the next morning,
I put down my deposit because I just really
felt at home at Bradley and it really gives you
kind of the opportunity to live like a Bradley student
for a night and see kind of, like, where you’ll be
living and how would it be like to walk around campus
and kind of see yourself as a Brave. So I would really
encourage you guys to check out the dates
for those and see if you guys can come visit us. SPEAKER 7: Well,
thank you so much, everyone, for talking to
us and asking us questions. We really hope to see
you on the Hilltop soon. ALL: Bye!